How to set a drinking bowl for a decorative rabbit

How to set a drinking bowl for a decorative rabbit

Which drinker to choose for your rabbit? But the question is extremely important. Given the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the rabbit-like organism, the amount of water they drink can be of crucial importance for their health and longevity.

Access to fresh, clean drinking water should always be. It is important to remember that a violation or decrease in water consumption can lead to a decrease in appetite, to infections in the urinary tract, urolithiasis, dehydration, fever (hyperthermia), exhaustion and death of the animal.

In what form to offer drinking water to a rabbit. open way from a saucer or prefer a nipple drinker?

The animal uses water from the saucer in the same way as in nature. lap, this is an easy, natural way to drink, which allows you to quickly quench your thirst. This method of drinking is more effective and more familiar for the rabbit. Cleaning and washing such drinkers is much simpler and more convenient. However, water from them often spills. In addition, such drinkers are easily contaminated with components of litter, feed, feces, urine and, possibly, increase the risk of transmission of certain diseases.

Nipple drinkers take up less space in the cage, do not spill, become less polluted, but drinking from them is not natural and they are more difficult to clean out.

As a rule, all rabbits that previously drank from nipple drinkers quickly and without problems switch to the method of drinking from a saucer. In addition, according to foreign studies, the good condition and quality of feces of rabbits does not change, depending on the diet, if they drink from a saucer, whereas when feeding diets with a low moisture content and drinking from nipple drinkers, urine excretion and fecal quality change. Feces become drier, as the body compensates for the water in the body in a compensatory way, urine becomes more concentrated and excreted in lesser amounts.

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Everyone knows that for a rabbit’s health, a diet high in fiber, coarse fibers is important, this is important for the health of the rabbit’s teeth and digestive tract. Consumption of such foods increases thirst. In addition, for prolonged thorough chewing of such food, more fluid is required for the formation of saliva. Fluid is also required for the formation of cecotrophs.

Thus, it was concluded that it is preferable for a rabbit to drink from open dishes.

However, do not forget that the dish for drinking the rabbit should be roomy, heavy, ceramic, then the water spills less often. The saucer should have a high side, and it should be placed on an elevation so that the water is less polluted. A light drinker should be well attached to the bars of the cage, also at a certain elevation. Do not forget to clean drinkers in a timely manner and replenish with fresh water. The cage should be spacious enough so that such a drinking bowl does not prevent the rabbit from moving.

A certain amount of fresh plant foods for a healthy rabbit is also an additional source of fluid intake.

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