Drinking bowls for rabbits

There are several ways to supply water to rabbits. Each of them has certain pros and cons. Drinking bowls for rabbits can be made independently using drawings.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Types of drinkers

The drinker for rabbits should have the following characteristics:

  • be comfortable for the pet;
  • easy to install and remove;
  • made from safe materials that are easy to clean.

Professional drinkers are as close as possible to these indicators.

Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits are made of strong and high-quality materials. They will last a long time with careful care. A significant drawback of purchased designs is the high price. Not every novice farmer sees the point in purchasing such equipment for a small home farm.

Now these types are popular:

Each species has pros and cons, so it is worth considering the number of individuals, the ease and durability of the installation. It will turn out to make some designs with your own hands from improvised materials.

Cup drinker

A bowl for rabbits is the easiest and most affordable option. In a normal container, they collect water and put them in a cage.

  • easy to remove and clean;
  • the pet understands how to use it;
  • it is easy to replace;
  • metal and ceramic bowls are durable and environmentally friendly.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Dimensions depend on the number of goals and water requirements.

It is important that the container is shallow. Rabbits are active, so they often spill liquid on the litter. Wet hay is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and viruses. If the height of the bowl is large, pets will be uncomfortable.

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Do-it-yourself cup-made metal drinkers for rabbits are not made. Clay is the most environmentally friendly and durable material, it is easy to give it the desired shape, it is heavy, so rabbits will not be able to spill water.

A plastic bottle is a simple temporary drinker. It is installed horizontally near the door of the cage. A hole is cut out in the center so that the animal can drink. The inventory is extremely short.

Automatic drinker

Automatic designs are used on commercial farms. Car drinkers for rabbits consist of a tank with liquid, tubes, a bowl and a float. When the water level drops (a float reports this), clean liquid flows from the tank.

Advantages of automatic rabbit drinkers:

  • the liquid does not stagnate, constantly replenishes;
  • clear mechanism of work, as the animal drinks from the bowl;
  • durability;
  • safe materials.

There are also disadvantages:

  • bulkiness;
  • difficulty cleaning;
  • high price.

Such a car-drink can not be done with your own hands without special knowledge and drawings.

Nipple drinker

The drip design, which is sometimes confused with a car-drinker, is used more often for decorative varieties, as in the cold season, the liquid will harden in the barn.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Advantages and disadvantages

Water supply from the nipple is made at the request of the animal. The animal presses the tongue against the valve, after which water is supplied. Pluses of the device:

  • does not dissolve moisture in the cell;
  • convenient for a pet;
  • it is easy to install.

The only negative is freezing at low temperatures.

Do it yourself

You can make a drinker for rabbits from a plastic bottle if you follow the rules:

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One drinker is enough for 2-4 animals. To avoid freezing water, they came up with a heated nipple. In winter, heaters for aquariums or elements for floor insulation are used. It is forbidden to use boilers and open flames.

Vacuum drinking bowl

The principle of operation of this design is simple. It is based on the pressure difference.

Principle of operation

A vacuum drinker for rabbits looks like a large inverted can, standing with its throat in a deep bowl. The container is filled with water, covered with a lid and turned over. Part of the water flows out. When her level drops, she comes from a large tank. Application advantages:

  • simple construction;
  • easy cleaning;
  • large volume;
  • low price

Due to the fact that these animals do not contain on the floor, you have to come up with a lateral mount on the cage. If the animals loosen the drinker, then all the water spills out. On winter days, the liquid freezes quickly.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

DIY making

The design can be made from a plastic bottle, but it is extremely unreliable and short-lived. It is better to use a solid container with a volume of 1 liter or more with a wide neck and bowls (metal or plastic). You will also need a mount.

Install a homemade vacuum drinking cup will work if you follow the instructions:

  1. Mounting height. no more than 10-12 cm.
  2. It is attached close to the walls of the cell.
  3. A bowl is attached to one side.
  4. The edges of the neck and its bottom should be in contact.

To create this type of design at home is difficult. And in winter, the liquid cannot be heated, so the vacuum design is not suitable for pets in cages. The best option is to install it on the floor inside.