Drinking bowls and drinkers for rabbits – do it yourself

With the help of the article, learn how to quickly and efficiently make drinkers for rabbits with your own hands.

Drinking bowls and drinkers for rabbits - do it yourself

Drinking bowls for rabbits need to be chosen wisely. For example, plastic containers do not last long. rabbits quickly gnaw holes in them. Conventional tin cans, metal or ceramic bowls are also not the best option, because the water in such drinking bowls will get dirty quickly enough or restless animals will immediately turn the bowl over and sit for a long time without water.


Rabbits need clean water. In the summer they can get moisture from succulent green fodder, but they still can’t do without a drinker. If you made rabbitry yourself, then why not make DIY drinkers for rabbits? Moreover, there are many options for design of drinking bowls, and some women can easily cope.

Drinking bowls and drinkers for rabbits - do it yourself

If you are ready to frequently change the water in the bowl, you can make the tank more stable:

  • drive into the side wall of the cell two nails one above the other;
  • bend nails in the form of loops;
  • insert a long nail into the loops so that it rests on the upper loop with a hat, passes through the lower loop and rests its tip on the bottom of the drinker.

What are the car drinkers for rabbits

In rabbit farms, rather complicated designs of automatic rabbit drinkers are usually used. Water is poured into a large tank from a stainless steel, from there it passes through a hose to a distribution tank with a float flush system. From the distribution tank, a water main is made of brass or plastic tubes that fit each cell. Brass fittings are welded to the holes in the pipes of the line. At the other end of the pipe there is a thread to which the nuts of the aluminum cups are attached. It is from these glasses that rabbits drink. When the water level in the glasses decreases, respectively, the water level in the distribution tank also decreases. thanks to the float system, the valve opens and the water again enters the drinkers.

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In a private economy are more often applied nipple drinkers for rabbits. They are very convenient in that, unlike bowls, they do not spill, do not turn over, and the water in them remains clean. However, at a low temperature in winter, water in a nipple drinker quickly freezes. Yes, and the volume of such drinkers is small, for several rabbits it is necessary to add water more than once a day, and fiddling with opening and closing the lid of the nipple drinker is very tiring. Another disadvantage in the fragility. over time, the lid leaks.

Drinking bowls and drinkers for rabbits - do it yourself

Do-it-yourself drinker for rabbits

You have no idea how to make a drinker for rabbits, and where to get the right materials for it? For starters, try making a simple drinker from a 1.5 liter plastic bottle by cutting a hole the size of a rabbit’s head in the middle. Fix it with a wire horizontally on the cage so that it is convenient for the rabbits to reach the water.

The advantages of such a drinking bowl is that it can be made very quickly, and no additional costs will be required, but its service life greatly depends on the age and temperament of the rabbits. Young animals are able to gnaw a plastic bottle in a couple of weeks, while adult animals almost do not gnaw a bottle, so drinking bowls may well last for several months. A rabbit drinker from a plastic bottle is easy enough to wash, but if algae appears in it in the summer, it is better to make a new one.

Low effort manufacturing rabbit vacuum drinker. To do this, attach the plastic water bottle with the neck down to the cell wall using wire. Place a bowl under the bottle, from which the animals will drink, while the neck of the bottle should be located close to the bottom of the container, but not touch it. Carefully unscrew the cap on the bottle so that the water fills the drinker. As the water decreases in the bowl, fresh water will flow from the bottle.

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For several rabbits, you can build a larger drinking bowl: in a wide herring from under the herring, put two whetstones two-thirds the height of the can, sharply tilt the three-liter bottle with water and place it on the whetstones. Water will fill the drinker exactly two-thirds and, just as described above, will replenish the supply of fresh water in the bank as it is consumed by rabbits.

If you are used to tinkering things more seriously, it’s not difficult for you to make more advanced designs of drinking bowls for rabbits with your own hands. You can make a metal drinker from stainless steel or galvanized sheets by soldering the seams and processing sharp edges with a file. In a manufactured metal drinker, a large plastic container with water can be securely fixed. A self-made drinker for rabbits will save you money and will last a long time, daily providing animals with clean water.

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