Do-it-yourself vacuum drinker for rabbits

Drinking bowls for rabbits: requirements and characteristics

Do-it-yourself vacuum drinker for rabbits

Drinking bowl for rabbits

In order for the animals to feel good every day, they need access to water regularly. Therefore, each cage must be equipped with a good drinker. Inexperienced rabbit farmers try to adapt improvised means for these purposes, for example, canned cans. In fact, drinking bowls for rabbits should have their own working mechanism. These devices have a lot of requirements. Drinking bowls for rabbits should be:

  • convenient when filling with water,
  • capacious (the daily norm of water for rabbits should be placed in them. about a liter),
  • protected from debris, dust and other contaminants,
  • equipped with reliable mounts so that animals can not turn them over,
  • convenient for rabbits.

The requirements for drinking bowls for rabbits are quite high also because these animals are extremely mobile. Even in a spacious enclosure, they can simply turn over a drinking bowl with water. Therefore, bowls and other water containers are not suitable for these purposes. Many rabbit breeders wonder about the acquisition or construction of a drinking bowl with their own hands after they use all the tools at hand. The drinker should be massive and carefully fixed.

Another problem is that rabbits can often use a drinking bowl as a toilet. For some reason, it is containers with water that attract rabbits from this point of view. Contaminated water can be very dangerous for rabbits. And they themselves are unlikely to drink such water. If the drinker is not selected correctly, you will have to clean it regularly and fill it with water. If you yourself made cages for rabbits, then it will not be difficult for you to build the right drinking bowl for your pets.

Types of drinking bowls and drinkers for rabbits

Car drinker for rabbits

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In total there are several dozen drinkers for rabbits. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are very convenient to use, others are good in terms of hygiene. There are drinking bowls that practically do not require material costs, which is important for those who are just starting to engage in rabbit breeding. Below are the most popular types of drinking bowls for rabbits.

  1. Cup drinkers are very common. As such drinking bowls, various plates, clay pots, canned cans, and plastic bottles are used. The main requirement for such drinkers is protection against overturning. To do this, the device is artificially weighted. You can suspend the load from the back of the drinker or attach it with a clamp. The main disadvantage of such drinking bowls is that animal excrement can very easily get there. Then you will have to change the water in the drinker several times a day. At the same time, the drinker will also need to be washed several times. This is a big inconvenience.
  2. Semi-automatic drinking bowls are another way of providing animals with water. These drinkers have the function of automatically filling the drinker with water from an additional tank. Conventional plastic bottles can serve as such an additional storage capacity. A cup of such a drinking bowl is fixed in a removable way in a cage. Mounting clamps are made according to the size of the bottles used. By means of the lower collar the water level in the drinking bowl will be regulated. The height at which you need to attach the lower clamp depends on the volume of the bottles. It needs to be fixed at a height of 3 cm from the floor, the protrusion in the cage should also be 3 cm, then animal feces will not enter the drinker.
  3. Automatic nipple drinkers are by far the most sought after. They are most often used on large farms. In the tank made of stainless steel, water is collected entering the distribution tank, whose operation is based on the distribution system of flushing. From such a tank departs the highway from the tubes that fall into any cell. Such drinkers are equipped with a special ball. a nipple. When the rabbit begins to beat the tongue on the nipple, water is released.
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The choice of the best drinker option depends on the conditions of the rabbits and their number.

Do-it-yourself vacuum drinker for rabbits

Drinking Supplies

Do-it-yourself drinkers

DIY drinking bowl

The following are the simplest methods for making solid drinkers for rabbits.

For the first time, you can try to make a drinker from a regular plastic bottle up to one and a half liters. For these purposes, a hole is specially cut out in the bottle, which in size corresponds to the volume of the head of the rabbit. The bottle is fixed with wire. The most important thing is the free access of animals to water. To make such a drinker is very simple, no extra costs from you, at the same time, you will not need it. But it can be very short-lived. Young rabbits can nibble it in a couple of weeks. But it is very easy to wash. When algae appears in hot weather in such a drinker, it must be replaced immediately.

Even asbestos-cement pipes can be used for the manufacture of drinking bowls for rabbits. From the ends they need to be covered with cans, and then glued with super glue. For the convenience of animals, on the one hand you should do one small notch. You can fix the drinker on the wall of the cage or its door.

A drinker in the form of a metal bottle can be made of stainless steel sheets. The sharp edges of the sheets need to be filed and the seams soldered. In the resulting bowl you need to fix a bottle of water. If you try, then such a drinker will last more than one year. Instead of stainless steel, galvanized sheets can be used, which is also an economical option.

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To supply several rabbits with water at the same time, a slightly larger drinker should be made. In a large jar of herring, you need to put a couple of bars, which reach a height of two-thirds of this jar. A three-liter bottle of water should be knocked over and fastened to these bars. So, water will fill two-thirds of the banks. Fill the drinker with water as needed.

DIY vacuum rabbit drinker for do-it-yourselfers

It’s easy to build a vacuum drinking bowl with your own hands. In an ordinary plastic bottle, pour water and attach it upside down in the cell wall using a wire. A bowl is set under it, which will also be useful to fix. From this bowl and animals will drink. The throat of the lid should be placed close to the bottom of the bowl, but not blocked by the bottom. The lid can be gently opened to fill the bowl with water. As in the previous method, such a drinking bowl will always be supplied with clean water. It is possible to build such a drinking bowl without any extra costs.