We make a quality drinker for rabbits

Basic drinker requirements

The constant access of rabbits to water will allow them to feel good and comfortable every day. Therefore, all cages should be equipped with drinking bowls suitable for domesticated rodents. It’s not recommended to adapt any kind of vessel for drinking, for example, tin cans. Good drinkers have their own working principle, therefore certain requirements are put forward to them. When making a drinker with your own hand, the following should be considered:

  • The vessel should be adapted for convenient pouring water;
  • The required water norm for domesticated rabbits per day is 1 liter, so you need to pay attention to the tank capacity;
  • The drinker should be made in such a way that dust and dirt do not get into it;
  • The device must be attached securely so that the animals do not turn them over;
  • The water source should be convenient for rabbits.

High requirements for vessels for drinking animals are also put forward because rabbits are very frisky. They even in a large cage can turn over not attached dishes. To prevent this from happening, it is better if it is dimensional and fixed with reliable parts.

We make a quality drinker for rabbits

The rabbit’s water should always be clean

Sometimes rabbits can use a drinking bowl in order to correct a need. Especially if the water in the vessel is dirty. It is also necessary to monitor cleanliness because contaminated water can not only harm animals, but they will not drink it.

So the ill-conceived drinking bowl will require daily purification and filling with water. The right approach to its manufacture will avoid this.

Varieties of drinking bowls

The range of special dishes for drinking rabbits is wide enough. Each drinker has its pros and cons. Some are comfortable to use, others satisfy hygiene requirements. Beginner rabbit breeders can make drinkers that require minimal cost. The most popular are those species that have certain advantages.

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They are used most often. To do this, put different bowls, plates, clay pots, cans, plastic bottles, etc. in a cage. The main requirement for such cups is a reliable fastening or weighting of the device with the help of a load attached to the tank. The minus of drinking bowls of this type is that animals can use the dishes as a toilet. Then the water will have to be changed quite often throughout the day, as well as to clean the drinker from dirt. It is very uncomfortable.


The advantage of this type is that they are automatically filled from an additional tank. The bowl itself is mounted in a cage, but in such a way that it can be removed if necessary. As a storage tank, you can use plastic bottles. According to their dimensions, mounting clamps are made. The lower clamp-mount is responsible for adjusting the water level in the cup. Its mounting height depends on the capacity of the cup, which is mounted above the floor by about 3-4 cm.


These car drinkers are quite popular in rabbit breeding. In a huge farm, they are simply irreplaceable. The mechanism of operation of such drinkers is as follows: water enters the steel tank, after which it enters the distribution tank. Water is supplied to each cell from it by pipes. The cups of this type are equipped with a nipple. When the rabbit hits this ball with his tongue, water begins to flow.


These drinkers are called drip. To drink animals, it is enough to knock over a bottle of water over the bowl from which they drink. Water flows evenly from the bottle into the bowl as it empties. Vacuum drinkers have protection against ingress of dirt, but the water freezes in frost.

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We make a quality drinker for rabbits

Semi-automatic vacuum drinking bowl

You need to choose devices for drinking depending on how many rabbits are in the farm and how they are kept.

Making drinkers

Vacuum Models

To make a vacuum drinker, you will need tools such as a drill, knife, nippers. From the materials you will have to take boards, screws and wire thread. A bottle for a vacuum drinker will need reliable, so that water is poured out of it in an even trickle. As for the color of the plastic, a dark bottle is better suited for such purposes, since water in a light container quickly “blooms”.

The sequence for making the cup is as follows:

  • Inside, a drinking tray is attached to the cage at a height of 8-10 cm from the floor;
  • From outside, the cells above the tray overturn the bottle, which is attached to the cell rods with the help of clamps made of wire;
  • When attaching the bottle, make sure that its neck does not touch the bottom of the vessel, as this will not allow water to flow.

The vacuum drinking bowl is easy to make, and it is also very convenient for the rabbits themselves. Such a homemade device will provide your pets with water for a long time.

Plastic bottle drinker

Such a sample of a rabbit bowl can be made in a matter of minutes without unnecessary expenses. To do this, take a bottle of plastic with a capacity of 1.5 liters, cut a hole in it according to the size of the rabbit’s head, and fix the finished drinker on the cage rods with a strong wire thread. Animals will have constant access to water. It is easy to wash such a drinking bowl, however, it is short-lived. Often rabbits bite her, and a replacement may be needed in a few weeks. This is not so difficult, because plastic bottles are available to everyone.

Nipple drinkers

Making a nipple drinker is quite simple. It does not take much time, you just need to have a plastic bottle, hose, nipple balls, electrical tape and sealant on hand. Such a drinker is made as follows:

  • A hole is made in the cap of the bottle with a screwdriver or hot skewer;
  • A plastic tube (hose) is threaded into the cover; if necessary, it is wrapped with electrical tape so that the connection is tight;
  • The junction is lubricated with a hermetic to prevent water leakage;
  • A nipple nozzle is inserted into the hose (it can be purchased or made from the handle body) and is also fixed with silicone sealant;
  • A drinker is attached to the outside, and a hose is threaded inward.
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We teach rabbits to drink from a drinking bowl

If drinking from simple drinking bowls does not cause any questions in the animals, then they need to be trained to drink from the nipple. As soon as the rabbit understands where the water comes from, it will drink it without problems from the nipple drinker. The owner needs to figure out how to drink water correctly. To do this, it’s enough to introduce the rabbit to the principle of the device: press the nose with a finger and show the little animal that there is water left on its hands. He sniffs his fingers, maybe even licks the water and realizes that you can get it out of the drinker yourself. After several such procedures, the animal will try to put pressure on the ball with the tongue and feel the flow of water.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Daily access to water is very important for rabbits. The drinkers made and attached to the cells will allow them to quench their thirst when they are needed. And in comfortable conditions, your pets will grow very quickly.