How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

How to quickly teach a rabbit to a drinker?

Owners of long-eared rodents understand that it’s not so easy to teach a rabbit to drink, if he has already tried to drink from a bowl. A useful purchase or a home-made tank for supplying water does not cause interest in the animal. It is not an easy job to train the rabbit to a new inventory.

Drinking bowl for rabbits

Why does a rabbit need a drinker?

Using a bowl as a container for drinking is inconvenient. during games, rabbits often turn it over. If at this moment the owner is not at home, the pet may remain without water for several hours, and this is dangerous for his health.

There are different drinking bowls for rabbits, but nipple or nipple drinkers are more popular. Their feature is that in order to get water, the animal must click on the ball located in the tip. This device has several advantages:

  • the water in the tank remains clean, since the animal does not touch its mouth;
  • fluid does not flow spontaneously;
  • the possibility of overturning the structure is completely excluded, since it is attached to the cell wall.

One of the few drawbacks of such a device is the difficulty in training the animal. Not every animal will understand how the nipple works, how to get a drink.

Ways to teach a rabbit to a drinker

Owners of eared pets complain that they have not been able to accustom them to a nipple drinker for a long time. Rabbits simply do not fit her. The reason for this may be the presence in the cell of another source of drinking. It must be removed, otherwise the animal will drink from the bowl, as before. This is the main rule.

Nipple drinker for rabbits

How to teach a pet to use a nipple drinker, instructions:

  1. If a rabbit has just been bought and settled in a cage, it will be mastered for some time. It is unlikely that he will eat or drink. After a few hours, you can start training.
  2. Carefully take your pet in your hands, trying not to scare, bring a drinker and press the ball so that drops of water come out. Lubricate the nose of the animal. Show it again if necessary.
  3. If the rabbit still ignores the drinking device, grease the nipple with carrot juice or milk. A familiar smell will attract the animal and he will want to lick the juice. As soon as he touches the ball with his tongue, water will begin to stand out. At this stage, the animal will learn to use a drinker.
  4. You can not raise your voice and beat the animal if it is difficult to learn. Not all rabbits are equally savvy. A scream can scare him, so he won’t want to try to drink at all.

It is important to monitor the fluid level inside the flask. If it does not decrease, then the pet did not drink. This is dangerous. the animal may die from a lack of fluid. Perhaps the problem lies in the design itself. The owner should make sure that the ball is mobile, and water is released when you click on it.

Attention! Sometimes the nipple sits too tightly in the nose of the structure, then it needs to be expanded using small scissors.

Water may not flow due to errors made when fastening the drinker. Check that the angle of the structure does not exceed the permissible value. If all efforts are in vain, and water does not enter the pipe, the inventory should be replaced.

Rabbit drinks from a drinking bowl

How much do rabbits drink?

The owner of the animal must control how much he drinks. On average, each individual should consume 100 g of fluid per kilogram of weight. In summer, when it is very hot, animals drink more often and more. The need for water also depends on the type of food that pets eat. It is believed that they should drink 2 times more water than they eat dry food.

Attention! Lactating females require more drinking.

Accustoming the rabbit to the drinker, do not get angry and scream. First, make sure that the inventory is working, and then show the rodent how to get water. In most cases, it is enough to press the nipple with the nose of the pet so that he understands how to use the new equipment.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

Many rabbit breeders are familiar with the situation when an eared ward drinks little, or even refuses water because of unusual equipment.

Even if you have not yet encountered this problem, it is always useful to know how to accustom an animal to a drinking bowl and what designs will be preferable for him.

Rabbit ration water

The effects of water scarcity on a young rabbit are far worse than malnutrition. According to veterinarians, the reason for this lies in the high percentage of fluid in the body, as well as in active metabolic processes.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

For more mature individuals, with the exception of rabbits during pregnancy and lactation, lack of water is not as critical as for young animals.

Experienced breeders know that there should always be fresh drinking water in wards of the wards. If you do not change it in time, animals that are sensitive to various infections will become ill and may die.

A similar thing can happen with dehydration. as a result of poor assimilation of the food eaten, the eared soon withers. Succulent females in such situations eat their offspring.

