Do-it-yourself winter drinking bowls for rabbits

Do-it-yourself winter drinking bowls for rabbits

Rabbits. this is one of the species of animals that lead a clean life and constantly need clean, drinking water. In order to provide them with an uninterrupted supply of drink, it is necessary to equip the cells with high-quality drinking bowls. We bring to your attention an article in which we will talk about the manufacture of devices for watering rabbits with their own hands. We will talk about the most famous varieties of drinking bowls, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options, put forward the basic requirements for the manufacture of vacuum, nipple and other devices for drinking fluffy animals.

Do-it-yourself drinker options for rabbits

Having highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages of each version of the drinkers with their own hands, we can conclude that the choice of a device for drinking rabbits depends on the personal preferences of the owner and on the number of animals that need to be served. As for the winter period, experienced breeders at this time use heated drinking devices, which can also be built at home.

The main requirements for the manufacture of do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits

Rabbits. these are animals that require special care, and access to clean drinking water in the right quantities is vital. Therefore, special attention is required to the device of drinking bowls and special requirements are put forward:

1. Since this species of animals leads an active way of life, devices for drinking in cages should be securely fixed. They are fixed in different ways: with screws, wire, glue, etc.

2. The design of the drinking bowl should be as safe as possible for rabbits: without sharp edges, not traumatic.

3. The reservoir for the liquid must be sufficiently spacious, its volume must ensure the access of water to animals for a long time.

4. The material chosen for making the drinker should not be too variegated and irritate the eyesight of animals, but at the same time it must be reliable so that rabbits cannot gnaw it.

5. A good design for water is easy to clean, it is convenient to fill in fresh water, the liquid in it remains uncontaminated for a sufficiently long period.

Inveterate rabbit breeders know that for such animals as long-eared rodents, and especially for nursing and waiting for offspring individuals, ordinary water trays are not suitable. Since an insufficient amount of liquid can cause stress in animals, and a contaminated, not fresh drink causes problems with the stomach and often leads to death. Therefore, it is so important to consider all of the above, the basic requirements for the manufacture of do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits.

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Features of a do-it-yourself drinker from a plastic bottle for rabbits

One of the simplest species, which is very simple to create with your own hands and at the same time water rabbits. This is a construction made of a plastic bottle. There are several options for designing these devices for drinking with your own hands, they are great for beginner rabbit breeders, however, they are characterized by a short service life, since long-eared rodents quickly damage plastic.

Do-it-yourself winter drinking bowls for rabbits

Consider in more detail the option number 1, the creation of which will take several minutes. For work, we need: a plastic bottle with a volume of 2 liters, as well as a knife and wire for fastening. A cutting object, in the middle of the plastic tank, needs to be made a circle, with a calculation of 2-3 cm more than the muzzle of animals. This design should be placed on the cage and fixed with a wire, at an angle, after which it can be filled with water.

As for another no less common option for making drinkers with your own hands from plastic bottles, it can be called more complicated. For the manufacture of the second type of drinkers we will need: a plastic bottle, a choke with a valve, a wall mount for a tank with liquid. Mounting on the wall is preferably done with a metal plate, so that the neck of the bottle is securely fixed. Instead of a cover, it is necessary to attach a stopper, which must be purchased in advance in the market. Filling the tank with water and turning it down with its neck, rabbits get the opportunity to drink liquid at no additional cost. Using household appliances made of plastic material, it is worthwhile to understand that they need to be changed once a month, since the water in them quickly blooms.

Features of a do-it-yourself vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits

A simple vacuum drinking bowl at home is a design in the form of a plastic bottle turned upside down to the bottom of the bowl, with which the neck practically does not come into contact. Due to the fact that the edge of the tank is in the water and there is a pressure difference, the liquid is poured into the bowl gradually. For fastening, the owners are recommended to prepare two clamps, they must be firmly attached to the cage. A bowl under water must be placed 10-12 centimeters above the bottom of the enclosure for animals so that they do not step there with their paws.

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As a reservoir for water, you can use metal devices, which are also quite possible to do with your own hands. To do this, it is better to use a stainless steel sheet. It is recommended to process its sharp edges with a file, and solder the seams with high quality. In comparison with plastic, this design will allow serving rabbits much longer and bring them regular fresh drink.

DIY nipple drinkers for rabbits

It is the nipple devices, which are also called semi-automated, that are very popular among rabbit breeders. For their construction at home, you should prepare such necessary tools for making drinkers with your own hands:

  • nipples
  • square tube;
  • drip catcher
  • stubs;
  • adapters for tubes;
  • drill;
  • water tank;
  • tapered thread tap;
  • hose;
  • drill with a diameter of 9 mm.

When choosing a square tube for nipple drinking, first of all, you should pay attention to the presence of internal grooves, which are strictly necessary for this device. The length of this material varies depending on the dimensions of the rabbit enclosures and taking into account the distance between the nipples, which is 30-40 cm.The presence of a container for water and a hose is implied only when the device is directly connected to the water supply system.

Work begins with a square nipple tube, on the inside of which, where the grooves are located, it is necessary to make marks on which holes should be made with a drill in the future. Holes are machined with a tap, a thread is cut, nipples are inserted into them. A plug is screwed into one of the hoses. A hole is made in the tank under the water into which the hose is inserted, it is connected to the tube and tank, and all the butt joints are fixed with Teflon tape. The last are the drinkers on the drop catchers.

Experts recommend installing a tank of liquid on the inside of the cell, especially in winter, so the likelihood of freezing is reduced. The advantage of such devices is that the water in them is in constant motion, due to which it does not stagnate and does not bloom.

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Features of winter DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Rabbit breeders know that high-quality watering of animals creates problems in the winter, when in all drinking bowls, in severe frosts, the liquid freezes. In such cases, experts recommend the construction of devices with heating. What are the secrets of this process and how to make a proper drawing of a drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands? This will be discussed later.

As practice shows, it is possible to make an insulated device for drinking animals from any of the above-described varieties of drinking bowls: vacuum, nipple, etc. To do this, at the initial stage, it is best to make a drawing, which will indicate the installation location of heaters and heat regulators. The project of the future design will allow to calculate the consumption of all necessary materials, taking into account the number of animals, cell sizes, etc. Consider the option of manufacturing a winter nipple drinker, for which you will need:

  • metal tank;
  • a nipple, preferably metal, rather than plastic, since the first is not so influenced by low temperatures;
  • a tube;
  • coupling for connection;
  • lock-nut;
  • gasket for coupling the coupling and the reservoir with the fluid;
  • temperature regulator;
  • water heater;
  • heating cable, which is equipped with a self-regulation system.

In the metal tank, it is necessary to make a hole into which the tube for supplying fluid will be inserted; it must coincide in diameter with the coupling. The rubber gasket is put on the coupling and attached to the cut hole with a lock nut. A nipple is attached to the hose, measured according to the requirements of the project, and connected to the sleeve on the other. Attach the heating cable with tape to the hose and the drinking tank. After that, you can draw water into the tank, lower the heating element with thermostat into it.

Thus, the heated drinking bowl is ready. This device can be developed at home for a large number of cells and even make it more automated. For this purpose, they use a variety of lamps, organize warm floors in cells, etc.