Drinking bowl for a rabbit – water balance and choosing the best model

Novice rabbit breeders may mistakenly believe that water for these fluffy rodents should not be separately introduced into the diet. There is such a myth. it is not necessary to drink a rabbit if its food contains green mass or wet compound feeds. However, this approach reduces their life expectancy, reduces offspring and weight. Therefore, a drinker for a rabbit is a necessary element in the cage. To illustrate this, we provide information from professional breeders and veterinarians.

Rabbit drinker. a choice of a device that does not limit the need for water

What will happen if the animal is not satisfied with drinking or cut back on standards? In different periods, the consequences may be different, but always negative:

1. Blood pathology.

2. Decrease in appetite, resistance to infections.

3. Digestive upset.

4. Shortage of gain in live weight.

5. Deterioration of the quality of the fur.

6. Cannibalism (eating offspring).

8. Refusal to feed offspring.

9. Increased mortality.

In addition, increased feed consumption. What drinker should be in the cage depends on the age of the "guests" and their number. To do this, determine the norms of drinking:

  • sucral rabbit. up to 1 l / day;
  • lactating rabbit. 1.25 2.5 l / day (depending on the number and age of the cubs);
  • young growth (9 26 weeks). 1.7 2.4 l / kg of dry food or 0.1 l / kg of their weight.

Also take into account the temperature (summer / winter) and the types of feed (greens / dry / protein content).

Drinking bowl for a rabbit - water balance and choosing the best model

Automatic rabbit drinker. a good solution

Drinking bowl for a rabbit - water balance and choosing the best model

In all cases, it is necessary to fill in the storage tanks with the settled water. There you can add vitamins, medicines, silver ions (household ionizer), as well as salt and sugar (5g / 10l) to stimulate thirst. The drinker for the rabbit should be connected to the tank with a hose or pipe, and the water in it should be warm (30 35 ºС) in the winter and cool (18 20 ºС) in the heat. Giving snow to rodents means putting them at risk of colds and death.

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Automatic drinking bowls for rabbits include:

  • single nipples with individual capacity;
  • pipe system with nipple valves and a common tank;
  • cup with dispenser.

The former are convenient for a small number of livestock, the latter for a large number of cells, possibly several tiers, the third for keeping several animals, moreover, a person should monitor the cleanliness of the bowl and the absence of hair, droppings and food in it.

You can assemble the piping system yourself using pipes, hoses and various types of connections, adapters, plugs, filters, fittings and tanks, which are presented in our catalog.