Do-it-yourself homemade drinker for rabbits

Do-it-yourself homemade drinker for rabbits

We make nipple drinkers for home eared

Features of nipple drinkers

Perhaps the most affordable and cheapest option for choosing a drinker for rabbits will be ordinary plastic or iron containers. But besides cheapness, this type has no other advantages. The water in them is constantly polluted, animals climb into containers with paws, get dirty and spill liquid throughout the cage. The best option would be to choose an automatic drinker. The most popular among rabbit farmers and ordinary breeders are precisely nipple designs.

Do-it-yourself homemade drinker for rabbits

Nipple drinkers for rabbits, as the name implies, have a basic mechanism. nipple. This is a kind of small plug with a built-in ball, which, when pressed, rises and water is supplied. Often this design is also referred to as the nipple, as the animal presses the ball with his tongue or lips.

It is important to note that eared pets consume a lot of water. So, for example, one adult per day will require at least one liter of fluid. A nursing rabbit and that 2-3 liters. So a convenient and practical drinking bowl is a godsend for every owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of plus nipple drinkers for rabbits. Firstly, it is always convenient for the breeder himself. he poured water into the tank and forgot about the need to drink animals. Secondly, the water always remains clean. In addition, it is also important that the liquid flow is minimal, since it does not evaporate anywhere and does not spill. This is especially beneficial on large livestock farms.

As for the minuses, we can only name a sufficient high cost of such a device. But here you can beat the situation a bit, if, for example, do-it-yourself nipple drinker for rabbits. How? Everything is very simple, it is enough to have a convenient tank and a suitable nipple.

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How to make it yourself?

Before you start making a car drinker for rabbits with your own hands, you need to accurately determine its volume. That is, how many animals and how much water is needed per day. As a rule, about three nipples count on 20 goals. But if all your animals live in separate cages, then, of course, each pet needs its own individual drinker. Consider two options for homemade designs.

Plastic bottle drinker

Since this option is very simple and affordable for DIY manufacture, we will need very few materials. This design is suitable for one or a pair of animals.