Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle instructions and manufacturing instructions

Experienced farmers and breeders know how important the right drinker is for rabbits. After all, these fluffy animals need constant (and convenient for them) access to drinking water. Today there are a huge number of different devices for drinking: cup, nipple, automatic or vacuum drinkers. The cheapest and most practical option is a drinker for rabbits from a plastic bottle, which is easy to make yourself.

Advantages of a plastic bottle drinker

Such a home-made drinker is perfect for both large farms and small rabbits. The main advantages of these drinkers are the availability of consumables, ease of use, ease of manufacture. Unlike ordinary cups and bowls, a device made of a plastic bottle cannot be knocked over or spilled; garbage and feces will hardly get into it. If damaged, the structure can be easily replaced with a new one.

Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle instructions and manufacturing instructions

Drinking bowls for rabbits from a bottle are simple to manufacture and convenient to use.

What should be the drinker

At home, you can make several types of plastic drinkers. It can be very simple, cup cups, vacuum or nipple designs. All of them are made from ordinary plastic bottles (volume from 1.5 to 2 liters).

The easiest way is the following. It is necessary to take a one and a half liter bottle, wash it thoroughly and cut a round hole exactly in the middle with a knife. Its diameter should be slightly larger than the size of the head of a rabbit.

The bottle is fixed to the cell wall in a horizontal position. Do this with two pieces of strong aluminum wire (neck and bottom). In this case, the hole for the head of the animal should be at a level of 40-50 degrees from the floor. It is advisable to choose a bottle of dark, brown color.

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Attention. In a transparent bottle, the liquid will “bloom” very quickly. It is advisable to slightly melt the edges of the slices with a lighter or match so that the rabbits do not get hurt. However, such a drinker requires constant top-up of water and is not very convenient in operation.

Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle instructions and manufacturing instructions

The simplest design is a horizontally fixed bottle with a hole in the middle.

How to make a drinker yourself

Another economical and uncomplicated option is a nipple drinker for rabbits. To make it with your own hands is even an absolutely inexperienced person. The advantages include the fact that the water in it always remains clean, and adding it, if necessary, is very simple. Disadvantages. the possibility of freezing water in the winter.

You can also try to make a nipple drinker from a regular plastic bottle.

The advantages of this design are:

  • regular presence of clean water in the cell;
  • economical consumption;
  • the convenience of adding the right drugs or vitamins to the drinker.

There is only one drawback: at low temperatures, the nipple freezes, and the rabbits remain without water. Such designs are very convenient and do not require any additional costs. All the necessary materials and tools are in every home.

Required materials and tools

First of all, you need a dark plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5 liters. To make a nipple drinker, you will have to stock up on additional capacity for water supply, as well as prepare a knife, screws, wire, wire cutters and a drill. Boards and a small piece of tin may also be needed.

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Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle instructions and manufacturing instructions

To make a nipple drinker, you need a bottle and a nipple.

Step-by-step instruction

How to make a nipple drinker? From a strong wire make a circle for fastening, which is put on the bottle.

A small hole is drilled in the neck of the bottle into which the finished nipple is screwed next. The bottle is turned upside down and attached to the cell wall with wire. The bottom can be carefully cut. you can pour drinking water from above.

Important. This drinker is very reliable and durable. The main thing is to wash and change the plastic bottle in time, when it begins to become covered with plaque.

When the work is finished, it is necessary to check whether water flows easily from the bottle when you press the nipple with your finger. So it will be convenient for rabbits to drink on their own, the water will always remain clean, and adding fresh water is very simple.

Drinking bowl for rabbits from a plastic bottle instructions and manufacturing instructions

It is easy to pour water into a nipple drinker made from a bottle.

Making a vacuum drinker from a bottle

How to make a vacuum drinking bowl? For this, a small wooden board is taken, on which the entire structure will be installed.

Separately, they take a small rectangular piece of plastic and make two holes in it, on the sides. Using a drill, any suitable water tank is attached to the plank. A rectangular piece of plastic is screwed on one side to the board at a distance of about 10 cm from this container, and the other side is pushed into a wire ring and fixed side by side.

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Water is poured into the bottle, turned over and placed with the neck inside the container from which the animals will drink.

Each breeder can choose a drinker at his discretion. All these products are easy to use, it is not difficult to make them, and they will serve for a long time.