How to make a simple drinker for rabbits from improvised tools in 10 minutes

And somehow, for this reason, I was inspired to make an ideal drinker for my rabbits on my own. The result was even better than I expected, so I hasten to share my joy with you.

I remember how my grandmother bred rabbits, and in the summer I visited and helped them take care of them. I tore the most juicy and green grass, in which there is a lot of vitamin necessary for rabbits (you can read about the proper diet for rabbits here), but they were still very susceptible to various diseases.

I could not catch the reason for such a life injustice for quite a while, but it is ridiculously obvious: thinking that the rabbits get all the necessary moisture along with the grass they eat, I did not pour extra water on them.

Then such my amateurish attitude to rabbit breeding led to disastrous consequences, but now I am well versed in this matter and can share my knowledge with you.

The average rabbit on average needs to drink about a liter of water per day for a normal and healthy existence. Moreover, it is better not to pour water into a regular bowl, since rabbits have a passion for bowel movement in opening water tanks, and after all that has been done, they will not drink such water.

Varieties of drinking bowls

All rabbit drinkers are divided into two main types:

Large rabbit farms use automatic drinking bowls, but I will not dwell on them, because this article is intended primarily for people who have their own small household.

We begin the construction of a vacuum drinking bowl

How to make a simple drinker for rabbits from improvised tools in 10 minutes

Before claiming a specific plastic bottle for the role of a future drinking bowl, test it. Pick up a full bottle of water and turn it over the sink. Water from a high-quality bottle should be poured gradually in an even stream and at the same time, the dishes should not lose their shape (that is, bend).

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Of course, you can also proceed from your aesthetic preferences and choose the bottle whose shape and color are most preferable to you, but it is better to use products made of dark plastic, since in light water quickly blooms. The optimal volume of a bottle for making a drinker for one or two rabbits is one and a half liters. If you have more animals in one cage, grab a bottle of the appropriate size.

So, to make a drinker you will need:

  • a small wooden shelf on which everything will be attached;
  • four screws;
  • cut out bottom of the bottle, or a small plastic plate;
  • a bottle of dark plastic with a volume of one and a half liters;
  • a small rectangular piece of plastic;
  • strong wire.

Make sure you have all the necessary components and you can start making the drinker. I suggest dividing this matter into several simple steps.

  1. With the help of wire cutters, make a circle from a strong wire, such that a bottle fits in it;
  2. In a piece of plastic, drill two small holes on the sides;
  3. Securely attach a water container (bottom of the bottle) to the bottom of the shelf using a drill and screws;
  4. Attach one side of a rectangular piece of plastic to the board at a distance of about 10 cm from the water tank, insert a circle of strong wire under it and fix the second side;
  5. Pour water into a bottle and place it with its neck down in a bowl from which rabbits will drink.

Such a drinker will serve you faithfully for a long time, most importantly, do not forget to periodically change stagnant water and wash the plate from which the rabbits drink. A plastic bottle will also need to be changed periodically if you begin to notice that in the old bottle the water blooms quickly, or gets an unpleasant odor.

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Making a nipple drinker, without acquiring a nipple

How to make a simple drinker for rabbits from improvised tools in 10 minutes

  • 1 used plastic bottle;
  • Ballpoint pen housing;
  • Large screw or self-tapping screw;
  • Super glue.

We proceed to manufacture:

  1. Insert the self-tapping screw into the ballpoint pen housing and see that the cap of the self-tapping screw fits snugly against it. This is perhaps the most crucial moment. It is important to choose a "nipple" of the perfect size, so it’s good if your house has several screws of different sizes. Experiment a little and you will find the best option. Now cut the body from under the ballpoint pen to a length approximately equal to the length of the self-tapping screw;
  2. Drill a hole in the bottle cap so that the product obtained from the self-tapping screw and the handle body fits into it. For reliability, fix the structure with super glue. The nipple is ready.
  3. In a bottle, on the side wall, cut a medium-sized hole for filling water;
  4. Screw on the lid and attach the resulting drinker to the rabbit cage using wire.

Be sure to check if water is leaking from the newfound drinker and whether it is easy to remove the liquid from it by pressing a finger. And if something goes wrong, replace the self-tapping screw.

I chose exactly such a drinking bowl for my own use, as it is very practical and the easiest to make.

And here is another way to make a rabbit drinker:

From improvised materials you can make a 100% working drinker that rabbits will really like:

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