Drinking bowls for rabbits

Drinking bowls for rabbits are very important in keeping animals. Not a single rabbit breeder can do without these devices. In addition to the external aesthetic appearance, they must physiologically fit under each animal. After all, when a rabbit refuses to take water, it is often very difficult to justify this.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Diagram of a feeding trough and a drinking bowl for rabbits.

Best options

Rabbit breeders can purchase a finished factory-made drinking bowl. They are distinguished by their size, manufacturing materials. There are more expensive specimens. Usually these are automatic drinkers in which water is supplied on its own, as rabbits drink liquid.

Car drinker for rabbits.

However, you can make a water tank yourself. Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits will be as convenient as possible for humans and rabbits. They can be made in the most suitable size depending on the area of ​​the cell. It is also important that the animals could not get into the drinker, did not bathe in water, did not smear it and did not spill it around the house.

An inexperienced rabbit breeder will simply put the container in the cage and pour water into it. However, the likelihood that it will spill quickly is very high. Therefore, containers made of light material, such as plastic, will not work. In addition, rabbits can chew on plastic containers, respectively, the latter will quickly deteriorate.

Fixing a drinking bowl for rabbits on the side wall of the cage using a pin.

Another option for a homemade drinker that supplies the required amount of liquid to rabbits is a structure made of a bucket or canister, a hose with a cuff and a metal vessel. To make it, you need to install a bucket or canister of 10 liters on top of the cage. A hole should be made from below. Its diameter should allow the insertion of a tube or hose. The latter should be lowered to the capacity inside the cage from which rabbits drink. Such a device is very convenient, since the cuff regulates the flow of water into the vessel.

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Vacuum drinkers are very practical. To create them, a plastic three-liter bottle is used, the water from which flows into a bowl, but not all is poured. Since an inverted bottle is used, the created pressure prevents the complete pouring of all the water. The bottle, fixed down with the neck, is installed so that the throat of the vessel is close to the bowl, but does not touch the bottom.

Durable and durable is a metal bottle. It can be made of stainless steel. In the process of its creation, the master will need to solder all the seams, and process the sharp edges with a file so that the animals do not get hurt. Such a vessel will be easily fixed in a container from which rabbits drink. A well-made metal bottle allows you to spend less water, serves for a long time and allows you to provide animals with clean water.

Whatever the drinker in rabbits, you need to remember that in addition to the convenience of water supply and other characteristics, it should always be clean. The drinker should be washed every day. Once every 10 days, it must be disinfected so that the rabbits do not get sick.

All about feeders

As well as drinking bowls, you can buy ready-made or make do-it-yourself feeders for rabbits.

The feeder that is most convenient for the owner and for the animals will allow you to save food and avoid its scattering in the cage.

The scheme of drinking bowls for rabbits.

Depending on the area of ​​the house, a food container can be made large. This will provide rabbits with food for several days.

Rabbits belong to rodents, so not every material is suitable for feeding troughs. The best material is metal. You can safely use thin tin, galvanized sheets. Short-lived and fragile will be wood, plastic. It should be noted that any vessels for food should not have sharp corners, protruding edges of wires and other dangerous elements. This will protect the rabbits from damage.

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There are three types of feeders for rabbits, which are installed in cages:

  • for root crops and other wet foods;
  • for dry feed;
  • for hay.

For wet foods, such as beet tops, carrots, young grass, root vegetables, you can use a heavy metal bowl or other container. Any rustle scares the crawl, and they begin to run around the cage. As a result, a lightweight container may be inverted. After the animals eat, they remove it from the cage and wash it thoroughly. This is done so that in the cell there are no pieces of food that can rot, contribute to the formation of mold.

Bunker feeders for rabbits are designed for dry food: feed; grain mixed with beans. From it, rabbits grow quickly and get many vitamins. As soon as everything is eaten, it is necessary to add food so that the animals are not hungry.

The hopper feeder can be equipped with a lid. She should cover the rest of the feed after the rabbits are full. This will help avoid the contact of infectious rodents, such as rats, with rabbit food. So no infection gets into the food, and the animals remain healthy.

Manufacturing technology

The layout of the nipples in the hose.

During the independent manufacture of any food containers, safety rules must be observed. Before making the original, prepare the drawings. They should be carefully studied and made a layout of paper. After that, you can get to work.

To make a bunker feeder with your own hands, you need a dry, clean metal can. The upper part of it must be cut off, having previously determined the height of the lower part into which the feed will be poured. Then you should get rid of sharp edges. At the bottom, you need to drill holes of such a diameter so that the feed does not get stuck in them. Screws are used to fix the container. It can be attached to the wall of the cage or to the door. In this design, feed or grain will spill out from a narrow part to a wide half of the can on its own as it is eaten.

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For hay rabbit breeders use a nursery. The hay box must be in each cage. Hay is an essential component in a balanced rabbit diet. It contributes to better absorption of other products and their rapid digestion. Hay comes out of the cage if it has a mesh floor, or mixes with manure.

Nurseries can be built into the cage, for this they need to be designed during its construction. But it’s very convenient to wash the nursery, which can be easily removed and then attached to the wall or door.

Hay bales are simply made of wire. Its walls are fastened with metal staples. A wide bracket fixed to the side or top of the manger will help attach them to the house. The size of such containers is selected depending on the volume of the entire cell.

Any rabbit feeder must comply with sanitary and technical standards. Rabbits are animals that easily catch any infection, so the food container should be easy to clean. Feeders and drinking bowls must be washed thoroughly every day. Periodically, you need to sprinkle them with boiling water in order to disinfect. Since the health and weight of rabbits depends on a complete and high-quality diet, the feeders should be constantly replenished with food so that animals do not remain hungry.