Drinking bowl for rabbits

Drinking bowl for rabbits

How to make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands

Nowadays rabbits are kept not only on farms, but also in city apartments. And, if a decorative animal, which is provided with everything necessary, usually lives in a city house, then in rural conditions it is often required to make some equipment yourself. For example, a do-it-yourself drinker for rabbits or a feeder is made. However, the design of such devices is important. After all, it should be not only reliable, but also inexpensive.

What are drinking bowls?

The simplest version of such a drinking bowl is a tin can fixed on the bars of a cage. Of course, this option has too many obvious flaws, so it only works as a temporary one. Another way to make a drinker for rabbits with your own hands is to use a regular plastic bottle. It is located horizontally and a hole of such a size is made in its upper part that the rabbit’s head freely passes there. Then the drinker is fixed on the walls of the cage and filled with water. Disadvantage: in order to replenish water supplies, you need to be inside the cage. And to clean it will be quite difficult.

Often rabbit breeders build an aviary for rabbits with their own hands. Then you must immediately provide for the device there feeders and drinking bowls for rodents, so that they are comfortable. Just keep in mind that in metal drinkers in cold weather, water can freeze. They recommend even in such weather to give rabbits not water, but snow, which they eat with pleasure. And then the animals will be healthy and cheerful, which is what their owner needs.

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Drinking bowls for rabbits

A drinking bowl is an essential element of any rabbit cage. In addition, it should not just be, but should be filled with clean water. In the role of drinking bowls, rabbit breeders use the most diverse containers; these can be old pans and cans and small pots and even asbestos-cement pipes. Moreover, the main drawback of all of these and many other drinking bowls is their gradual pollution. And they are polluted by the remains of feed, urine, feces and many others. It is also worth mentioning that loose drinkers often tip over. All these problems push many rabbit breeders to improve their drinking bowls.

The main task is to make such a drinker that will be securely fixed and at the same time that it is removed from the fixation to clean it from pollution or to change the banal water. Such a drinker is quite easy to make from a metal can. For free fixation of this can, a large nail is used, which is poked with a blunt point down through two loops that can be made of two small nails by bending them. To collect all the structures, it is enough to put the tank in its place of attachment, and then pass the nail through the hinges and press the bottom of the can to them, so by the way you need to blunt its tip.

Very popular, you can even say fashionable recently, automatic rabbit watering systems. They are a kind of chain that provides rabbits with water without any human intervention. Although of course, except for the filling of the main tank. Such watering systems are a sign of the rule of large rabbit farms. Such a system consists of several elements: this is the main tank, which usually holds no less than a bucket of water, a distributor with a float system, naturally hoses that connect all the elements and, in fact, the drinkers themselves. The system is quite simple, it works on the principle of communicating vessels, so as soon as the rabbit begins to drink, all the water drunk is immediately replenished with water from the tank, which remains closed until the float drops, since it is on the same level as the water in the drinkers. This system is designed to provide a large number of drinkers.

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A simpler automatic drinker is made from an ordinary plastic bottle. Such a bottle is fixed on the cage body from its outer side, and it is attached downward with the neck. For its fastening, several metal rings are usually used, so it is easy to remove and install it back. The neck of this bottle is installed on the edge of the drinker, then the lid is carefully removed from it and the water remains in the same position. Subsequently, the water from the bottle gradually replenishes the drinking water of the drinker. This drinker is called vacuum.