Some owners mistakenly believe that succulent feeds completely replace water for pets. In fact, leaving animals without drinking is strictly prohibited. Even if berries, vegetables, fruits and herbs prevail in the rabbit diet, the contents of the drinker can be reduced only slightly.

And when the rabbit feeds mainly on dry, roughage, its body needs large volumes of fluid.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

Rabbits should be fed daily, at the same time. in the morning, before feedings and in the evening. In the heat, the procedure is speeded up. But to guess the physical needs of the eared is almost impossible.

Indeed, depending on the temperature, humidity, diet and general health, body weight, its need for drinking is changing. Therefore, the animal must always have access to clean water.

In the summer season, a female with a dozen rabbits daily drinks about 1.5 liters of water. And when the kids grow up to a month old, 2 liters will be enough for them per day. Experts advise growing young animals to pour 0.1 l of liquid per kilogram of live weight.

In hot weather, the amount of water is calculated based on the ratio of 1.15 l / kg.

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On average, rabbits need 60 to 130 ml of water per 1 kilogram of body weight. Adults can absorb 700–900 ml per day.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

Bowl or drinker

Some breeders, to save on the purchase of a factory drinker, offer their ward to drink from a bowl. According to experts, this option is permissible only in the presence of the owner, but is not at all suitable for constant drinking.

The fact is that during the game an impromptu drinker can tip over and the animal will be left without water, which threatens him with dehydration. In addition, the owner cannot constantly sit above the rabbitry, controlling the liquid level. In such cases, a great threat to the health of the wards arises when the rabbit breeder is not at home.

It is easy to solve this problem with the help of purchased containers for drinking. Today they are presented on the market in the widest assortment. Nipple and nipple drinkers are especially popular with breeders.

They are convenient in that:

  • completely prevent tipping and spontaneous leakage of water;
  • easy to attach to the cage and easy to maintain;
  • animals always have access to them;
  • it is possible to dose drugs and vitamin-mineral supplements;
  • when consuming liquid, the animal does not touch its mouth, so it always remains clean.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

Along with these positive qualities, a drawback should be noted: both versions of drinking bowls for drinking require pressing a special ball. Eared people do not always understand how to extract water from ingenious equipment, therefore they may not use it.

How to teach a rabbit to a drinker

It takes time and patience for the animal to learn how to use the nipple device. The first thing a rabbit breeder should do is to exclude alternative sources of drinking from the access area of ​​the eared pet. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

Be prepared that, having become accustomed to the bowl, the rabbit will continue to look for it in its environment. Experts advise from the first days to teach the rabbit to the right container. Retraining an adult animal is almost impossible.

To achieve a quick result, follow the following recommendations of professionals:

  1. Do not make the eared drink immediately. Give him time to get comfortable in the new cage and make sure of his safety. You can start training when you notice that the animal is trying to feed or it has recklessly spread out on the floor of its monastery.
  2. Carefully put your hand into the cage, let the rabbit smell it (to establish contact with him, you can offer some goodies). After that, take it in your hands and bring it to the drinker by pressing the ball so that water drips from it. Put a drop on his nose. Act very carefully so that the rabbit is not afraid. otherwise the lessons will end with aggressive attacks of the ward in your direction. In no case do not touch it while sleeping or eating.
  3. Return the pet back and see if it can independently obtain water after a certain period of time. If necessary, repeat the acquaintance with the drinker again.
  4. If your friend will continue to ignore the nipple design, grease the tip with carrot juice or milk. Surely, smelling the pleasant aroma of goodies, the rabbit will want to lick it and, when touched, he will learn how to independently extract water from the drinker.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

Never yell at a pet for mistakes and do not slap it. Such actions can frighten the animal, and subsequently he will stop any attempts to get drunk. The rabbit should not be allowed to live in constant fear or stressful situations.

After all, not all mammals are equally smart. All difficulties in learning need to be experienced in a friendly mood.

In addition, it does not hurt to verify the free movement of the nipple. Sometimes he sits very tightly in the nose, which complicates his movement. If this happens, expand the opening of the structure with small scissors. And also take into account the fact that the liquid may not flow due to mistakes made during the installation and fastening of the drinker.

