How to teach a rabbit to drink

It turns out, for many rabbit owners, the question “How to teach a rabbit to a drinker?”Is quite acute.

I admit, it seemed to me that this problem was solved for one or two, literally in a few minutes.

In addition, many rabbits already know how to drink from mounted drinkers. they learned from their mother.

On the other hand, what if they don’t know how?

We all understand that club decorative rabbits are far from the only rabbits in the zoo. Accordingly, those who profit from their sale, least of all cares about how to teach kids to drink from a hinged drinker.

It would seem that, quite logical option. put two bowls in a cage for a rabbit: for food and for water.

How to teach a rabbit to drink

But if you did this, then you probably know how it ends.

Dwarf rabbits are restless animals. And the bowl of water will be completely safe for a short time :).

And although when using a regular rabbit bowl, you don’t need to learn anything (he will figure out how to drink without you), another problem. dirt and dampness in the cell due to splashed or spilled water.

Probably those who ask on the forums “do rabbits stink” just use ordinary bowls. It seems to me. Because they will stink. dirt, damp, musty hay.

So an ordinary bowl is the worst option.

Mounted ball (nipple) drinking bowl. a modern device

But all such drinking bowls for rabbits have one principle of work. a rabbit strikes a ball with a tongue or a nipple in its nose and water drips.

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How to teach a rabbit to drink

Accordingly, the rabbit cannot spill water from such a drinking bowl. Although the drinkers themselves are often of poor quality and leak.

You may need to change several rabbit drinkers before you find a good one.

By the way take a 500 ml drinker, not less.

100-200 ml is not for rabbits. This volume is not enough even for a day.

How to teach a rabbit to a drinker?

So, you have purchased a hinged drinking bowl for rabbits.

Hang it, make sure that water does not drip just like that. Then poke the ball with your finger. Water droplets should immediately begin to drip onto your hand.

If they don’t drip, try slightly loosening the lid of the drinker.

In general, when a finger is pressed on a ball, a drop of water should stand out.

These experiments should be carried out in the presence of a rabbit. That is, he should sit in a cage, and with him you poke a finger, draw a few drops on your finger and carefully bring it to the pet’s nose, let’s smell it and smear water on his lips.

This procedure needs to be carried out several times, letting the rabbit understand that water is released when you press the nozzle.

If the rabbit is already very thirsty, he will come closer to you and start drinking right away, pushing away your finger.

Here you need to be patient and show the principle of operation of drinking bowls for rabbits more often.

I haven’t seen a single rabbit who wouldn’t learn to drink from such a drinker :).