How to make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands

Nowadays rabbits are kept not only on farms, but also in city apartments. And, if a decorative animal, which is provided with everything necessary, usually lives in a city house, then in rural conditions it is often required to make some equipment yourself. For example, a do-it-yourself drinker for rabbits or a feeder is made. However, the design of such devices is important. After all, it should be not only reliable, but also inexpensive.

How to make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands


Why do you really need a drinker for rabbits, made with your own hands or manufactured in a factory way, probably no need to explain. Rabbits. the animals are quite mobile, and they need water as much as food. However, the mobility of these rodents puts forward additional requirements for such drinkers. Even in a sufficiently large enclosure, they can overturn a container of water or contaminate it during movement. Therefore, such devices must be well fixed or be massive enough. And one more thing: very often the question of how to make drinkers for rabbits with your own hands arises because for some reason they very much like to cope with their natural needs in a wide container with water. This leads to water pollution, and not a very clean liquid can be dangerous for animals, and they themselves will not drink such water. Therefore, you have to constantly update and clean the drinker, which is not too convenient. Therefore, it is better if the drinker for rabbits, which is very easy to make with your own hands, will be of small diameter.

What are drinking bowls?

The easiest option for such a drinker. a can attached to the rods of the cage. Of course, this option has too many obvious flaws, so it only works as a temporary one. Another way to make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands is to use a regular plastic bottle. It is located horizontally and a hole of such a size is made in its upper part that the rabbit’s head freely passes there. Then the drinker is fixed on the walls of the cage and filled with water. Disadvantage: in order to replenish water supplies, you need to be inside the cage. And to clean it will be quite difficult.

Another design, which is also quite simple, manifests itself much better. A plastic bottle filled with water is attached to the rods of the cage, and a container is installed under it so that the neck almost touches the bottom. Now you need to unscrew the cover. The container will fill with water, but the liquid will not spill. And then, when the rabbits drink a certain amount of water, the new one will automatically enter the drinker from the bottle. If there are a lot of rabbits, you can use a large plastic container (for example, a three-liter one) installed in a round bowl on a stand, such as a pair of wooden blocks. The principle of operation is the same: fresh water will flow as the old decreases.

Often rabbit breeders build an aviary for rabbits with their own hands. Then you must immediately provide for the device there feeders and drinking bowls for rodents, so that they are comfortable. Just keep in mind that in metal drinkers in cold weather, water can freeze. They recommend even in such weather to give rabbits not water, but snow, which they eat with pleasure. And then the animals will be healthy and cheerful, which is what their owner needs.

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