Check if its angle corresponds to the permissible value. If the problem persists, the inventory must be replaced.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

To avoid such embarrassment, experienced rabbit breeders advise:

  • when buying, check the serviceability of the nipple device (let the seller fill the flask and tap the ball for 30 seconds. there should be no leakage);
  • make sure that when turning the drinkers in the water tank, air bubbles rise up (their absence indicates a tight nipple that is unlikely to be accessible to the rabbit);
  • check the hole on the rubber gasket on the inside of the cover (it should not be too narrow);
  • choose the size of the nipple according to your pet (large balls will be too much for decorative animals);
  • Before drinking for 2 minutes, tap the ball with your finger. it happens that the water stops flowing;
  • monitor the water level in the flask (so you can understand how much water your eared friend drinks and whether he uses a drinker at all).

So, water for rabbits of any age is very important. Even a short-term deprivation of their access to drinking is fraught with dehydration, illness and death. Therefore, the training of wards for drinking should be given due attention.

How to train a rabbit in a cage tray, other useful skills

To accustom the rabbit to the most diverse useful skills is the main task of the responsible rabbit owner. In training use instincts imposed on methods of coercion or encouragement. Let us and we will use the technique of how to teach a rabbit to a tray.

How to train a rabbit: rules for choosing a place

The little rabbit who first appeared in your house feels unprotected, scared. The best thing you can advise is to leave the beginner alone. He will hide in the darkest corner and this is natural. It is important not to disturb him for the first two to three hours. During this time, look for him a suitable place, taking into account his "wishes". Most likely he will hide in the most reliable, as it seems to him, place in the house.

Identify the right place for the rabbit away from:

  • the center of the room, somewhere in the nook.
  • sources of loud sounds (tape recorders, radio, TV).
  • drafts (windows and doors).

An aviary (cage) for a rabbit in the center of the room will create a discomfort in the pet, distract by any movement or even rustle.

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To train a rabbit. For proper education can not scare the animal. To do this, always gently approach the rabbit cage so as not to frighten away the animal. Protect a small pet that has not yet mastered your home from communicating with other animals in the apartment (cats, dogs). At first, he will perceive them as a threat.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

A photo. Rabbits are neat animals. They are easily trained to use the toilet, but sometimes by.

How to tame a rabbit in your hands and order

If the animal does not trust its owner, it will be impossible to accustom it to anything. Approach the enclosure carefully, reach out to it only if the little rabbit is not afraid of your presence. Take any treat and bring the animal through the cage. If he starts to eat with his hands, then he began to trust you. Talk quietly, do not make sudden movements. When you release the eared from the cage, do not follow him, but rather sit on the floor and watch the pet.

If a rabbit comes up to you, do not try to pick it up in your arms right away. Stretch out your palm on the floor, and lay down a yummy treat. When the rabbit begins to regale, slowly raise your palm to chest level. In no case do not press against you.

Methods for taming a rabbit based on innate instincts

The first step is to create conditions that will allow the rabbit to be, is in a protected place. To feel comfortable and safe, the rabbit should have its own place in the house where it will feel good. And even though it only seems to him, don’t forget that this is an animal. The main rule of the tamer is not to disturb him in this place, even if he is a little naughty. Let the little rabbit, like a small child, have a shelter where he can always hide. To create a comfortable environment, the rabbit needs a spacious cage. Be sure to place it in a secluded place. Agree with all family members that the rabbit has a place from where it cannot be pulled out under any pretext. Like an invisible wall. The rabbit took refuge in the house and even if it is visible to you in full view, let the little rabbit think that he is in a deep and safe hole. On the first day, proceed to the following actions important for a decorative rabbit.

Do rabbits need water treatments?

The peculiarity of rabbits is a delicate fur structure that does not need to be bathed. Do you need to wash rabbits, see here.

