Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

Having enough clean and fresh water is a prerequisite for breeding rabbits. Therefore, a drinking bowl or other container must be in each cell. In this article, we will talk about how to make do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits. And also what is their advantage over other species.

The benefits of nipple drinkers

Before proceeding to the description of the functional features of the nipple drinker for rabbits, we will consider various options for feeding water to animals. Most often, rabbit breeders use the following types for their pets:

The vacuum drinking bowl is very easy to manufacture; to make it, you only need a bottle and a tank from which rabbits will drink water (cup, bowl). The bottle is set upside down, as the rabbits use the water, the bowl is filled under vacuum.

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

Since everything is known by comparison, we will tell you what the advantage of the nipple method of water supply to animals over others is. Firstly, if we consider the previous option, then the water that is in the bowl may become clogged, as animals can throw garbage into it. And this often leads to various gastric diseases. The nipple drinker does not have this drawback, because the water is in a closed tank, and it is fed to the animals through a special tube, which is made of stainless steel. such hygiene helps to prevent many different diseases. It is impossible to spill liquid from a nipple drinker, and water consumption is reduced to a minimum. Secondly, bunnies are very fond of nibbling and they can damage a cup or bowl. With this type of design, this is not possible.

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Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

This type of drinking system can be made different in volume of fluid, given the number of animals and their needs. Another advantage is the ease of supplementation of various vitamins and medicines for rabbits. It does not take up much space, and the vessel can be installed outside the cage and the animals can only hold the hose with “nipples”, which leaves more space for the eared.

How to do

Making nipple drinkers for rabbits with your own hands is quite simple. The principle of operation of the nipple drinker is that when you click on the ball that is in the tube, liquid enters. The water tank can be of any nature: either it is a simple plastic bottle, or a container, which is mounted on the wall in the barn, and the water comes for rabbits from hoses coming from the container.

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

The main element of this device is a nipple, which can be purchased or made independently. Its prices are quite low, and the purchase of this part will not be too costly. To make it yourself, you will need two stainless steel tubes (one of them is long, the other is short and slightly narrower than the main one), a valve.

There are several ways to make a nipple drinker for rabbits, or rather, build a container for it, because the drinking system remains unchanged. For the first, an ordinary plastic bottle with a minimum volume of 0.5 l is used (the volume may be larger, it depends on your needs). You also need a rubber hose and a nipple nipple. A hole is made in the cap for the hose (must not leak). To prevent leaks, it is recommended to use a sealant or rubber gasket.

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Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

Then the watering system is inserted into the hose and brought into the cage. Accordingly, the mounting height of the bottle must be greater than the length of the hose so that water can flow out. The nipple can also be inserted directly into the bottle cap. You can fix the container with water with the help of holders (clamps), and if the bottle is small, it is attached with a wire to the cell gratings.

If you have a lot of animals and you do not want to constantly fill the tank, then you can install a canister from which one or several tubes will emanate from the principle described above. They will supply water for animals. A bucket can also be a container. it is easier to add water and wash into it, but it is more difficult to embed tubes. The container must be installed at such a height that fluid under pressure can enter the tubes. The advantage of the container is also the possibility of heating it in the winter, when water freezes due to low temperatures. There are also various models of heated hoses. But the acquisition of such a hose is quite a costly affair, and it is justified only in a large farm.

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits

Nipple drinkers for rabbits is one of the most convenient options that will facilitate your work in caring for eared pets. Details for this option of water supply are in any household, and you do not have to spend additional funds on them. To build such a device is not difficult and does not take much time, making it yourself, you will save money. They are very easy to make, they are able to provide a large number of animals with water, and you can not worry that the eared overturns the container or the liquid in it becomes clogged. After all, constant access to clean water is the key to animal health.

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“DIY nipple drinkers for rabbits”

The video shows how to make a drinker for a rabbit from nipples and a plastic bottle.