How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

A drinking bowl for rabbits is a useful thing in the household. But those who want to buy such a device can be scared off by the price, especially when it comes to a large number of animals. You can make such an auto-drinker with your own hands at minimal cost.

What are the benefits of car drinkers

Among the advantages of installing auto-drinkers are the following:

  • facilitate the flow of water, since you do not need to constantly walk and change the drink yourself;
  • water is served in portions, the rabbit drinks it only when he wants to. Therefore, this method is more economical than a traditional manual spill;
  • the design is simple and reliable, does not require special maintenance;
  • made from improvised materials, no financial investment required;
  • practically does not take place.
How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

In addition, any of the designs presented by us is more than a budget option and requires a small application of our own labor, rather than material costs.

How to make a do-it-yourself car drink

There are a lot of various designs for car drinkers. For their manufacture, a minimum of materials and tools is needed. You can usually get by with what is at hand.


For the manufacture of the simplest vacuum-type automatic drinker, you need to stock up only with a plastic bottle suitable in volume and height, as well as a bowl or other container with a wide bottom and sides 4–5 cm high.

How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

The assembly is assembled as follows:

  1. A swirling bottle of water is attached to the cage by wire with the neck down.
  2. A bowl is placed under the neck of the bottle (or another container from which the rabbits will drink) so that there is a sufficient distance between the bottom of the bowl and the cork to unscrew it.
  3. When the bottle and bowl are installed, the cork is unscrewed, part of the water is poured to the level of the edge of the neck.
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Animals drink water, its place is filled with liquid from a bottle. that’s the whole principle of the drinker.


To make the simplest nipple drinker at home, we need:

  • plastic bottle suitable for height and volume;
  • screwdriver or drill;
  • drill 8 mm;
  • knitting wire (30–40 cm).
How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

We will assemble the device as follows:

  1. Using a screwdriver, drill a hole in the plug, which is in a twisted position.
  2. We clamp the nipple drinker into the screwdriver and screw it into the hole made in the cork.
  3. We heat one end of the wire and by burning we make 2 diametrically located holes in the wall of the bottle near its bottom.
  4. Pass the wire through the holes, leaving the ends of equal length on both sides. We bend these ends towards the bottom and twist together with a pigtail.
  5. Using nippers, we remove the remaining piece of wire sticking out (if necessary), and bend the braided pigtail into the hook, by which the file holder is suspended.

You can slightly modify the design: insert a tightly fitting diameter flexible tube 25-30 cm long into the hole in the cork, at the other end of which a nipple drinker is fixed.

In this case, it must be taken into account that the end of the tube 2-3 cm long must remain inside the bottle. It will prevent accidental debris from entering the tube, preventing it from clogging.

The advantage of this method is that it is suitable for low cells in which a bottle of water does not fit. The container can be placed in any suitable place, and the hose can be selected to the desired length.

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DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Heated drinker for rabbits

For winter you need a heated drinking bowl. We will tell you how to make a nipple-type heated device with your own hands.

For its manufacture, we need the following materials:

  • capacity made of plastic or metal;
  • nipple of good quality (so that it does not freeze in the cold as long as possible), metal is better;
  • a tube made of thick rubber or high-quality plastic;
  • coupling;
  • tie clamps;
  • gasket and locknut for coupling the coupling and the reservoir with water;
  • water heater and temperature controller;
  • self-regulating heating cable.

When all the materials and devices are ready, you can start assembling the device:

  1. We drill a hole in the wall of the water tank that will be connected to the tube. The hole in the tank and the diameter of the coupling must match.
  2. Using a lock nut and gasket, we connect the coupling to the hole.
  3. On the one hand, we connect the hose of the desired length to the coupling, insert the nipple into the hole on the other side.
  4. We fasten the heating cable with cable ties to a flexible tube and drinking tank.
  5. Pour water into the tank, lower the heater with thermostat there.
How to make an automatic drinker for rabbits

Everything, the winter car drinker for rabbits is ready, you can use it.

Should I make a drinker on my own?

If you are dealing with a rabbit farm and you have several tens or hundreds of animals, you should pay attention to the home-made design. After all, the acquisition of factory drinkers for all the inhabitants of rabbitry can coolly hit the pocket.

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Now you know how you can assemble a car drinker for rabbits on your own, without making large physical and financial costs. Its manufacture, with the exception of heating devices, does not require any special skills.

Or perhaps you will take the device we recommend as the basis, be smart and come up with something of your own, the main thing is your desire.