How to attach a rabbit drinker

For the normal content of the parrot in the cage should be: a feeder, a drinking bowl, perches, a bathhouse and toys.


When selecting a rooster, you must remember that your pet will spend most of his life on it.

The best are twigs with bark, and if possible, with buds, because parrots really like to gnaw them. Twigs of fruit trees and birch branches are especially good. Stronger perches made of hardwoods such as oak or bamboo are less effective, as may cause inflammation of the plantar crumb of a bird.

Smoothly curved poles, painted or even varnished, are best discarded immediately. They must be roughened, of different diameters, so that the bird can hold its legs in different positions. It is recommended to equip the cage with two types of perches with a diameter of 1cm and 2cm. They should be mounted at different heights, motionless so that they do not rotate.

Drinking bowl

Drinking bowls for birds are of two types: open and closed or automatic.
Open drinking bowls are cheaper (a saucer with high edges can be used as an open drinking bowl), however, the water in such a drinking bowl will become contaminated and deteriorate, in particular, if bird droppings, which decompose toxic ammonia, decompose. If the litter is in the drinker, water should be replaced immediately.

Closed drinking bowls of various types are much more convenient. Usually they are made of glass, plexiglass or food-grade plastic. Such a drinker can be attached to the cage. However, in such drinkers it is recommended to change the water daily. Automatic drinkers are much better. The water in it will remain fresh and clean for a long time.

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You must remember that the bird must always have access to water. Read more about water here.


Almost all budgerigars need to be able to swim at least once a week. To do this, a special bath is placed in the cage. swimming pool (bathing). Its size depends on the size of the bird.

Pure, warm water is poured into the bathhouse (its temperature should be slightly higher than room temperature). Most birds readily begin to splash in the cage. However, some budgies prefer to swim under a stream of water. If your pet is one of them, then you have to carry it to the bathroom. In this case, do not forget to monitor the temperature of the water. In hot weather, swim 2-3 times a week.

Immediately after completing the procedure, the bathing should be removed from the cage so that the bird does not decide to drink dirty water.

How to attach a rabbit drinker

The parrot must have toys, although you should not clog the whole cage with them. Usually two or three toys are enough. More often. it’s a swing, a bell and a mirror.

How to attach a rabbit drinker

All of these items are commercially available, but you can make toys yourself. As a swing, you can use, for example, a swinging perch, a wooden or tin ring, which is suspended from the ceiling of the cage. Most parrots will be happy to swing on this simple device.

In the process of actively teaching the parrot to "speak" the toys should be temporarily removed from the cage, although it is in front of the mirror that many parrots will willingly try out their "vocabulary."