Making a nipple drinker for rabbits

Not very experienced rabbit lovers believe that water is not the main component for the life of these animals. They often forget to control the water level in the drinkers. However, experienced specialists say that one adult should drink about one liter of fluid per day, and a nursing animal needs 2.5 liters of water. This article will describe how to solve this problem and make do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits.

Basic requirements for rabbit nipple drinkers

A drinker is necessary to ensure a constant supply of water to rabbit cages. Now the most common are nipple drinkers, which are small special plugs with a built-in ball. When the animal clicks on the ball, it rises and opens access to the liquid. Quite often, nipple drinkers are called ball or nipple drinkers, since the main part that makes them work correctly is a small ball.

To make nipple drinkers for rabbits, need to find non-toxic and quality materials without the big burrs that the rabbit could get hurt. And also these animals very often sharpen their teeth on any objects or simply bite them. That is why it is worth assembling a stainless steel drinking bowl mechanism.

Nipple drinkers are fixed directly on the wall of the cage at a comfortable height for the rabbit, which directly depends on the size of the animal and is about 22 centimeters. Such drinking bowls are very convenient to use, because they are very easy to disassemble, assemble and do not need frequent cleaning of garbage. This is how they differ from ordinary containers, in which rabbits step on dirty feet or simply turn over.

The choice of nipple drinkers for rabbits

Experts suggest following these tips when purchasing and operating nipple drinkers for rabbits:

Upon purchase, it is necessary to check all parts and components for breakdowns or leaks. It is worth asking the seller to fill the drinker with water and move the ball. When he finishes these actions, the fluid must stop flowing.

  • It is worthwhile to carefully examine the device. It should contain small air bubbles rising upward. When they are absent, this means that the nipple for the drinker is defective or very tight. This will lead to the fact that the rabbit will not be able to get the necessary moisture.
  • Next, the nipple flips over. Inside the lid is a special rubber gasket with a small through hole. This hole must be of medium size, otherwise the animal will be uncomfortable to drink.
  • For a cub or a decorative rabbit, a small ball is needed inside the device. A large ball is very heavy so that a small animal can handle it, because it needs to lift it with the tongue.
  • Before installing the device in the cage, it is worth testing it. For several minutes you need to tap your finger on the nipple for drinking. Quite often, a breakdown is not immediately detected and the liquid ceases to flow to the ball after a small amount of time.
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    Advantages and disadvantages of nipple drinkers

    Experts highlight the following advantages of nipple drinkers for rabbits:

    • the animal will always have water;
    • the liquid remains clean without debris, wool and dirt;
    • through the drinker you can enter the necessary dose of vitamins or drugs;
    • the cell remains always dry and clean;
    • the device is easy to install and easy to operate.
    Making a nipple drinker for rabbits

    Such products have the following disadvantages:

    • in winter, the liquid in the tank very quickly turns into ice;
    • due to the small volume it is necessary to control the water level;
    • you can not quickly fill the device;
    • after a while, the cap is able to leak.

    Making a homemade nipple drinker

    There are a lot of methods for assembling feeders for rabbits, but they all work on the same principle. At this time, you can simply purchase finished products. Any person is able to choose the most suitable model for himself. However, it often happens that a factory product needs to be improved and modernized.

    Experienced specialists constantly increase their knowledge and create new devices., to facilitate their work, while animals exist. Next, we will consider the principle of manufacturing a homemade nipple drinker based on the most common materials.

    Creating a drinker from a plastic bottle

    A similar method is available to anyone and does not require any funds.. It should be used not only in a large farm, but also for one pet. To make such a drinker, such tools and materials will be needed:

    If the type of nipple is already defined, then with its help it is necessary to choose a suitable plastic bottle in size. The lid should be unscrewed, and in its place insert a special cork made of rubber. It needs to make a through hole for the nipple and insert it. When large gaps are visible and fluid leaks, it is necessary to seal them with water-repellent sealant. Next, you need to fix the plastic container on the outside of the cage so that the animal easily reaches the nipple and has the ability to drink water.

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    DIY do-it-yourself drinker

    In the same way, you can make a device for several animals. In this case, it is necessary to add a pipe to the already assembled device, which will go through many cells, and supply fluid to dozens of rabbits. At a strictly defined distance, you need to make small holes in the pipe. As in the previous method, with the help of a rubber stopper, it is necessary to fix nipples in the holes.

    In other words, the main container with the liquid can be absolutely any volume, and removed from the cells. It is very simple to fill such capacity with water, without disturbing rabbits.

    Making a winter drinker

    Quite often, rabbit breeders in winter replace the liquid with small pieces of ice or snow. Rabbits will be able to adapt to this, but they will lose much in body weight, since the body of the animal spends a lot of energy on heating water and food. For the winter period it is worth using a special electric drinker. It is arranged quite simply. The reservoir with the liquid should be wrapped with a small layer of mineral insulation, which will not allow the water to cool in a short time. Additionally, it is worth installing an electric heating element.

    In order to properly insulate summer drinkers, it is necessary to wrap them with a piece of dense fabric and specialized mineral insulation. However, these actions are not always enough. If a person has the skills to work with electrical appliances, then it is worth making a heater with your own hands. To do this, you need to consistently connect two boilers of medium power. Next, you need to mount them and fix the tank with liquid on top of the heating element.

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    In order not to greatly risk your health and animals, it is worth buying a factory electric drinker with a feeder, which will provide constant heating of food and water. Its cost is about 500 rubles. If a person does not have the necessary knowledge or poorly connect the wires, then there is a risk of a short circuit and fire.

    Making a nipple drinker for rabbits

    Training rabbits for drinking

    To accustom an animal to a nipple drinker, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

    • Demonstrate to the animal how the device works. Lightly tap your finger on the nipple and show that water will flow after that.
    • You need to bring your hand with a little water to the rabbit’s face. The animal sniffs it and makes sure the purpose of the device.
    • It is worth doing this procedure several times in a row. As a rule, animals quickly understand why a nipple is needed and that this device supplies water at the request of a rabbit.

    Therefore, it is very simple to accustom an animal to a nipple drinker. All breeds of rabbits are considered very intelligent animals that are able to respond to human mood and weather changes. When the rabbit breeder takes good care of them, often changes the water, gives useful additives and keeps the cells clean, he can achieve excellent results and teach animals to order.