Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits, what is it and how to use it

Ensuring the supply and placement of liquid with drink is one of the urgent issues of inexperienced rabbit breeders.

Liquid is a constant and indispensable vital component of nutrition, which cannot be dispensed with.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure its constant presence in the rabbit cage.

A prerequisite is the presence of drinking water, since stagnant and moldy liquid can lead to illness and even death.

Description of nipple drinkers

It should be borne in mind that an adult consumes more than a liter during the day, the feeding female is able to drink up to three liters, in this regard, the supply of liquid is a particularly urgent issue in maintaining the lives of pets.

On any cell area, the presence of a container supplying fresh drinking water is certainly ensured.

A nipple drinker for rabbits is a liquid delivery means, which is a reservoir with a nipple, that is, a ball for blocking, which moves away at pressure and the contents enter the mouth. Often, such a device is called a nipple device, since a rabbit puts pressure on the ball with his tongue or lips, pushes it away and drinks water from the container.

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits, what is it and how to use it

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and benefits of this device are an absolute multitude in comparison with other watering designs.

  • the principle of convenience directly for the rabbit breeder itself, it is enough to fill the tank with liquid, and the beast is provided with moisture for a long time
  • the water in the tank always remains clean, as pets cannot climb inside with their paws in any way, and there is also no possibility of getting food and wool leftover
  • economical water consumption, since it does not have the ability to pour out or evaporate, so it lasts for a long time. this option is very beneficial for drinking on large farms
  • pretty primitive at work
  • the drinker has a simple structure and work technology, which allows you to build it yourself with little effort and a minimum of materials
  • it is easy to add vitamins or medicines to the drinker, as a result of which there is no need to force the animal to use them
  • the flooring in the cell always remains dry, which guarantees the absence of bacteria and infections
  • a minus is the high cost of such a design, but if desired, it can be built by your own efforts
  • reliable fasteners are required, otherwise the container will tip over or fall out of the cage all the time, leading the animals to dehydration
  • additional complication of the design will create an obstacle to the supply of water, as a result of which it will come much slower into the drinker itself
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Practical recommendations

The use of nipple drinkers has certain features, namely:

  • upon the onset of the first cold weather it is necessary to wrap the container with a warm cloth
  • do not pour water to the very edges of the container, as it expands during freezing and can lead to rupture, injuring the rabbit
  • the volume of the container for an adult is more than five hundred milliliters. since a lack of water leads to a loss in weight volume and even death, it is better to take a container with a margin

Do it yourself

The process of designing devices for rabbit watering is constantly being improved, which leads to the search for more and more convenient options.

Technological features

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits are created quite easily.

The main technological nuance and principle of operation of such a design is the presence of a ball in the tube.

Under pressure, its location changes and fluid flows into the hose.

For the manufacture of the nipple we get:

  • two stainless steel hoses, one should be thinner and shorter
  • valve
  • an extension cord that provides a suitable installation of the nipple in the tube itself and in the tank

Types of drinkers

Watering systems for rabbits can have several options:

  • Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits from a pen and a self-tapping screw are created elementarily. You need to take a bottle with a shutter. Drill a small hole in the bolt, put a rubber gasket on top, and then insert a screw.
  • The nipple drinker from the container is characterized by budget and practicality. To create, you need: a nipple (plastic, steel), a container (bottle), an elastic band, a wire, an office knife. After selecting the nipple, a bottle is selected with an appropriate diameter suitable for it. A mash of rubber is inserted into the container and a hole for the nipple is cut into it. In the presence of cracks or cavities, we seal them, otherwise water will leak. Be sure to ensure that the sealant does not get inside and into the water, which can lead to poisoning of the animal. The container is fixed on the outside, the nipple is placed in the cage so that the rabbit can reach it.
  • The nipple multi-drinker allows you to create a drinking system designed for several or more cells and individuals. According to the above technology, it is possible to organize the main water supply to several cells. To do this, you need: a hose (made of plastic or rubber), nipples of the required volume and size, a container for liquid. Creation technology: the container is installed near the cells at a higher level, a hole is made in the hose. Then the hose is fixed on the rods.
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In order to fix the drinker, the following elements are necessary: ​​nipple drinker, pipe, liquid catcher, coupling for connection, bracket, plug.

After acquiring all the elements you need to: make a hole in the pipe in which to fix the nipple, a drop catcher is attached over the nipple, combine the obtained workpiece with the pipe with a sleeve.

In conclusion, the workpiece is connected to a tank with a liquid, on the way to which it is desirable to install an adjustment valve that allows you to adjust the pressure or create an overlap.

Do-it-yourself nipple drinkers for rabbits with drawings allow you to create fairly advanced designs.


It is easy to teach pets to use a nipple drinker, just tap it a few times, a drop will appear, bring it to your nose, and repeat several times.