How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

  • 1 Providing rabbits with drinking water
  • 2 The main types of popular drinking bowls
  • 3 Several ways to make a drinker

Providing rabbits with drinking water

The rabbit needs drinking water not only to satisfy thirst, but also to activate the digestion process. It is water and a large amount of fiber that help the weak muscles of the stomach and intestines to move food further, stimulating the activity of the entire digestive tract. Therefore, rabbits should not be left without drinking water, even if you feed them with green grass and juicy vegetables. But how to ensure the purity and freshness of water in the drinking bowl, if the active animals strive to throw garbage into it, splash water, or even turn the vessel around. As a result, the flooring in the cage gets wet, and the water deteriorates, and work is added to you. In this case, you need to think about using an automatic drinking bowl.

In large farms or in rabbit production farms, the issue of providing animals with drinking water is being addressed globally. These are whole water supply systems: large tanks, distribution pipes, ending with a personal supply of water to each cell. Everything is reliable, practical, but expensive. For household plots, such expenses are not justified, and the functionality of the production system is not in demand.

It is much easier to make car drinkers for rabbits on their own, so that the animals are satisfied, and you would not have to spend money.

The main types of popular drinkers

  • Nipple.

They work on the principle of a ballpoint pen. when you press the built-in ball, the liquid begins to pour out. Animals quickly understand. in order to get drunk it is enough to touch the tip of the container with the tongue.

Positive aspects: water enters in a dosed manner, without splashing or spilling. It is especially convenient to accustom to this kind of drinking bowls of little rabbits, who still have a sucking instinct, but they do not immediately understand what to do with water in a bowl.

Disadvantages: as a rule, nipple drinkers have small containers, so water has to be often added. If several animals are kept in a cage at once, then one such drinker may not be enough. And one more inconvenience. even with small temperature drops in the cold season, the water in the metal tips will freeze.

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    How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

They are a high capacity filled with water, which is installed with an open neck above a bowl, almost without touching its bottom. Through the remaining gap, part of the water flows down to a certain level, and the vacuum formed in this case in the upper part of the tank does not allow the rest of the liquid to pour out. As water is consumed from the lower bowl, it is automatically replenished.

Advantages: it is possible to regulate the water supply using containers of various volumes. Such drinkers are less likely to need replenishment and can provide water to several animals for a week or more. It is difficult to turn a container of water, no matter how the animals try.

Disadvantages: the lower tank with drinking water is inside the cage, so you can not exclude the ingress of grass, litter and other debris into it.

Several ways to make a drinker

With the help of ordinary household items and some effort, it is very simple to make such a drinker that turns out to be the most functional, convenient to use and easy to maintain.

An option requiring some financial outlay.

Nipple drinkers are easy to purchase ready-made and use them, but you can “modify” the industrial version a bit by installing a larger capacity on it. Real craftsmen can make their own water supply system with nipple tips. But not everyone has such a talent, and the necessary materials may not be at hand.

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

The most elementary option.

The easiest and fastest way to provide animals with drinking water is to attach a container so that it does not tip over and does not get trash in it. It is enough to use a wire or hooks to fix an ordinary tin can, a plastic bowl or other suitable container on the grates inside the cage.

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

In this case, it is most convenient to use a plastic bottle with a volume of 1 or 1.5 liters, depending on the number of animals. Around the middle of the bottle, a round hole is cut out into which the rabbit’s face will easily pass. Then, the resulting drinker is suspended on the grid of the cage on the side from which it will be more convenient for you to add water. This simple design will provide your pets with drinking water for a while, because its durability directly depends on the temperament of the “users”: little rabbits love to chew on malleable plastic, and adults, under their weight, gradually break such a drinker. But in this case, the damage is small. the bottle that has become unusable can easily be replaced with a new one.

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In order to make such drinkers with your own hands, you will need:

  • 1.5. 2 liter plastic bottle;
  • wire, rope or cable ties to secure;
  • shallow container into which drinking water will flow.
    How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

First it fills a clean bottle with water and fix it on the cell grates. The most important thing at this stage is to place the neck of the bottle so that it does not rest against the bottom of the lower bowl. When you open the cork, water will fill the drinker to a certain level, quite sufficient for drinking fluffy animals. All is ready! Further, as you use it, the water level will be constantly replenished from the installed bottle, and your pets will be provided with a drink until they drink everything. When it becomes necessary to remove the drinker in order to remove debris from it and wash it, it is enough to simply break through the water by screwing the cap in the bottle.

This design is also convenient in that you can fix the bottle from the outside of the cage. This removes all problems during topping up. In this case, the lower container should be selected in an oblong shape, so that part of it appears inside the cell, and part outside, under the bottle.

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

A variant of a collective drinking bowl.

If the cells contain several adult individuals, then the amount of drinking water increases, especially in hot weather in the summer. How to provide all pets with drink and, at the same time, not to run often, adding water? Of course, you can install several drinkers, but this is likely to be not an additional convenience, but simply the irrational use of the area of ​​the cage.

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The use of drinkers of increased volume for the entire fluffy "team" of animals helps to solve this problem. To do this, you will need:

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

  • metal or tin dishes with a depth of about 5-6 cm and a diameter of 30-40 cm (salting cans from under iwashi can be used);
  • capacity from 3 to 5 liters (a plastic bottle, an ordinary 3-liter jar, etc. are useful);
  • a pair of metal or stone blocks;
  • reliable wire.

The method of arranging such a drinking bowl is similar to the previous one, only here the mass of water is much larger and one wire clip will not keep it on weight. Therefore, additional supports in the form of bars are needed.

So, first of all, we place the pallet in the cage so that the animals could not move it, and put two bars at a certain distance from each other. Then it fills a jar or bottle with water, and sharply turn it over, setting the neck on the bars. Now it remains only to fix the upper tank with wire for greater stability. As in the first version of the vacuum drinking bowl, the water level will be regulated, constantly replenishing in the pan from the upper tank.

How to equip comfortable rabbit drinkers without extra costs

Which version of the drinker you would not choose for your long-eared animals, you need to remember the main thing. even automatic drinkers require care. Carefully make sure that the water in the tanks does not “bloom” (this is especially true in the summer) and its supplies are replenished in time. Before pouring fresh water, be sure to rinse the bottle, or replace it with a new, clean one.

Thanks to the efforts and cares, your rabbits will be healthy, with a good weight gain and a thick, beautiful coat!