How to quickly teach a rabbit to a drinker

Owners of long-eared rodents understand that it’s not so easy to teach a rabbit to drink, if he has already tried to drink from a bowl. A useful purchase or a home-made tank for supplying water does not cause interest in the animal. It is not an easy job to train the rabbit to a new inventory.

Drinking bowl for rabbits

Why does a rabbit need a drinker?

Using a bowl as a container for drinking is inconvenient. during games, rabbits often turn it over. If at this moment the owner is not at home, the pet may remain without water for several hours, and this is dangerous for his health.

There are different drinking bowls for rabbits, but nipple or nipple drinkers are more popular. Their feature is that in order to get water, the animal must click on the ball located in the tip. This device has several advantages:

  • the water in the tank remains clean, since the animal does not touch its mouth;
  • fluid does not flow spontaneously;
  • the possibility of overturning the structure is completely excluded, since it is attached to the cell wall.

One of the few drawbacks of such a device is the difficulty in training the animal. Not every animal will understand how the nipple works, how to get a drink.

Ways to teach a rabbit to a drinker

Owners of eared pets complain that they have not been able to accustom them to a nipple drinker for a long time. Rabbits simply do not fit her. The reason for this may be the presence in the cell of another source of drinking. It must be removed, otherwise the animal will drink from the bowl, as before. This is the main rule.

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Nipple drinker for rabbits

How to teach a pet to use a nipple drinker, instructions:

  1. If a rabbit has just been bought and settled in a cage, it will be mastered for some time. It is unlikely that he will eat or drink. After a few hours, you can start training.
  2. Carefully take your pet in your hands, trying not to scare, bring a drinker and press the ball so that drops of water come out. Lubricate the nose of the animal. Show it again if necessary.
  3. If the rabbit still ignores the drinking device, grease the nipple with carrot juice or milk. A familiar smell will attract the animal and he will want to lick the juice. As soon as he touches the ball with his tongue, water will begin to stand out. At this stage, the animal will learn to use a drinker.
  4. You can not raise your voice and beat the animal if it is difficult to learn. Not all rabbits are equally savvy. A scream can scare him, so he won’t want to try to drink at all.

It is important to monitor the fluid level inside the flask. If it does not decrease, then the pet did not drink. This is dangerous. the animal may die from a lack of fluid. Perhaps the problem lies in the design itself. The owner should make sure that the ball is mobile, and water is released when you click on it.

Attention! Sometimes the nipple sits too tightly in the nose of the structure, then it needs to be expanded using small scissors.

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Water may not flow due to errors made when fastening the drinker. Check that the angle of the structure does not exceed the permissible value. If all efforts are in vain, and water does not enter the pipe, the inventory should be replaced.

Rabbit drinks from a drinking bowl

How much do rabbits drink?

The owner of the animal must control how much he drinks. On average, each individual should consume 100 g of fluid per kilogram of weight. In summer, when it is very hot, animals drink more often and more. The need for water also depends on the type of food that pets eat. It is believed that they should drink 2 times more water than they eat dry food.

How to quickly teach a rabbit to a drinker

Attention! Lactating females require more drinking.

Accustoming the rabbit to the drinker, do not get angry and scream. First, make sure that the inventory is working, and then show the rodent how to get water. In most cases, it is enough to press the nipple with the nose of the pet so that he understands how to use the new equipment.