Drinking bowls for domestic rabbits

Out of the bottle

If dirt has got into the rabbit’s water, he may lose his appetite, or pathogenic bacteria will get into the animal’s body, which can cause an infectious disease. Rabbits drink at least a liter of unpolluted water per day. Rodents are quite mobile, they are lightly loose containers quickly turned upside down, so you should take care of a reliable mount. The form of the drinker should be chosen correctly.

Tip: It is required to conduct regular inspection of drinking bowls, to check their filling. Bottle and vacuum systems must contain at least half a liter of water, as soon as the volume of liquid decreases, it is added.

The drinker may be plastic; containers are made from unnecessary bottles. The design should look like a nipple. It is often used for decorative rabbits. Such home-made drinkers are made easily and quickly. You can take a liter container. But if there are many rabbits and they are not small, it is better to use a five-liter eggplant.

Tip: The bottle is cut in half with a heated knife, a hole is made in the plastic bottle at the marked location, after which the knife easily slides in a circle.

The elementary capacity for water supply of the rabbit is fixed on the cage with the help of two pieces of wire, it should not be too rigid. The bottleneck is seized at one end, and the upper part is held with the help of the other. A simple design is applicable on small courtyards.

Automation is often used in large farms, where there are many rabbits. For the manufacture of a manual construction, a large tank is taken, the water from which is supplied by means of tubes in the tank, which are installed in advance in the cage. The fluid supply is regulated by a float valve, it must be lowered into the tank, in addition to the water level. Water supply with the help of automation will water a single dozen rabbits at one time. The only negative nuance lies in the painstakingness and possible high cost of materials when creating the system, because high-quality and durable is rarely cheap.

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Drinking bowls for domestic rabbits

An automatic drinker, made by hand, must meet all safety requirements. First of all, the container should be free from sharp corners and burrs, for this reason canned cans will not work. In order to prevent dust and debris from getting into the dishes, protection suitable for the construction is made. Best of all, if the volume of liquid in the drinker is about a liter, it is enough for a day.

The drinker should be convenient. Fill and wash the container should be without difficulty, it must be positioned so that it is easy to get it, opening the cage, or filling through the top. The drinking structure must be reliable and simple. It is important for the rabbit to understand how to use it, and not to bite.

From the cup

Cup systems for providing rabbits with water are simple and common among many rabbit breeders. A cup or a small bowl is a drinker convenient for rabbits. You can use a plate, clay pot, a bottle of plastic.

The main thing is that the container is fixed and does not turn over when a rabbit approaches it. You will need an artificial weighting compound. The drinking bowl is attached with a clamp or a load is suspended on it from the back. The disadvantage of using cups is the ease of getting rubbish and waste products from rabbits. The water in the cups changes often, while they are cleaned and washed.


The best system for supplying rabbits with drinking water, because the containers are difficult to clog, and the water is constantly replenished, rabbits will never be thirsty. The do-it-yourself design is a drinking tank at the bottom, fixed at a distance of 10 centimeters from the floor, and at the top above it is an attached bottle of liquid, so that the water from the bottle periodically fills the vessel below, as the lower container is empty, and a vacuum forms. The system is simple and has a minimum cost for its manufacture.

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Tip: The throat of the bottle of the vacuum drinking bowl is placed very close to the plate or other container from which the rabbits will drink, but they should not touch.


Installation is in demand, despite the small complexity of the design. The container with water is used closed, the water for rabbits in it will always be clean. A tube with a ball (nipple) at the end departs from a barrel or other capacity. When the rabbit wants to get drunk, he presses the tongue against the nipple and gains access to the fluid.

Drinking bowls for domestic rabbits

Tip: To prevent the nipple packaging from leaking, each joint must be coated with sealant, or rubber washers (gaskets) will be required.

The nipple design is practical for providing water to even large rabbits. Through such a system, you can not only give a rabbit a drink, but also give him vitamins or medicine dissolved in a container of water. The liquid from such a reservoir will not evaporate.

To make the cost of a nipple drinker cheaper, you can use simpler materials. For example, it is allowed to replace the ball nipple with a ballpoint pen (housing from it) and a bolt that will fit in size.

An easier to use rabbit will be a drip system. Taking a bottle of plastic, a hole is cut out of the lid from it in such a diameter that a rubber or transparent plastic tube approaches it. A nipple is attached to one of its edges, a cover is fitted to the other, and a drop catcher can be used. The bottle is attached to the cage by means of clamps. Height varies with the growth of rabbits.

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Winter drinkers

In order for rabbits to get drunk, they use different methods of installing special containers. Tanks for drinking are vacuum, nipple, automatic and cup. In winter, the liquid in the tanks often freezes, so any system is insulated. Take a warm cloth, wrap it with drinkers. To maintain a warm space around the tanks, you can use an aquarium thermostat. Also in the cold in rooms where rabbits are kept, it is advisable to install heating devices. If the cage is taken outside, instead of water, you can pour snow into the cups.

Drinking bowls for domestic rabbits

Tip: It should be noted that even in cold dishes for rabbits should be easy to wash, it is necessary that nothing freezes.

How to teach a rabbit to a drinker

It may take some time for the rabbits to adapt to the nipple drinker. So that rodents do not suffer from a lack of drinking, you can loosen the nipples for a while, so that the liquid drips from the hose, then a plate is installed from the bottom of the drinker. Or a small bottle teat is fitted to the hose.

In a cage with a complicated drinker, others should be removed. It is better to accustom a pet to a nipple from a young age. You need to show the drinker to a well-fed animal. Carefully thrusting his hand into the cage and taking it in his hands, they bring it to the container, press the ball so that the rabbit sees it, water will drip from it. A drop with great accuracy and tenderness is smeared on the nose of the animal, you can not scare him, otherwise all the work will be in vain.

Tip: Do not disturb for training rabbits sleeping and eating food.

Having returned the animal after training to the place, it takes time to observe whether it will approach the water. If not, repeat the procedure.