How to make a drinker for rabbits

In fact, it’s not so easy to pick up good nail files for rabbits, because there are a lot of requirements for them that they must meet:

  • pussies always had access to water
  • the device was comfortable and yet practical and durable
  • easily filled with liquid and at the same time so that it does not become contaminated in the feeders too quickly (so that it is not necessary to change the water in them often)
How to make a drinker for rabbits

In order for all individuals to grow up healthy, first of all, they must drink clean water and in the amount that they need. At the moment, the following types of drinking bowls are considered the most common options among connoisseurs and farmers:

  • nipple
  • bottle
  • automatic
  • vacuum
  • cup

Each of these species has a number of advantages and, of course, disadvantages. In order to determine which feeder is best done, you need to find out as much information as possible about each.

How to make a drinker for rabbits

Previously, farmers did not particularly worry about this and simply put drinking bowls in the cells in the form of bowls, which were filled with water. The method of manufacturing such a drinking bowl is very simple, but at the same time, do not forget about some of the inconveniences of this device:

  • The liquid in the drinkers gets contaminated very quickly, because it is not blocked by anything
  • Rabbits are mobile animals and can easily turn over the drinker
  • The water in the drinking bowls needs to be changed frequently and constantly monitored so that the feeders with water are not turned over (rabbits will not be comfortable living in a humid room)

In general, clearly, in this case there are much fewer advantages than disadvantages, so this option cannot be called suitable.

Nipelle drinker. In this case, the animal touches its nipple with its small tongue, which immediately slides into the iron tube and water enters the rabbit’s mouth. Such a drinker:

  • protects the liquid from pollution and rabbits can always drink water when they need it
  • the water level in the drinker is visible
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But it could not do without minuses, in the cold season the nipple freezes, and water supply becomes a difficult process.

Vacuum drinkers are usually made with their own hands. To do this, you need to draw water into a bottle and turn it upside down so that it stands up with daisies in a container where the liquid will gradually pour out. Yet again:

  • Animals can turn over the drinker
  • It is not protected by anything, which means that the water will be quickly polluted

The plus is that making such a drinker is very easy and fast, and to everything else, it’s also cheap.

An automatic water supply system is most often organized on large rabbit breeding farms. The point is that a certain amount of water is regularly supplied through the pipes, which is automatically supplied to each cell (in the bowls that stand there). In this case, the minus is that such a system is not cheap and the cost of its maintenance will go quite a lot.

After we have examined all the advantages and disadvantages of drinking bowls, let’s decide which one will be produced independently.

If you keep one or several rabbits at home, then you will not have to be smart and build anything. In this case, a cup drinker is perfect. Here we are not talking specifically about the bowl, for such purposes a cropped bottle, a bowl, and a container made of metal may be suitable. Just put it in the feeding place and that’s it, the process of its manufacture is finished. For a large number of rabbits, this type of drinkers is not suitable (their effectiveness is 0 in this case).

You can also make a nipple drinker with your own hands. The build process is as follows:

Do-it-yourself vacuum drinking is also quite simple:

  • For the manufacture we need a bowl, holders and a bottle of plastic.
  • When everything you need is at hand, we proceed to fastening the bowls in the cage. The fastening level should be at least 12 cm from the floor, so that rabbits do not jump on their feet.
  • Directly above the attached bowl, you need to attach the bottle so that its neck does not touch the surface of the bowl, but at the same time is in close proximity to it.
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The drinker is ready, it remains only to fill the bottle with water.

As you may have noticed, making drinkers on your own is not a problem; there would be a desire. The costs are minimal. The speed of manufacture, too, and their longevity will depend only on the quality of manufacture, which depends directly on the manufacturer.

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