How to make do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits from plastic bottles

When breeding rabbits, like any other domestic animals, it is extremely important to provide them with normal conditions. Only in this case, the pets will be in good health, quickly gain weight and bring offspring. Moreover, the number of paramount moments in ensuring such conditions is the constant access of living creatures to water. And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to implement it is a homemade drinker for rabbits from a plastic bottle.

Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle

Benefits of Bottle Drinkers

Today, there are many different varieties of factory drinking bowls for rabbits. Between themselves, they differ in volumes, material, design features. But regardless of the parameters, any of the models costs a certain amount of money. If such a device is bought for one or two pets, then to go to such costs is quite rational. Acquisition will be a simpler solution than self-assembly.

But when it is necessary to provide water for several dozens, or even hundreds of animals, the purchase can be extremely unprofitable from an economic point of view. In this case, it is better to use bottle drinkers, which suggest a number of their advantages:

  • material for work is quite accessible and does not require large acquisition costs;
  • special skills are not needed to assemble the simplest models, which allows even beginner rabbit breeders to make the product;
  • the material is durable, does not deteriorate over time, and is completely safe for animals;
  • if necessary, such a container can easily be replaced with a new one;
  • from such drinkers, water is consumed more economically;
  • in constructions from plastic bottles it is much easier to maintain the purity of drinking than in standard cups and cups.

As a result, at the minimum cost of funds and effort, the owner can easily build a functional and reliable device for drinking domestic animals.

How to make a do-it-yourself cup?

Having decided to construct a drinking bowl on your own at home, first of all, you need to determine the type of product that will best meet the requirements of the owner of the rabbits. From this moment, the quantity of material and the method of implementing the device directly depend. The most popular types of drinkers from plastic bottles include:

  1. Simple.
  2. Nipple.
  3. Vacuum

Plastic bottle for a rabbit

Each of the varieties suggests its own characteristics of assembly and use. But, in any case, the first stage of work will be the preparation of materials and tools in accordance with the selected drawing.

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Required materials and tools

Of course, the first thing you need in your work is plastic bottles. The owner of the pets selects the volume of the container and its shape at its discretion. The main thing is that the animal always has access to water. But in the process of choosing it is still better to pay attention to products made of dark plastic. In them, the liquid will keep heat longer on sunny days. In addition, the water in it will not bloom longer.

In the case of a vacuum design, materials will also be needed to assemble the container into which the liquid will drain. To do this, you can take a low plastic box, a plate or make a container yourself from tin or polymers.

In addition to these materials, it is also important to choose the right tools. In this case, you will need:

  • sharp scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • several wooden boards of small thickness;
  • tin or stainless steel;
  • pliers;
  • drill;
  • nails, screws or rivets;
  • thick copper wire.

After collecting everything you need, you can proceed to the assembly process itself.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

The exact instructions for the assembly process itself directly depend on the specific type of drinking bowl. Accordingly, they should be considered separately.

Simple model

Such a product requires a minimum amount of materials and time to work. It is made as follows:

  1. A plastic bottle is thoroughly washed inside from dust and residues of other liquids.
  2. A wide hole is cut along the entire container body. Its width is calculated so that the animal can calmly stick its muzzle inside.
  3. Two hooks are made from a rigid wire, which are subsequently fixed on the neck and the opposite part of the bottle.
  4. The edges of the holes through which the sections were carried out are neatly scorched by a lighter to prevent injuries.

Such a product is suspended by wire hooks in the cage of an animal. It is functional and does not require serious expenditures of time and effort. By the same principle, you can organize a feeder for rabbits.

Nipple drinker

The second version of the product involves a little more complexity. The manufacture of the structure follows the following algorithm:

  1. We wash the bottle thoroughly.
  2. A hole is made in the plastic cover for the installation of the nipple. Further, the nipple itself is mounted in it (in the case of the purchase of the finished product). If there is no purchased option, continue self-assembly.
  3. In the inner part of the lid we place a gasket from prepared rubber. It will prevent the flow of fluid.
  4. A screw is mounted in the hole, which should be free to walk in it.
  5. The assembled cap is screwed onto the bottle, after which it is fixed to the cage wall using wire or a special box made of wood or stainless steel.
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For ease of use by animals, the screw can be installed not in the cover itself, but in the ballpoint pen housing, which is mounted in the hole. This greatly simplifies the process of drinking, and also allows you to make the drinker on the outside of the cage.

Such a product is distinguished from the rest by its economical water consumption and more convenient use. The liquid will flow only when the rabbit begins to push the nipple up with its tongue. This also eliminates the splashing of water, which means dampness in the place where the pet is kept.

Rabbit nipple drinker

Vacuum option

A vacuum drinker is made according to such a plan:

  1. A stable platform for the product is made of wooden boards. You can use other materials, but on a tree it is easier to fix all the other structural elements.
  2. A special vertical holder (another board, metal bar) is mounted on the prepared platform.
  3. An inverted bottle without a cap is attached to the holder using wire, electrical tape or metal clamps. It can also be fixed on the cell walls.
  4. A flat container is installed under the neck of the platform, into which water will flow. It is important that the edge of the neck of the bottle is located below the upper edge of the container. For reliability, it is better to fix the water container with screws or carefully nail it with nails.
How to make do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits from plastic bottles

The lower container can be replaced with a second bottle if desired. To do this, make a round hole in it under the vertical water tank, as well as another one so that the rabbit can stick its head in. Between themselves they can be additionally divided by a wooden partition, which is installed on top of the bottle body. Such a product is placed in the cage of a pet and is fixed with screws or clamps for greater stability.

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A vacuum drinker can be positioned both inside the cage and outside. The second option is more convenient for replenishing the supply of water. From a vertical container, water flows into a horizontal container only when the liquid level in it falls below the location of the neck of the inverted bottle.

The product provides the animal with free access to water, but this design does not exclude liquid splashing on the sides. As a result, water is consumed less economically than in the nipple version, and dampness may form in the cell.

Additional points

The installation of the listed variants of cups also implies some features. In simple products, it is important to correctly calculate the length of the hooks. If they are too short, the animal will be uncomfortable drinking. If their length is too long, the bottle will touch the ground and the rabbit may overturn it.

Nipple drinkers are suitable for indoor use. In the fresh air they can be mounted exclusively in the warm season. At subzero temperatures, the water inside freezes, the screw stops moving, and the liquid does not leak out.

Important! Young animals of these fur-bearing animals are capable of nibbling everything that falls into their field of vision. In some cases, the bottles themselves and the fixed wooden elements of the drinkers are subjected to such attacks. Therefore, to protect products, it is better to place them in special stainless steel boxes that protect the structure from sharp rodent teeth.

Drinking bowls from plastic bottles will be a real salvation for novice breeders who still do not have enough funds to purchase branded products. Such designs are easy to manufacture, have a long service life, and also allow you to conveniently select the container volume for different categories of animals. The main thing in their manufacture is to carefully follow the recommendations and avoid any defects in the product that can provide discomfort during use and animal injuries.