How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits and rats

It is known that rabbits can consume about a liter of water per day, while these animals are extremely demanding on its purity. It should be contaminated with water, as rabbits immediately lose their desire to drink liquid, which can affect the appetite and condition of the animals. Use regular bowls and cups of water will be impossible, since such active and moving animals will quickly turn them in a cage, turning the enclosures into a kind of swamp.

Choosing such ready-made drinkers or making them yourself, you should remember about certain requirements, which are presented to such designs:

Safety of use;

  • High-quality protection against the entry of debris and dust;
  • The minimum volume of the drinker is equal to the daily water requirement;
  • The convenience of use;
  • Simplification of washing and filling containers;
  • Simplicity and reliability.
  • Purchased rabbit drinker options

    Cup drinkers are made of plastic, have a large volume, which allows them to be used when immediately containing a large number of rabbits in aviaries. The disadvantage of such cup drinkers is their complex design, as well as the lack of a lid, so dirt can get into the water, and subsequently difficulties arise in maintaining the purity of the water.

    Vacuum varieties are practical, and the water in them is fed into the tray by animal gravity, while overflow is completely eliminated and the appearance of dirt in the aviary is prevented. You can easily select such containers various volumes or make them yourself.

    Nipple variants are very popular in industrial breeding of rabbits. Such drinkers are notable for their complex construction, in which the liquid flows through pipes, at the end of which there is a ball nipple. To get drunk, the rabbit needs to push the tongue onto this ball nipple, so the animals need some time to train.

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    We make a drinker with our own hands

    Each of us will be able to make drinkers for rabbits in the winter with our own hands for rabbits, using available materials for this. On the Internet you can find many different options for the manufacture of such devices for rabbits or rats, and all the work will take you only 10−20 minutes, and subsequently all the problems with providing the animals with appropriate care will be completely resolved.

    Out of the bottle

    You will need a regular plastic bottle with a volume of 2−5 liters. In the middle of the bottle with a heated knife, cut a hole into which the rabbit’s muzzle should easily pass. The container is fixed inside the cage with a wire that wraps around the neck of the bottle and wraps around the top of the container. Similarly, a rabbit feeder is made from a plastic bottle.

    The only caveat the use of such plastic bottles it is that young rabbits can ruin the plastic and even nibble it. Therefore, if your animals are interested in the material of such a bottle, then you need to choose a different type of drinking bowl that will be taken out of the cage.

    Vacuum Varieties

    Plastic bottles are also used to make such a homemade vacuum drinker, but the principle of water supply will be different. Part of the pouring water will cover the neck, which blocks the flow of fluid. Subsequently, the pressure difference will not allow the water to pour out immediately, and as soon as the animals drink part of the water, the pressure will decrease, and the lid will open again.

    How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits and rats

    Despite the apparent complexity, it is not difficult to make such a vacuum drinking bowl on your own. You will need the following:

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    1. Any container is taken, including a plastic bottle with rounded edges.
    2. The bottom is cut off, which will subsequently make it easy to pour water into the bottle.
    3. The cork is unscrewed, which allows you to adjust the water supply.
    4. The bottle is fixed to the cell walls with clamps or wire. We recommend fastening such a drinker at a height of about 10 centimeters from the floor of the aviary.
    5. From the bottom, another container is placed under the bottle so that the half-turned cap is located near the very bottom of the lower container.
    6. You can fill in the water and adjust the intensity of the fluid supply. Once the adjustment is complete, the animal drinker will work flawlessly.

    Nipple drinkers for rabbits

    Nipple drinkers are extremely efficient and easy to use. It takes only a few days to train animals to drink, and subsequently, any difficulties with their use no longer arise.

    You can make such a nipple drinker as follows:

    If you need to complete such a drinker at once on several aviaries, you will need to use the corresponding tees on the tubes, which will divert the liquid to the desired number of cells.

    How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits and rats

    Such a manufacture of drinking bowls for rabbits is not of any difficulty, therefore, each of us will cope with such work. You just need to decide on the specific type of such design, but we recommend stopping on nipple and vacuum varieties that simultaneously combine ease of use and ease of use.