How to make a drinker for rabbits

How to make a drinker for rabbits
How to make a drinker for rabbits

How to make a drinker for rabbits
How to make a drinker for rabbits

The drinker can be made in different ways, having at hand any container that has tightness. Any metal or plastic container without cutting edges can serve as a water tank.

At the same time, it can be rigidly mounted on the wall with the help of manufactured fasteners or put on the floor, but in this case the upper part of the vessel should have a wide opening. Considering the topic of how to make a drinker for rabbits, you can use a plastic container or sheet metal.

Drinking bowls for rabbits should be placed so that water from the tank does not get animals in the ears. This is a basic rule that any rabbit breeder should know. Do not neglect the rules on which the health of animals and their generations depend.

In order to make your own drinking bowl for livestock, you should use aluminum. It can be given a round or square look. To do this, cut out the bottom and strip.

On a round or square plate along the entire perimeter, the edges are bent. After that, an oblong plate is taken, on which bends should also be made from two sides, only one edge should be riveted. The riveted edge is the upper part and serves as protection against all kinds of cuts. Further, it is necessary to close the curved edges of the bottom and the plate, which will go around the entire perimeter and act as walls, after which all the locks are tapped with a hammer.

You should also connect the two ends of the metal plate, thereby obtaining a solid sealed container. In such a fairly simple way, you can make drinkers for rabbits. Homemade containers can also have a plastic base, which can be placed on the wall or any vertical surface.

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Suppose you need to install two containers, in this case ordinary plastic bottles can serve, but then you need to make a casing, which will be a protection for plastic containers.

To do this, a box of the appropriate size is made of wooden or plywood boards, after which a door is installed and a hook is hung. Inside this box will be in limbo two plastic bottles, with tips for supplying water.

Any drinking bowl for water is unique, but a large capacity with water from which a dozen tubules depart, will be indispensable for a large number of animals. To do this, you only need to fix the nipple drinkers and install them in the right place, and then supply water to them.

The device of the drinking bowl for rabbits can be of any shape and suspended from the inside of the rabbitry, while the main part of the tank can be located outside the cage. This design is very convenient, because for filling containers with water, it is not necessary to open the cage with livestock.

Rabbitry from two families has a partition on which water containers can be fixed and bends can be made from them, which will be supplied through tubes directly to their destination. That is, water passes through the tubes and is fed to the nipple, which will be located inside the aviary with rabbits.

Considering the topic of how to make a drinker for rabbits, you should consider the amount of living creatures. For example, one or two rabbits can be fed from any small tank. It’s hard to keep track of a lot of animals, so you need to use plastic containers from which nipple drinkers depart.