Vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits

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Drinking bowl for a rabbit.

There are many designs for drinking bowls for rabbits, nipple drinking bowls for a rabbit cage, bowl drinking bowls for a rabbit, just a bowl and a vacuum drinking bowl.

Why did we stop at the installation of a vacuum drinking bowl in the rabbit cage.

Vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits

Well, firstly, the main task of any drinking bowl for rabbits is to supply rabbits with water all day round uninterrupted. Not all drinkers meet these requirements, for example, a bowl of water is no longer suitable, because rabbits quickly drink water, and if the rabbit breeder has overlooked, rabbits will suffer from thirst. This is especially dangerous when bunnies rabbit.

Nipple drinkers for rabbits do an excellent job of delivering water, as do cups. But there are several drawbacks. In the summer or when using them indoors, where the air temperature does not drop below zero degrees, they work great. But their use for drinking a rabbit in winter is difficult, because the water freezes. You can certainly heat, for example a cup, but it is difficult to heat the water supply itself. Of course, it is possible to make heating using a self-regulating heating cable. It is pulled in a water pipe to supply water to a nipple or cup drinking bowl. But I will say on my own, I don’t really trust the voltage of 220 volts, which passes through the water and there is a chance of electricity breaking through to the rabbit housing, this is very dangerous for both rabbits and the life of a rabbit breeder. Many use step-down transformers and equip drinker heating and mother liquor heating with 12. 36 Volt heaters. This is undoubtedly better from a safety point of view, but it is quite expensive, and the step-down transformer is short-lived and quickly deteriorates.

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The vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits, which we install on the TrK-20 rabbit cage, is distinguished by its simplicity and reliability. It provides uninterrupted water supply to rabbits, and it is quite simple to heat such a drinker for rabbits; for this, a protective cover for the drinker is used, in which the heating element can be mounted. On the design of the protective casing with a heater, read HERE.

Design of a vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits:

The drinker for rabbits consists of a cup from which rabbits drink water, a riser. supports, a lock for attaching a container of water, a plastic container for three liters of water with an adjustable tube for the height of the water level in the cup, hooks. hooks for attaching the vacuum drinking bowl from the outside to the mesh of the rabbit cage.