Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

Drinking bowls for rabbits

What can you make rabbit drinkers

The variety of species and options for making a drinker for rabbits with your own hands, there are dozens of species, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, different improvised tools and materials can be used for each.

  1. A cup drinking bowl for rabbits can also serve as a feeder; these are the simplest to manufacture, affordable and primitive home-made drinking bowls for rabbits. To make such a drinker, plates and bowls, plastic bottles and cans are most often used. Among the main requirements is the prevention of overturning, therefore, an important factor is the method of attaching the device to the cage. Sometimes a homemade cup drinking bowl for rabbits requires weighting, so that its animals do not turn it over. This design is made heavier by hanging the load from the outside or fastening it using a screw (it is better to suspend it more reliably).
  2. Semi-automatic devices are automatically replenished with water from a tank designed for this purpose, which can be used as a tank or a plastic bottle. The cup for such a semiautomatic device is mounted using a removable method, and the water level is regulated by means of the bottom bracket. Usually, such a semi-automatic vacuum drinking bowl is mounted at a distance of 3 cm from the floor and 3 cm from the cage wall, which provides the greatest protection against the ingress of debris and excrement of eared pets.
  3. The automatic nipple drinker for rabbits has found its consumer today and is the most demanded. Previously, a do-it-yourself car drinker for rabbits was found only on large farms. But gradually they began to apply on private farms. The design of the nipple drinker for rabbits consists of a water-accumulating distribution tank, from which the tubes extend towards the cages. These designs are equipped with a special nipple in the form of a ball (cover), when pressed, water begins to flow.
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With apartment maintenance, when one decorative rabbit lives, the most convenient option will be a purchased car drinker. And with industrial content, you can make drinkers for rabbits with your own hands.

Homemade water supply devices for rabbits are not afraid of damage, in which case it is much easier to fix them than purchased equipment. A vacuum drinking bowl is more reliable, and it will be no harder to make it than an automatic one.

The choice of material for structures

In the manufacture and fastening of mechanical and automatic do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits, various materials and devices are required:

  • most often, home designers use wire as fasteners for cup devices;
  • galvanized iron sheets are often used as a material in self-construction;
  • often, auxiliary walls require wood: planks, wooden blocks, PVC or plywood.

In the independent manufacture of drinking bowls for rabbits, all improvised means that can be used are often used, starting with plastic sewer pipes, plastic bottles and cans from under water and drinks, ending with ceramic mugs in cup designs for drinking animals.

As a tool in the manufacture of drinkers for rabbits with their own hands, you will need to prepare pliers, scissors for cutting metal, a drill for drilling holes. If the plans for a vacuum drinking bowl will need the same materials, plus a special cover.

Technology for manufacturing simple drinkers

Depending on the complexity of the chosen design, manufacturing techniques may differ in their actions. So the equipment from pipes for large farms will require a significant investment of time and materials.

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The simplest plastic devices

You can make simple designs with your own hands from an ordinary plastic bottle, taking a capacity of up to 1.5 liters. A hole is made in it, the size of which is the width of a pet’s head. The bottle is attached to the cage using wire. Their advantages are simplicity and minimal costs, ease of care. Among the shortcomings is the fragility, as adult individuals bite such products without much difficulty.

Pipe Devices

Making this type of drinker for rabbits with your own hands is easy. It is necessary to take an asbestos-cement pipe, which from the ends is blocked by cans from under canned food, they will serve as a lid. The principle is like a plastic bottle with a hole.

Metal devices

In the process of making a rabbit drinker yourself, you will need stainless steel. The sharp edges of the metal sheet are smoothed with a file, the seams are soldered. In the resulting metal structure, a container of water is fixed. The most economical option will be the use of galvanized sheets.