Winter drinking bowls for heated rabbits views and how to do it yourself

Features of winter drinking bowls

In winter, drinking bowls for rabbits need additional heating

Heated Constructions

To provide rabbits in the cold season with fresh water, you can use several varieties of designs with heating:

  • Drinking bowls with built-in thermostat. The most economical and easy to assemble. They allow to start water heating processes only in those cases when the temperature of the water in the tank drops.
  • Structures that are heated by lamps. More complex in organization and require constant monitoring by rabbit breeders. Their plus is that they allow you to save energy.
  • Drinking bowls that are fixed on heating surfaces working on the principle of "warm floor". They allow you to use any type of containers, can work on both electric and water heating systems. The disadvantage of such structures is that they have higher heat losses than the two previous types, and therefore from an economic point of view are considered ineffective.
Winter drinking bowls for heated rabbits views and how to do it yourself

An example of a heated cup drinker

The choice of this or that type of drinking bowls should be carried out by the rabbit breeder taking into account the number of herds, the organization of space in aviaries for rabbits and other nuances. So, if the herd is large, and the drinkers in the enclosures are organized near one surface, it is advisable to use a “warm floor” type system so that the rabbits do not get sick. If there are few rabbits and their cages are far apart, you can use lamps or individual heating.

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All presented types of drinking bowls require special attention during operation by the rabbit breeder. He must ensure that the heating system works without interruptions, there is enough liquid in the water tank, and the drinking bowls from which the animals receive water do not become clogged with food or small garbage.

How to do it yourself

In most cases, a heated drinker for rabbits can be assembled on their own. For its manufacture should use simple improvised elements, including metal or plastic bottles, hoses, couplings. It is recommended to use metal products to create such a structure, since they are more durable. At home, the easiest way to assemble a drinking bowl is a nipple, vacuum or trunk type. Designs should be made and installed in the autumn, so that with the onset of the first cold weather you can connect them to an electric heating system.

Winter drinking bowls for heated rabbits views and how to do it yourself

Rabbit breeders often independently assemble heating devices for drinking rabbits


Such drinkers are considered the most convenient for rabbit breeders. It does not become clogged with the remainder of the feed and is not overturned by animals. You can build such a heated drinking bowl for a rabbit yourself from improvised means. To create such a product you will need:

  • plastic or metal containers;
  • heating cable with thermal control system;
  • a nipple (preferably metal) that can be mounted in a hose;
  • a tube;
  • temperature regulator, fluid heater;
  • a gasket that is installed between the container and the coupling;
  • lock-nut;
  • coupling.
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Assembly of a heated drinking bowl is carried out as follows:

  1. The diameter of the coupling is measured. A hole in the container is cut out under it.
  2. A gasket is put on the coupling itself. Using a lock nut, the coupling is secured to the container.
  3. A nipple is attached to a short piece of hose on one side and a sleeve on the other.
  4. Next, the heating cable is connected to the hose and to the water tank.
  5. After that, the drinker is filled with water, the temperature regulator is lowered into the container. The system is ready.

In a nipple drinker, water retains its purity for a long time, is consumed in minimal quantities, does not have the possibility of evaporation

This system can be used to create not just one, but several rabbit drinkers at once. They are suitable for those owners who have a large herd of animals.


This type of drinking bowl is also very easy to manufacture. To build it, you need:

  1. Take a plastic bottle, fill it with water, attach it to the cage with its neck down.
  2. Under a bottle cap, fix a bowl or other container from which the rabbit will drink. The lid of the water bottle must necessarily be as close to the bottom of the container as possible, but not in contact with it.
  3. Unscrew the cap slightly so that the water from the bottle resembles a bowl. As the animal drinks from it, water in the drinker will arrive.
  4. Fix a lamp over the drinker to heat the structure.

The advantage of such a system is that it is manufactured quickly enough, does not require extra costs

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It is necessary to check the quality of fastening bottles in this design. Remember that animals with poorly fixed containers of water can simply turn over.


Breeders who have a large number of rabbit flocks are advised to use the main nipple drinkers. To do this, you need:

  1. Take a pipe through which water will be supplied, make several holes under it for nipples.
  2. Using gaskets and locknuts, attach the nipples to the tube.
  3. Install a water tank (you can fix it in any convenient place). Using a hose, connect it to the pipe.

The heating element must be connected both to the tube supplying water to the rabbits and to the water tank. If this requirement is not met, the water in the containers may freeze.