How to teach a rabbit to drink from a nipple drinker

This is the easiest thing your pet can master. Before buying an animal, think about what a rabbit will need for a normal life. A drinking bowl is the first thing you should remember. A nipple drinker is a fairly simple and inexpensive device for an economical and trouble-free rabbit watering. It is a glass or plastic bottle with a tube for draining water and a ball inside the tube. In order to drink the rabbit you need to push the ball, the water flows by gravity outward, and the animal licks the water.

To train, you need to fill a bottle. Set it down with the tube so that it is comfortable for the rabbit.

If he himself does not guess how to use it, help the little rabbit. Substitute a muzzle to a tube. When the water flows out, the rabbit is smart enough to absorb the thirst quenching reflex.

Almost all owners of rabbits get nipple drinkers, because eared are very restless, so they quickly turn over a regular bowl of water. To teach a rabbit to use nipple drinkers is not so difficult. The main thing is to have patience and perform the following manipulations in constancy, right up until the rabbit understands the principle of the drinker.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

A photo. The rabbit easily learns the skills he needs. Learning to use a nipple drinker is the easiest thing to learn.

Tips for choosing and installing a rabbit drinker

  1. Immediately buy a drinker of at least 500 ml. Set the capacity in the cage;
  2. Check how the drinker works. Hold your finger to the tip. If a drop remains on the finger, then the drinker is installed correctly. If the drops do not fall, loosen the cover of the drinker;
  3. Perform all manipulations with the rabbit. Put your finger up and show that there is water;
  4. Show the rabbit that the water starts to run when you click on the spout.
  5. When the rabbit is thirsty, he will move your hand away, trying to quench your thirst with your nose. Absolutely every rabbit learns to drink from a drinker.

After you manage to accustom a rabbit to a drinking bowl, you can consider that this is your first victory in the field of training.

Rabbit toilet

How to teach a rabbit to the tray, what kind of toilet a pet should have, the methods of teaching a rabbit in our story. Today it has become popular to have a rabbit as a pet. This is a charming, fluffy animal that gives joy, fun and pleasure from the look. However, it must be borne in mind that a small rodent, like any living creature, pisses and poops. But the decorative breeds of rabbits are quite easy to train, so the future owner can keep a rabbit in the house, and at the same time keep clean. Feces are typical for rabbits; this is a feature of digestion that cannot be prohibited.

How to train a rabbit in a cage tray

Zoologists, observing the behavior of the rabbits, noted that almost all of these animals are clean and can adapt to any conditions that have been placed before them.

How to train a decorative rabbit in a tray

It is important to choose the right toilet for the rabbit. He should not be small. Otherwise, the pet simply will not want to go there.

How to teach a rabbit to the toilet? This question needs to be taken care of from the first hours when you brought a decorative rabbit into the house and made contact with it. Next, release the animal from the cage. Here you will need to prepare for the fact that the pet will begin to mark the territory. This is an abnormal phenomenon. And probably he will immediately want to punish him. This will scare him away. Do not allow punishment from the first day if he did something wrong. But do not drag out the training, otherwise wiping puddles is your destiny. When you make contact, you can accustom the decorative rabbit to the tray. So, how to properly train a rabbit to the toilet? We describe in more detail.

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Rabbit tray selection

The key to quickly accustoming a rabbit to a tray is the right choice of tank. It should be spacious and comfortable, as well as stable. Choose a tray based on the dimensions of the rabbit. It should fit completely there and, most importantly, be able to swarm there.

The budget option is the cat tray. Only you need to remove the grate, filling the container with filler. By the way, you should not save on filler. Put enough material so that the bottom of the tray does not peep out. You can purchase special corner containers for the cage. This is especially true in the case when the rabbit goes to defecate in the corner of the aviary.

Note: if you take cat litter for a rabbit, get only wood pellets. Rabbits tend to chew on everything. To avoid poisoning, follow this simple rule.

Algorithm to train the rabbit in order

The process of “training” a rabbit can take two to three days or a month. For each pet, the training period is different, regardless of the breed of the rabbit. So, first of all, install a spacious, stable tray in the eared enclosure. If you already know where he constantly goes to help, then put the tray in his favorite place. By the way, if your rabbit goes out for a walk, put a couple more trays on the floor of the room (in the corner). Rabbits are sometimes emptied during the meal, so it will be important to put a container near the prepared hay.

