How to teach a rabbit to drink on your own

Breeders and owners of long-eared animals. rabbits know: training pets for drinking is a long process. Only a small percentage of decorative rabbits drink from a drinking bowl on their own. The rest of the animals prefer to continue drinking water from a bowl without showing much interest in drinking bowls.

The role of water for the animal

Veterinarians and experienced breeders know that metabolic processes in the animal’s body are more active. In addition, the percentage of fluid in the body of rabbits is much higher than that of any other representatives of the animal world.

This determines the need for rabbits in a large amount of clean water. It is noteworthy that an adult is able to drink the same amount of fluid daily as an adult large-breed dog consumes.

Lack of fluid veterinarians consider more dangerous than a lack of nutrients. If the animal does not have constant access to water, it can become sick and die. No succulent food, berries or fruit can replace pure water. Even if juicy feed predominates in the rabbit’s diet, the amount of fluid should not be reduced. And if the pet eats roughage, you need to constantly add water to the drinker.

It is impossible to regulate this process independently. That is, the rabbit can not be drunk by the clock: morning, afternoon and evening. This is due to weather conditions and physiological characteristics of the organism of an eared friend.

For example, during lactation, females need twice the amount of fluid. And in hot weather, rabbits can drink 3 times more than the usual volume. That is why breeders advise using professional drinking bowls rather than water bowls.

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The benefits of drinking bowls

Manufacturers produce two common types of drinkers for rabbits. nipple and nipple. The essence of both devices is that the animal must put its nose on a special ball to gain access to water.

Such inventions have proven their worth and have several important advantages:

  • The animal is not able to overturn the drinker on its own, as the device is securely attached to the cages of the cage.
  • The animal needs to press the ball with his nose to get water, which means that the liquid in the drinker always remains clean, without impurities of straw, seeds and other products available in the aviary.
  • Thanks to the ball located in the tip, the liquid cannot flow out; the rabbit always has access to clean liquid.

It would seem nothing special. But experienced owners know: if the animal is left without water, fatal consequences for its health are possible. Therefore, drinking bowls are used by the vast majority of owners.

How to teach a rabbit to drink on your own

How to train a rabbit

Professional drinkers have only one drawback that is not in the bowls: the ball. Not every animal can figure out how to get access to clean water. This is precisely the difficulty of self-training of eared pets to the invention.

You need to start training "from infancy" rabbit. From the first days of his appearance in the house. However, do not rush: in the first few hours, the baby will experience stress and adapt to new conditions. During this period of time, the animal needs neither food nor water.

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As soon as the pet is comfortable in its new aviary, you can start training:

  1. It is necessary to carefully take an eared animal in hand and bring it to the drinker. You can click on the ball at the tip with your own finger, and then grease the animal with the nose. You can go the other way and make the rabbit himself click on the ball. If necessary, manipulations can be done several times. Actions should be carried out throughout the week.
  2. An adult animal can be taught to drinkers in another way. For example, grease the spout of the device with carrot juice or milk. As a rule, animals smell their favorite product and go to the drinker without any problems. The main thing here is for the rabbit to figure out how the mechanism is activated. If necessary, the pet needs to show how this is done.

Do not expect an adult pet to quickly get used to a new accessory in a cage. Most likely, the first weeks the animal will completely ignore the design. In this case, it is necessary to remove the bowl of water from the cage, and as often as possible to bring the eared to the drinker by clicking on the ball.

How to teach a rabbit to drink on your own

Owner Behavior

It is important to understand that a rabbit is a living creature. In no case should you raise your voice or punish your pet for not wanting to drink from the device. First of all, the psychological comfort of the rabbit is important. Screams, loud noises can frighten the animal, as a result of which he completely refuses to approach the drinker.

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The owner must constantly monitor the amount of water in the structure. If the volume has not decreased during the absence, then the animal did not drink. This is dangerous for his health, so you have to water the rabbit in any way possible.

If the animal is still unable or unwilling to drink from its intended design, the device itself should be checked. Water may not flow into the nozzle due to errors that were made when attaching the structure. Make sure that water begins to flow out when you lightly press the ball.

In most cases, rodents get used to a new device very quickly, delighting their owners. The main thing is to show persistence and unlimited patience, and then training will be crowned with success.

How to teach a rabbit to drink on your own

It can be very difficult to train a pet for a specialized drinking bowl, especially if the animal is already familiar with a bowl of water. But the drinker is necessary both for the convenience of the owner of the animal, and for the pet itself. The invention will save a lot of time for the owner, and sometimes the most eared animal can even save a life.