How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

Breeding rabbits is a troublesome but enjoyable process. It is important that eared pets feel comfortable, healthy and active. Fresh water should always be in the cages for rabbits, so the rabbit breeder should consider how to build a device for its supply. There are many drinker options. There are more than 10 of them, and almost each of them can be done independently.

Requirements for drinking bowls for rabbits

The best capacity is one that is equipped with a simple but effective fluid delivery mechanism. In extreme cases, you can build it hastily or just put several iron bowls in a cage. This approach is not always practical and causes a lot of inconvenience to both animals and their owners. Ideally, the drinker should meet the following requirements:

  • ease of use;
  • spaciousness;
  • protection against dust and debris;
  • fixing, so that the animals do not overturn the tank.

Rabbits are moving animals. They like to run, jump and frolic, especially young animals. If the bowl is not securely fixed, the animals will turn it over and remain without drinking.

A rabbit feeder is a necessary element in the interior of the cage. Having a good feeder provides food hygiene

What are the types of drinkers

Any kind of containers has pros and cons. Beginner rabbit breeders can put simple models into their cages: they do not require cash costs. Drinking bowls are:

  • cup;
  • vacuum;
  • nipple;
  • automatic.

Cup capacity for water

It could be a regular bowl. A typical mistake of a novice rabbit breeder is that he places it in a rabbit house without fastening. So, she will quickly turn upside down. It is better to fix it by attaching it to the floor or wall. The aluminum cup can be attached using eyelets, clamps or screws.

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How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

Such a device is fully automated. Its mechanism is simple: a nipple is placed in the neck of the bottle, which feeds the animals portionwise. Making the fixture is easy. You will need a nipple with a pacifier, an angular extension cord and a rubber hose. A slot is made in the bottle cap. A rubber hose is inserted into it, and a nipple into it. It remains to fill the tank, secure it with clamps. and the device is ready.


To make a vacuum drinker, you will need a plastic bottle, a cup and clamps for fixing. You need to take a bottle with a capacity of 1. 1.5 liters and wash it well. Using a clamp, a bowl of plastic or metal is attached to the cage floor. Remove the cork from the bottle and pour water there. It remains to tie the wire to the bars of the cage, turn the bottle over and insert it into the clamp. In this case, the wire is attached in such a way as to leave a small gap. It is needed to drain the liquid into the cup as it is consumed.


Automatic drinking bowls for rabbits are used in a large farm. Using an automatic device, you can drink dozens and hundreds of heads. A large tank delivers water to special tubes through which it flows into cups. The system has a signal float. When the water level in the large tank becomes minimal, the float lowers with it. This means it’s time to fill the tank. If the rabbit breeder manages to make such a drinker, it will take less time to care for the eared ones. Of course, this requires financial investment, time and experience.

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Out of the bottle

From the bottle you can make a simple "express option". You will need a 1.5-liter container, in which you need to cut a hole the size of a rabbit’s head. The finished product is attached with wire to the rods of the cage. The animals will always have access to water, and they will not overturn such a design. It’s easy to wash, but it can’t serve for a long time, because animals like to chew on plastic. If there is no time to do something else, you can adapt and change the plastic capacity every two to three weeks.

Universal drinker for large herds

This is a complex device for which such materials are needed:

  • pipes made of plastic;
  • several tees;
  • tanks (metal or plastic);
  • valve plug;
  • cups with the possibility of draining the liquid;
  • valve;
  • fixing devices.

The cup is placed in a cage and firmly fixed. If the cells are multi-tiered, it is necessary to lay a pipe at each tier and connect the pipe to the drinking bowl with a tee. Pipes are attached to the tanks for the accumulation of fluid. A float mechanism is installed in each of the tanks. He will regulate the flow of water. The pipe is closed to one of the central sources of water supply and a valve plug is installed on it. Before use, check the health of the system, especially its tightness. If everything is in order, pets are served water.

Why it is worth choosing home-made designs

  • they are inexpensive (they are often made from improvised materials);
  • homemade is easier to adapt to your farm;
  • the breeder receives useful skills and can use them again at any time.