How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

  • plastic bottle, scissors,
  • screws, screws.

Regardless of what kind of lifestyle a rabbit leads, that is, whether it is exclusively in a cage, or whether he freely walks around the house, he should always know where the drinker is, at the level of reflexes. In an apartment, it is especially important not to rearrange the drinker to another place, since rabbits have a strong emotional memory: if they do not find a drinker in the usual place, they can experience extreme stress that even aggressive behavior can provoke. The following requirements are imposed on the drinkers themselves: they must contain the daily norm of water for the rabbit (about 1-1.5 liters), be as well protected as possible from dust and other debris, and also be firmly fixed so that the rabbit does not accidentally tip them over. Due to the extreme activity of rabbits, bowls and other similar water containers are not used on farms.

Finally, you should first monitor the behavior of the rabbit and let him immediately understand what the drinking bowl is for. The fact is that, unlike other domestic animals, rabbits, seeing a container with water, for some reason want to use it as a toilet on an ongoing basis; subsequently, some individuals polluted by the water themselves do not interfere with drinking at all.

The easiest option for making a drinker is to create a tool that works on the principle of excess pressure. You will need an ordinary plastic bottle, rubber, you will also need several screws and pieces of wire with sheet metal. A round hole of such a diameter is made in the bottle cap so that the bolt passes through it with a gap of 1-3 mm. After the rubber valve is screwed onto the bolt; it is important to tighten the valve as tightly as possible, placing it inside the bottle without any bent ends, but from the outside you can close the holes with tape or tape. After that, it is necessary to install a throttle on the valve: once the curious rabbit touches it, water will flow into the bowl. You can install the drinker with the help of rings cut out of tin, which are attached to the wall with screws or self-tapping screws.

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An interesting option is to use unnecessary utensils and a plastic glass. In a small plate, it is necessary to hollow out a hole of a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the plastic cup. After that, it is necessary to place the dishes in the cage in an upright position, after which place the plastic cup horizontally to such a length that the rabbit can only drink from there. This is done so that rabbits, especially young ones, do not gnaw plastic (young ones can completely destroy a glass in 1.5-2 weeks). It is necessary to supply water from the other end of the plastic cup from the top (for this, it is necessary to cut a special hole from above, which will immediately close with water after pouring water). Drinking bowls of this nature are the most environmentally friendly, so they are mostly preferred on farmland.

How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

It will not be difficult to manufacture nipple drinkers for rabbits, which will require, in fact, nipples, a square feeding tube, several plugs, adapters for tubes and a water tank. In order to make a drinker of such a plan, you should first on the side where the internal grooves of the nipple tube are located, make holes with a drill, where you later screw the nipples onto the thread. Next, a plug is installed in the consolidated end, after which a hose is inserted into the water tank in a hole made in advance. The hose, in turn, must be connected to the nipple tube, while all the connection points are best wrapped with some kind of moisture-retaining material, for example, electrical tape or Teflon tape. It is important to install drinkers of this type indoors, so that the water in the tank does not freeze and does not turn into ice, because in the event of adverse events this will require the replacement of the entire system.

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An even simpler option than making a drinker for rabbits on the basis of a plastic bottle is to make a cup drinker, which usually serves as a tin can of canned food, half inserted between the bars of the cage. Usually, all that is required for their manufacture is only the can itself, which must be processed before being fixed in the cage so that the rabbit does not get hurt. Although such cup drinkers do not require any manufacturing efforts, they have a number of significant drawbacks: they are very unstable, rabbits can easily turn them over with their paws and nose, also the cups become very dirty (especially on the farm), the water remains in them clean only the first half hour; therefore the use of such drinkers is not recommended.