Drinking bowl for rabbits types and manufacturing

Drinking bowl for rabbits types and manufacturing

Primary requirements

Each owner wants his pets to be healthy and feel good. Water rabbits in time with fresh water is a necessary component of success. Accordingly, you need to take care of the drinkers, which will not create problems during the application. Of course, you can use ordinary bowls, but this is not a good idea, because they will quickly become dirty, and often wash and change them, especially with a large population, is quite problematic.

Experts recommend a number of factors to take into account when selecting rabbit drinkers. Capacity should be primarily convenient for pets. In addition, it is necessary that the owner has free access to the structure, since water should be changed regularly, and the device itself should be washed as necessary.

Very well, if dirt does not get inside, this will help to avoid a variety of troubles.

Drinking bowl for rabbits types and manufacturing

You should take care of the capacity of the vessel. It must be remembered that an adult rabbit should drink about 1 liter of water per day, respectively, it should be provided with this norm. It is also very important to correctly fix the drinker, since the active animal may well accidentally turn it over or throw it off.

It is necessary to monitor the purity of the water in the tank. Some individuals can use their own drinkers as a toilet. This may also contribute to the fact that the dishes were initially not too clean. Naturally, the animals will no longer drink such water, so it must be replaced on time.

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The correct manufacture of the cup will help to avoid many problems and reduce the efforts of the owners to care for the eared.

Drinking bowl for rabbits types and manufacturing

Varieties of drinking bowls


It is the cup drinkers that are most in demand. They can be automatic and semi-automatic.

The first option is a variety of bowls and plates that are installed in a cage. In this case, the main condition is to fix the vessel correctly so that the rabbit cannot turn it over. It will be advisable to use weighting agents that are attached to the tank. The main disadvantage is the frequent pollution of the tank, since the water is in the open form, dirt and garbage easily get there. Therefore, you will need to wash the car drink as often as possible and change its contents.

Semi-automatic drinking bowls are distinguished by the fact that the water in them comes independently from a special tank. The cup is installed inside the cage, but is easily removed. For the access of water, the lower fastening of the reservoir with the liquid is responsible.