During the training period, the animal does not allow him to walk around the apartment. Define one room where it can be located.

Scold the rabbit for emptying in the wrong place. These animals will not understand your indignation, therefore, such an approach to training a rabbit is useless. Even your grunts will not have the desired effect.

So, teaching a dwarf rabbit is as follows:

  1. Put the tray, fill it with sawdust. Note that sawdust should not be scattered throughout the aviary. Otherwise, the rabbit will consider it a large toilet;
  2. If possible, take the “used sawdust” with a rabbit smell from the breeder and place it immediately in the tray. By smell, it will be easier for the rabbit to determine the place of the toilet;
  3. Watch your pet carefully. If you saw that the animal is going to go out of need, then substitute a container for it and say “this is a toilet”;
  4. If you have not arrived in time for the moment of emptying, remove its excrement, and treat the place of the "accident" with vinegar. If the baby went "a little", take a piece of paper, soak it, and put it in the tray. The smell will allow to convey to the little rabbit where its place is a location for stool;
  5. When walking your pet, try to plant a rabbit in a pot every 15 minutes. If you arrived in time, and he went to the place indicated by you, be sure to treat him with a treat.

And yet, talk to the rabbit. Explain to him as you would explain this to a small child. It happens that a rabbit constantly goes to the same place, but does not perceive the tray as a toilet. In this case, rearrange the container in his favorite place. And keep in mind, every time your pet went to the toilet correctly. feed it a treat.

How to wean a rabbit to write on the bed

Weaning a rabbit to go to the toilet everywhere: tips and tricks. Basically, rabbits begin to walk into their own tray after a week or two. But it happens that a rabbit never once went to the toilet correctly during this period. There are several reasons for this aspect:

  • The animal sleeps in the tray. Many people are faced with the fact that the place of the toilet becomes a place to sleep. This means that his sleeping place is uncomfortable;
  • A lot of filler and small sides;
  • The period of sexual desire. Male rabbits begin to re-mark the territory.

During the taming of the animal, be patient. Strictly follow the instructions to avoid mistakes. If you see the puddle again, you can of course spank the eared one, but he still won’t understand anything. This approach is more relevant for dogs and cats.

Tidy rabbits quickly learn to go to the toilet, but be sure to keep your pet on its tray. In this case, the principle of constancy is triggered. If you regularly “drip onto his brain,” the rabbit will finally understand where to send the waste.

How to teach a rabbit not to resist when combing hair

Rabbits of long-haired breeds (Angora) acquire an untidy appearance during shedding, illness, and also if for a long time he does not do grooming. It is necessary to accustom to combing out from early childhood. To do this, they acquire a slicker with rare and dull teeth. Using a furminator is not necessary. This is a good device, but after two or three applications, nothing will remain of the long coat. The animal may well appear bald patches.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

A photo. Furminator is a modern puncher, but do not get carried away with it

The first combing is combined with age shedding

Sit comfortably on a chair. Dense plaid or fabric on the legs. It will protect the legs of a person from injuries, fluff will gather on the fabric, which was not collected by the puncher. During molting, the rabbit’s noise falls out by itself, without human effort. Comb carefully without pressure, without scaring the rabbit. The purpose of the first manipulation is not to scare the baby, let him understand that nothing threatens him.

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

A photo. For a rabbit, a slicker of this design is safe. Its cost is much lower than the furminator. A similar device can be replaced with a comb for combing hair in humans

How often do you need to comb a rabbit

This is usually done during molting. You can read more about molting in a rabbit by clicking on the link. This fluff can go on to make a sort of felt called felt. Of course, the collected amount will not be enough for a large craft, but it’s quite possible to make a small piece of a tiny piece (combine artificial and natural felt).

How to teach a rabbit to nipple drinkers

A photo. Rabbit fluff can be used in the decoration of such crafts from artificial felt

Combing, in between molts, is done as necessary. From the fluff of large rabbits, socks, hats, down scarves are knitted. The quality of down products depends on craftsmanship during spinning.