How to put a drinker for rabbits

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How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

Surely many rabbit breeders are faced with the fact that their animals sometimes like to fight boredom in the cage, knocking over upside down drinkers. Of course, you can try to firmly fix them in the cages, but although I mentioned that rabbits are very clean animals, for some reason they try as hard as possible (at least on my farm) to make water in open drinking bowls with their droppings. I don’t see anything positive in this, such water quickly turns sour and becomes dangerous to drink animals.

At first, the only way out for me was to go to the rabbits more often and constantly add and change the water in the drinkers, but then I tried to make automatic drinker for rabbits, clog or knock over which they simply can not do.

Design automatic drinker for rabbits simple, and it is made from improvised materials.

  • plastic bottle (one and a half) with a cap
  • piece of thick rubber
  • some tinplate
  • several screws

How to put a drinker for rabbits

First thing in the lid carefully make a round hole, to selected as a choke bolt passed into it with a small gap (reserve 2. 4 mm). Then, threading the bolt through the resulting hole, we wind the prepared valve from rubber (it is convenient to cut it in the form of a circle, with a diameter significantly less than the diameter of the neck of the bottle). It is convenient to drill a hole in the center of the valve for the bolt so that it can be tightly screwed into it.

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As a matter of fact, the drinker is already ready, it remains to do holders. For this from tin or similar material, a pair of rings with fixing legs is cut out, for which we will screw the holders to the wall of the cage in the desired place.

Now we fill the bottle with fresh water, and install it in the holders with the lid down, as in the figure. A curious rabbit will soon realize what it costs touch the throttle, how it will be possible to quench thirst, but now he will no longer be able to betray his drinker or turn it over, and thereby save the rabbit breeder from many unpleasant troubles. So, success to you!