How to make and choose rabbit drinkers

Providing livestock with clean water is one of the main tasks of the rabbit breeder. The lack of free access to water in the cage leads to a deterioration in the appetite of pets, milk disappears in the nursing female. There are different models of drinking bowls for rabbits. from ordinary bowls to an automated heated drinking system.

How to make and choose rabbit drinkers

Cup drinker

This is the most ordinary deep bowl, a small pan, a cut plastic bottle or a mayonnaise bucket, which are placed inside the cage. The most common type of drinking bowl in small farms. This design has a lot of disadvantages:

  • animals often turn it over; the owner needs to pour water into an empty bowl several times a day;
  • plastic containers rabbits can chew;
  • in winter the water freezes;
  • wool, grass and droppings get into the open drinking bowl, polluting the water.

The advantage of such models is cheapness. you can find suitable unnecessary dishes in any home. The pluses include the fact that animals easily adapt to the drinker and always have access to water.

For convenience, some rabbit breeders secure the container with wire on the wall of the cage, then the rabbits will not be able to overturn the drinker. In winter they put snow instead of water.

A more expensive, but quite budget option, is purchased cup models. These are containers made of plastic or metal with mounts. More modern models are equipped with a water supply system. This design is more expensive, but significantly saves the time of the owner.

How to make and choose rabbit drinkers

Design requirements

An adult rabbit drinks up to 1–1.2 liters of liquid per day, therefore, the capacity of the tank is calculated based on this norm.

Water tank should be:

  • capacious;
  • located according to the growth of animals;
  • firmly fixed;
  • easy to wash;
  • not have sharp corners and notches.

In addition to the above-described cup drinkers, vacuum, nipple and auto-drinkers are used. For a large number of livestock, tanks are recognized as the best, allowing water to remain always clean.

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Car drinkers for rabbits, which are kept on the street all year round, are equipped with heating electric elements. They allow water not to turn into ice in the most severe frost. Such models are powered by a battery.

Drawings and recommendations for creating

A rabbit breeder with minimal construction skills can make homemade drinkers for rabbits. This will significantly save money and design the most convenient unit to use.

Some farmers combine several models on the farm. For example, nipple (for adults living separately animals) and vacuum or cup (for young animals).

Do-it-yourself drinkers should be safe for pets. Do not use paint cans, chemicals or acids. Suitable food plastic and stainless steel.

The proposed drawings of simple models will facilitate the work of the rabbit breeder.

How to make a do-it-yourself drinker

For manufacturing use improvised materials:

  • plastic water pipes of suitable section;
  • plastic bottles and cans;
  • stainless steel sheets.

To connect the parts of the structure, it is necessary to purchase plastic clamps, self-tapping screws. Nipples and a flexible plastic hose of small diameter may be needed. In addition, you will need such a tool: drill, screwdriver or screwdriver, pliers, scissors.

The rabbit breeder needs to calculate how many containers to install in the cage, depending on the number of animals. Install at least 1 source of water for 3-4 heads.

Car drinker for rabbits

An automatic drinker for rabbits minimizes the human presence near the eared ears. Water is poured once a day or less. The most popular are two models. nipple and vacuum.

Nipple drinkers

They represent a closed container (bottle), to the neck of which a nipple is attached. a metal tube with a ball at the end. In order to get drunk, the rabbit must put his tongue on the ball, then water will flow from the tube.

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Water consumption when using a nipple system is minimal, since nothing is spilled just like that. The liquid inside the bottle is always clean.

The farmer can make the simplest model on his own. You will need a plastic bottle, tubes from the nipple and the nipple itself. A hole is drilled in the cap corresponding to the diameter of the hose. A nipple is attached to one end of the tube, the other is inserted into a container. The bottle is mounted on the wall of the cage.

How to make and choose rabbit drinkers

Vacuum design

Cheap and easy to use model. To make it, you will need:

  • capacity. bottle, canister;
  • a deep bowl of suitable size.
  1. On the wall of the cage with clamps, a container with water, closed by a lid, is mounted downside down with the head.
  2. The neck is immersed in the bowl so that a couple of centimeters remain to the bottom.
  3. When the structure is fixed, the cap from the bottle is unscrewed, and water flows into the drinker.

The level of water flowing from the bottle stops at the level of the sides of the bowl. The animal drinks, water from the tank enters the bowl, restoring the previous level.

Bottle drinker

A plastic bottle with a displacement of 1.5 to 5 liters can be used as a container for the construction of a vacuum and nipple drinker. To manufacture the latter, the nipple tube is hermetically inserted into the bottle cap and fixed. To do this, you need a drill and sealant.

Do-it-yourself cup improved drinking bowl for a rabbit from a bottle can be made as follows:

  1. The bottle with the lid closed is placed on its side, windows are cut in it for the rabbit to access the water. The edges of the windows are melted with a soldering iron so that they are not sharp. The bottle is suspended by wire on the cell wall at the level of the animal’s chest.
  2. A large 5 liter bottle is fixed vertically in the cage. A window of such a size is cut in the side so that the animal can freely stick its head in. Pour water into a bottle. Since the drinker is closed, no debris gets into it. But you will often have to add water to such a model, through the window the rabbit will not be able to get to the bottom of the bottle.
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Plus, the use of bottles in the cheapness and ease of processing. However, the plastic is short-lived, animals often gnaw at such feeders.

How to teach rabbits to drinkers

Difficulties can arise in teaching pets to drink from a tube with a ball, pushing it with their tongue. In order for the animal to understand how to drink, it is poked a couple of times with a nose into the nipple so that a couple of droplets fall on the nose. Other sources of water in the cell do not put. A thirsty animal will smell a water source and quickly figure out how to get moisture out of the tube.

If the cells are equipped with cup and vacuum models, the question of how to teach a rabbit to a drinker, as a rule, does not arise.

For a simple arrangement of a tank with heating, a heating cable is used. They wrap the capacity of the cup drinking bowl. The entire structure is placed in a wooden box with additional foam insulation. The rabbit can not bite the wire through the wooden protection, such a model is considered safe.

Regardless of the model and option, the drinker should be washed regularly, remove debris, food debris. The design must be comfortable and safe for the animal, economical and sustainable.