Production of nipple drinkers for rabbits

A nipple drinker for rabbits is the best option for providing animals with water. Some owners, until recently, did not give water to their pets at all, since they believed that they had enough moisture in green food and wet mashrooms. Recently, there have been many publications explaining the need for rabbit watering. Firstly, this is due to the removal of toxins resulting from the processing of feed, and secondly, it is necessary to improve the digestion of grain and combined feeds. In the warm season, these rodents, using fluid, regulate body temperature. The Russian academician I.N. Mikhailov, the author of the method of accelerating rabbit breeding, offers during this period not only watering animals with animals, but also swimming in specially equipped tanks installed in cages. The method has been successfully implemented and used on its farms.

A nipple drinker for rabbits is the best option for providing animals with water

Types of drinkers

Currently, rodent rodents are most often used vacuum and nipple devices. There is a great many drinkers of the vacuum type. Most often, drinkers for rabbits are made with their own hands. The simplest option is a bottle turned upside down installed in a container. However, such a device does not fully meet the requirements for water quality. Rabbits clog the drinking pan with food and waste products. In some farms, tin gutters are installed, but the animals try to pry out the dishes with their paws, while not only spoiling it, but also injuring the limbs.

In birds, this problem is solved very simply. The drinker is carried outside the cage. In this case, this option is unacceptable, so it is necessary to change the principle of drinking. One way out is rabbit nipple drinking. It is effective even with a small number of animals. Firstly, drinking water is not contaminated, and secondly, there is no need to replenish the supply every day.

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However, with undeniable advantages, there are disadvantages. When installing the drinking devices directly in the cage, there is a high probability that the rabbits will cut through the water supply hoses. Therefore, before making a nipple drinker, you need to decide on its location. Some craftsmen solve this issue simply, they replace hoses with metal tubes. However, not everyone has such an opportunity. Therefore, an easier way is to change the installation location of the nipples and their fastening.

The most convenient place is the front or side mesh side of the cell. The original rabbit nipples are made entirely of stainless steel and have a slanting cut at the front. This configuration of the device allows you to place it at an angle or horizontally. The nipple tongue is not spring loaded and moves freely in the body of the drinker. It closes under the influence of water pressure.

Used for drinking rodents and drinking bowls for birds. They are usually placed in cages with young animals separated from the mother. Older individuals do not install them, as they gnaw at the plastic case.

Nipple drinkers for rabbits

Nipple device manufacturing

  1. The ball descends into the body of the fountain pen, and its lower edge is marked on it.
  2. The ball is removed, a marked fragment is cut off with a hacksaw.
  3. After that, the ball is lowered into the housing again. Its lower part should protrude beyond the cut. If this does not happen, then the body is grind either on the grinding wheel or on sandpaper.
  4. Do-it-yourself drinker tightness is checked by filling the case with water. Or, which is much simpler, you just need to blow into the tube. If air does not pass, then everything is done correctly. Otherwise, it is necessary to strip the burrs inside the handle.
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Typically, such drinkers are installed in cages with young animals. Due to their small size, they do not take up much space and are familiar in shape for rabbits.

There are options for drinking bowls with a spring ball. In this case, the nipple will be held by the force of a compressed spring, which is locked by a piece of a wooden block of rectangular cross section. This form allows water to flow through the body to the ball. Under the influence of moisture, the tree swells and keeps the spring from longitudinal movement.

Production of nipple drinkers for rabbits

For older animals, such devices are less suitable, since crawls often tear through the plastic of the case, and all water flows out. For them, a nipple drinker with a metal case is more suitable. It can be with ball or classic rod nipple. The latter is performed without a spring, and the nipple closes automatically under water pressure.

Production of nipple drinkers for rabbits

Such devices have one significant drawback. When mounting, an unfastened rod may fall out and be lost. Drinkers are attached to the grid either with wire or with special clamps made of tin. They reliably fix the device on a grid and do not allow rabbits to damage them.

Any drinker, factory-made or made by hand, should fully fulfill the main task. to water the animals with clean and fresh water.