Drinking bowl for rabbits – fresh water for the animal without any problems

It is known that it is easier for rabbits to tolerate a lack of food than a lack of water. An uninterrupted supply of fresh water is very important for normal development and growth, especially if animals feed on dry food, grain or granular mixed feed. So, an adult animal needs half a liter of water per day, and rabbits with cubs need up to two liters.

The design of the vacuum automatic drinker is simple. A bottle with a volume of up to one liter is installed above the cup capacity in a wire or other type of holder. The holder rings are fixed to the cell wall. The neck of the bottle is pushed into a smaller ring; the larger is designed to keep the bottle from tipping over.

As a cup device use canned oval cans with a depth of 10-20 mm. The drinker for rabbits works according to the following principle. A bottle filled with water and closed with a cork is installed in the holder. Then it is slightly lifted and the cork is removed, lowering the container back into the holder. The water level in the device reaches the edge of the neckline of the bottle and is kept constant as the rabbits use the liquid until the container is completely empty. The drinker is placed at a height of 5-7 cm in the cage, which contains females with deciduous rabbits and at a distance of 10 cm from the floor in the cages where adult animals or young animals are fed. When installing a device for drinking, it should be borne in mind that rabbits lacquer water. And so that the drinker is less contaminated with feed and excrement, it is necessary that its bowl sink into the cage no deeper than 2-3 cm. The liquid level should not fall more than one centimeter from the top edge. Also, with a small bowl size, less water evaporates from its surface.

Drinking bowl for rabbits - fresh water for the animal without any problems

In domestic farms, a rabbit drinker often works according to the principle of communicating vessels. In such cases, the cup devices on the same row or tier of cells are located at the same level and communicate with each other through hoses or tubes. Filling with water comes from the surge tank, thanks to which the same water level in the drinkers is installed and automatically maintained. As a tank with an equalization device, a float-operated drinker can be used. This allows you to provide at least 15 cups with water.

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A self-drinking bowl is made, like a rabbit feeder, with your own hands. This requires the presence of three plastic bottles, a tube from a dropper, wire and wooden bars. One bottle in which there will be water should be left intact. The second must be cut in half into two parts, of which the level and the holder will be made. Only the neck is required from the third bottle. this will be the drinker for rabbits themselves.

To make the holder, you need to make a hole in the bottom of the lower half of the second bottle. The size of the hole should be the same as that of the neck. The same part is cut on the sides for attachment devices for drinking bowls. The upper part will be used as a level. The holder is connected to the level so that the throat passes through the hole at the bottom of the bottle. Then a whole bottle with a lid is inserted into the level, in which a hole with a diameter of 10 mm is made. For the manufacture of the design of the drinking bowl, wooden blocks and a board are taken, which are connected by nails. Using a tube from a dropper, the level is communicated with the drinker. A holder and a roll of water are attached with a wire to a wooden base. The drinker for rabbits is ready.

Drinking bowl for rabbits - fresh water for the animal without any problems