How to make and install a drinker for rabbits

Specialists-breeders say that choosing quality drinkers for rabbits is quite difficult. It is important to consider many points. Pets should always have access to water, and the design itself should be reliable and safe.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the water in the drinker can be easily and quickly replaced, since a clean liquid must always be in the cage.

How to make and install a drinker for rabbits

The drinker for rabbits can have a different design. To breed rabbits, farmers most often use these designs today:

  1. Out of the bottle.
  2. Vacuum drinkers.
  3. From the sewer pipe.
  4. Nipple.
  5. Drip.
  6. Cup.
  7. Automatic.

Which of them is better to use at home is hard to say, since they all have their drawbacks and advantages. This device is also important not only to do it right yourself, but also to install.

You can make these drinkers for rabbits yourself. Correctly installed drinkers will provide the opportunity for rabbits to constantly access the liquid. This will enable her to do more with her rabbits, and not look for where to drink.

Cup drinkers

This method of supplying your pets with water was common earlier. To do this, you just had to put a container in the aviary and pour water there. Currently, such homemade drinkers for rabbits are rarely used, as they have many shortcomings.

  1. Liquid may spill out of the bowl when capsizing.
  2. Leftovers and rabbit excrement get into the drink, and therefore it quickly becomes dirty.
  3. Water that spills out makes the litter wet, and therefore the cage will constantly be wet and dirty, which will negatively affect the health of pets.
  1. Containers for the construction of the structure can be easily found. For example, a cup can be made from a regular plastic bottle.
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How to make and install a drinker for rabbits


DIY nipple drinkers for rabbits can also be easily made. Before you make the nipple drinker for rabbits yourself, you need to know the principle of its work. It is based on the fact that when the animal’s tongue touches the ball on the nipple, it receives moisture. She enters through the tube from the tank.

  1. In winter, the ball and nipples can freeze.
  2. For the construction of such a watering hole, investment of certain funds will be required.
  1. Water will always be clean, as rabbits cannot contaminate it.
  2. The owner of the rabbits sees the amount of liquid in the tank, and therefore can add it in time.
  3. It will be convenient to add medicines to the water at the nipple drinkers for rabbits if necessary.
  4. Water is saved, as it goes directly to the mouth.
  5. The nipple drinker can be made of any material.

Vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits

This rabbit drinker is made independently. Here you need to take a regular bottle and place it with its neck down in a container. As you drink water from the bowl, new fluid will flow there. The container size can be used different. When the liquid in the bottle runs out, it needs to be added.

  1. Debris may enter the water.
  2. In winter, the water will freeze.
  3. The bottle may roll over on its own.
  1. You can make such a watering hole for rabbits yourself.
  2. Water can be easily added.
  3. The whole manufacturing process will take a little time.


With the help of automatic drinkers, you can also provide rabbits with water. They are currently the most popular. Usually used by those who immediately contain a large number of rabbits.

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It is based on the fact that water from a large tank flows through pipes into each aviary. A float is installed in the tank, thanks to which you can monitor the water level in it. This design is usually installed by a specialist.

  1. To create such a design will require finances and skills to install it.
  1. You can save time.
  2. There will always be fresh fluid in the cages.

PVC bottle

How to make a drinker for rabbits from plastic bottles? It’s simple. It is better to use a bottle made of plastic. Its size can be any. Usually this design is used by those who keep rabbits in the apartment. It resembles a nipple by the principle of its work.

  1. It is inconvenient to simultaneously use for feeding a large number of rabbits.
  1. The pet will always have clean water in the cage.

Important! If the container is made of PVC, then it should be fastened on the outside of the aviary so that the rabbits do not damage it.

Can I make drinkers on my own?

In large volumes for rabbit breeding, the above methods can be applied if there is no desire to spend money on acquiring products. But if necessary, you can make drinkers for rabbits with your own hands.

Important! In the manufacture of the structure, it is worth considering that in winter the water in it may freeze, and therefore it is necessary to install heating there. You can simply wrap the container with rags, or you can put a thermostat.

Knowing these points, you can choose the best drinker option for rabbits. A good and correctly made design can ensure an uninterrupted supply of water for animals throughout the year. In turn, with proper care and maintenance, the rabbits will thank with quality fur and delicious meat.

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