How to teach a rabbit to a drinker

How to teach a rabbit to a drinker

Those who are engaged in breeding rabbits are well aware that it is very difficult to train this long-eared animal to drinkers if he already drank water from a bowl. A recently purchased special appliance or a self-made container designed to supply water may not be of any interest to a rabbit. And in this case, the owner needs to prepare for the difficult work of accustoming the pet to a new inventory.

Water in the diet

The rabbit must be taught to drink, as a long stay without water will cause serious consequences. According to veterinarians, the reason for this is a large percentage of fluid in the body and a quick metabolism.

Many may think: “But why not just feed a rabbit from a bowl and why install special drinkers in his cage?” The fact is that using bowls is inconvenient.

Rabbits are very active and therefore can easily turn a tank of water. And if the owner does not notice this, for example, due to his absence, then the animal will remain without drinking for a long time. And this will adversely affect the health of the pet.

The benefits of drinking bowls

But special drinking bowls for rabbits have many advantages over ordinary bowls. In general, there are many varieties of drinking bowls, but the most popular is the device belonging to the category of nipple. The rabbit must push the ball to get water. We name the main advantages of this kind of drinkers.

1. Pure water

The water in the tank is not contaminated. After all, the rabbit does not touch her mouth.

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2. Durable mount

This device is firmly attached to the cell. Therefore, her animal will not be able to turn over even during the most active games.

3. Water does not leak

To get water from such a drinking bowl, the rabbit needs to put his mouth on a special ball. Liquid flows out only in case of pressure. Spontaneous leakage is excluded.

4. Supplementation

The right amount of vitamin and mineral supplements is easy to inject into a nipple drinker. After all, you can know for sure that the rabbit will receive exactly the dose that was introduced.

In the case of other drinking bowls that may tip over, it will be difficult for the owner to understand how much vitaminized water the rabbit managed to consume before capsizing. And then, with dosages, problems begin.

How to teach

As you can see, the nipple drinker has a lot of advantages. No wonder it is so popular among rabbit breeders. However, she also has a serious drawback.

It consists precisely in the training of the animal. The fact is that, compared to many other varieties, the nipple drinker is quite complicated. Not every rabbit will be able to quickly understand how to get water from such a device.

Fortunately, there are quite effective methods of training animals for such a drinker. But still, before using these methods, you should be patient. You must understand that the rabbit will not always do exactly what the owner requires.

1. Alternative water sources

Starting to accustom a rabbit to a drinking bowl, first of all, it is worth making sure that the animal does not have access to other sources of drinking.

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First of all, this concerns the bowl. If the owner is trying to accustom the rabbit to a new source of drinking for him, but at the same time the old one leaves the bowl in the cage, then you can’t even count on a positive result.

The animal will continue to drink water in the usual way for him, not even suspecting that he has a new source of drink in his cage, carefully set by his master. This rule is the most important. But it is also worthwhile to ensure that the rabbit does not remain without water for a long time.

2. Waiver of the bowl

It should be understood that if the animal has already been accustomed to the bowl, then when he wants to drink, he will try to find this item somewhere nearby. That is why it is so important to immediately start feeding the rabbit from the drinker. Animals that have not been accustomed to the bowl begin to use the nipple drinker much faster.

3. The rabbit needs time

With 100% certainty, we can say that the rabbit will not immediately drink water from the drinker as soon as it appears in a new cage. First, he will begin to develop his new home and check if there is any danger to him.
At first, the rabbit will not only refuse to drink. He will also ignore food.

To teach a pet to use a drinking bowl should only begin after he begins to sample food or when he settles down to rest on the floor in his new house.