Drinking bowls for rabbits

In the cage, rabbits have one thing that must be present there. it’s a drinker. These designs can be different, the farmer needs to choose the best option for drinking. For example, constructions made of plastic will become a bad option, rabbits will quickly bite them and they will become unusable. You can make this irreplaceable thing with your own hands. Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits can be made of very good quality, if you take this matter wisely.

Drinking bowls for rabbits

Drinking bowls for rabbits

The need for the right drinker

Rabbits, like many other animals, need daily access to clean water. If in the summer they can get moisture from feeding, that is, from the juicy green grass from their feeder, then in the winter, when the animals feed mainly on hay, they just need access to a drinking bowl with clean water.

Now there are affordable schemes by which you can build a mini-farm. And, of course, it does not seem to be a difficult task to make drinkers or feeders for animals, even those who have never built anything in their life will cope with this task. This type of manufacture of products such as good feeders and drinking bowls will have to be mastered by those who are engaged in raising and raising rabbits seriously.

Types of drinking bowls for rabbits

If we are talking about drinkers that are on rabbit farms, then, as a rule, these are drinkers of the automatic type. A large stainless steel tank is used as them, water is supplied to this tank, from where it is supplied by a hose to the tank that distributes water, this tank has a float-operated flush system.

From this type of tank there is a water main, it can be made of brass or plastic. The other end of this pipe is threaded, and the nuts of the aluminum cups are attached to it. When there is very little water in the glasses and also not enough in the distributor tank, in this case a valve opens through which water is again supplied.

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If we are talking about a small farm, then they usually use nipple drinkers. Their convenience lies in the fact that they do not splash water, unlike bowls, animals do not turn them over, the water in them is not polluted. But the minus of such constructions is that in the winter period of time, the water in them can freeze. In addition, drinkers of this type do not have a very large volume. Even if there are only a few rabbits in the cage, water supplies will have to be replenished more often than once a week, you will have to bother with opening and closing the cells, the drinkers themselves. this is not very convenient. Another disadvantage of such structures is that they do not last too long, after some time the covers begin to leak. However, in order to make them you need to make efforts and have patience, in the first period you can do with simpler options. How to make a drinker for rabbits simpler and more complex type?

Bowl for rabbits

Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits are the first and simplest version of hand-made drinking bowls. these are cup-type drinkers. In order to make it you will need a tin can. Wash it thoroughly before making a structure out of it. Make sure that there are no sharp edges on such a jar that rabbits can cut into. Then this jar by means of wire or studs must be securely fixed in the cage. That’s all.

The advantages of this design are that it is quite easy to clean and easy to install. Rabbits can be quickly accustomed to this type of drinkers. Even from the photo you can understand that this design is very easy to use. The disadvantages are that water from a non-vacuum structure can splash, and the water all the time becomes dirty. But this option is very convenient to manufacture at first, until you get to the manufacture of more complex structures.

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Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle

Another simple option for home vacuum drinkers is the manufacture of drinkers from plastic bottles. Such a drinker for rabbits from a plastic bottle, to make this design from plastic bottles a lot of strength and skills will also not be needed. Such a product also has several advantages, namely:

  • Simple plastic bottle designs do not roll over.
  • A drinking bowl for a rabbit from a plastic bottle is minimally contaminated.

In order to make such a design of bottles you will need: a good plastic bottle with a lid, sheet metal and several screws.

First, we take a plastic cap from the bottle and make a hole in it, we put a bolt with an additional diameter, the size of which is 2 mm. Then, using a hole on the bolt, it is necessary to attach a valve made of rubber. In this case, it is necessary to observe that the size of the valve is smaller than the hole of the cap in size, it should be in the shape of a circle. After that, it is necessary to drill a valve directly in the central part so that a bolt can be screwed into it. It is necessary that the bolt fit well and tightly to the base of the product.

The final step in building this design for the rabbits will be the manufacture of its holder. To do this, you need stainless steel, but you can use some other materials. A simple product for a rabbit from a plastic bottle is also very good on the first couple, it is easy to make.

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Nipple drinkers for rabbits

Nipple drinking bowls for rabbits is a more complicated product, but actually making them at home is also possible. What will be needed to make a nipple drinker for rabbits? To do this, you will need nipples, a square type tube to water the rabbits with a nipple type, a device for catching drops, you will also need a microcup type drinker, plugs, an adapter, a hose for pipes, a water tank.

Choosing the length of the pipe, you need to focus on the size of the cages for rabbits. Water tanks and a hose will be needed if you plan to connect to a water supply system.

Wat will also need tools, namely:

  • Drill.
  • Drill.
  • Tap for canonical type threads.

It is necessary to make marks on the pipe from the nipple so that then holes can be drilled in these places. We use a tap to make a thread and screw nipples into it. Then you need to connect the hose to the pipe from the nipple and the tank, where there may be a leak, these places need to be protected with a teflon tape. We attach drop catchers to the drinkers to make them drip.

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The drinker can be very simple

These heated bowls for domestic rabbits will become, if you install them in the middle of the room, then even at low temperatures the water will not freeze. If this does not seem real, then you can use an aquarium heater for these purposes. It will need to be placed directly in the tank. So heating is carried out.

The disadvantage of this type of structures is that the water temperature in them depends on the external temperature and such a drinker will not be able to serve for a long time. Thus, you can also make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands.