Reliable rabbit feeders

For raising healthy rabbits, it is important to properly organize their nutrition. So that the feed is not trampled and rotted, and the water does not spill out. the feeders and drinking bowls for rabbits must be securely made and correctly installed.

Hopper feeders

Bunker feeders for rabbits are devices for feeding animals with granular feed and grain. In simple versions, the trough is automatically filled with feed under the influence of gravity. Animals eat grain, and a new one is poured into the slot from the hopper. In factory versions, a dust collector may be included in the feeder kit to filter out small particles from the feed.

Factory-assembled feeders

Factory-assembled rabbit feeders are usually made of plastic, steel or metal. There are one and multi-section, with and without a cover. With different types of fasteners. They differ in feed capacity. Sold by Russian and foreign models. Usually attached feeder circuit.

Despite all the advantages, some models also have a number of significant drawbacks: inconvenient fastenings, fragility of the material, instability of the structure, the presence of sharp protruding parts, which the animal may injure itself. Also, the design may simply not be suitable for a small farm, a frequent rabbit breeder or can be expensive. Therefore, it is best to make the necessary drawing of the feeder with your own hands and make the entire device using it.

Homemade designs

Homemade hopper-type feeders can be made with transverse partitions, combined or round.

It is important to remember that rabbits are rodents. Therefore, it is best to make a feeder for them from metal or galvanized sheet. They gnaw wood, plywood or plastic quickly.

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Let’s see how to make a metal rabbit feeder. The feeding scheme can be any, but the general principle of operation remains the same:

  • make the main details. the pallet, the back wall (on which it is necessary to bend the sidewalls) and the front wall;
  • 10-15 holes are drilled in the pan or a second bottom is made. so that dust from compound feed or dust from grain is poured;
  • two limiters are made. so that the rabbits cannot get the grain out of the trough and trample it;
  • the parts are connected and squeezed tightly with the help of pliers;
  • holes are drilled with a drill and riveted with rivets;
  • possible flaws from working with scissors are tapped with a hammer.

Very quickly bunker feeders for rabbits can be made from a single sheet of metal, as shown in the figures.

Day nursery their main types

Nurseries are feeders for hay and grass. Convenient to use in small and medium-sized farms. The standard nursery is a box made of sheet metal or wood, where one side consists of a mesh with a large cell. It is possible to manufacture manger only from wire with fixing with metal brackets.

The main advantages of the nursery: the grass in one place and the same access to it of strong and weak individuals. This keeps the rabbits clean and even in weight.


Attached outside the cage, on the side where the feeding takes place. Can be with and without a lid (if located indoors). For hygienic reasons, it is better not to fix it next to the drinker. External day nurseries are usually made with only one side (facing the animals) of the net.

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The internal rabbit feeders usually have the same appearance as the external. Put them when it is impossible to install from the outside. Fix on the back of the cell.


They are installed in a special hole on the back wall of the cage. One side goes outside, the second, in the form of a coarse mesh, is inside, within the limits accessible to animals. Outside, the host adds hay or grass. Rabbits through the net get their food.


Applied in the cells standing nearby. In this case, some nurseries in the shape of the letter "V" are fixed on the common wall of two cells. Animals from both cages can get hay from such a feeder.

Groove feeders

Reliable rabbit feeders

The scheme of the trough in the form of a gutter is very simple. This is a semicircular elongated container that can be attached to the cell wall or firmly mounted on the floor.

You can make it from almost any material: metal, sheet metal, plywood and even plastic. Convenient for falling asleep with concentrated feed and vegetables. Allows you to approach the feed at the same time a large number of animals.

Cup feeders and ceramic bowls

One important thing to remember is that such containers are very uncomfortable, the rabbits quickly turn them over, and the cage becomes very dirty.