Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

1. Nipple

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

DIY making nipple drinkers for rabbits is not at all difficult. To do this, you need to take nipples, a square tube for nipple drinking, a drop catcher or a microcup drinking bowl, plugs and an adapter for tubes, a hose, water containers.
The square tube for nipple drinking should have internal grooves. The length of the tube must be chosen relative to the size of the cell and taking into account the distance between the nipples, which is at least 30-35 cm.
A hose and water tanks will be needed if the option of connecting to a water supply system is being considered.

To make DIY drinkers for rabbits, you will also need tools:

  • drill;
  • drill (d = 9mm);
  • tapered thread tap.

On the side with the internal grooves of the nipple tube we make marks and drill holes for these purposes. In these holes with a tap we make a thread where we screw the nipples. We put a stub on one of the composite ends. We take a plastic tank or any other suitable container and make a hole with a thread in it, insert a hose there. We connect the hose to the nipple tube and the tank while wrapping the place of the alleged leakage with Teflon tape. We attach drinkers to drop catchers or nipples.

It is better to install the tank indoors, so that at low temperature conditions the water does not freeze, if this is not possible, use a heater for the aquarium, which must be placed directly in the tank.
These drinkers for rabbits are good because they do not stagnate water, because they are constantly in motion. But, significant disadvantages of this design are exposure to low temperatures, that is, freezing of water, a small volume of water tank, rapid wear of this design. A nipple drinker in a short period of time becomes unusable, begins to leak.

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2. Do-it-yourself drinking bowl for rabbits from a bottle

Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits under the bottle have a simple design with many advantages. Among them are:
– the drinker does not turn over;
– water in the tank is not subject to pollution.
To build this drinker you need to take a plastic bottle with a lid, sheet metal and screws. Make a hole in the plastic bottle cap, place a bolt with a 2 mm gap there and screw the rubber valve through the hole through the bolt. The diameter of the valve should be less than the diameter of the cap and have a round shape. Then drill a hole, strictly in the center of the valve, with the expectation that a bolt could be screwed into it, which should fit snugly against the main product.
The final step in the manufacture of a drinker for a bottle will be the design of its holder. Here you can use stainless steel sheet or any other materials.

3. Do-it-yourself cup drinking bowls for rabbits.

The simplest products of this type. It is only necessary to take a can from under canned food, having previously washed thoroughly or a stainless steel container and securely fixed it inside the cage.
Do-it-yourself cup drinking bowls for rabbits do not require any efforts for their manufacture, but despite this they have many advantages. Rabbits very quickly get used to such a simple drinker, these devices are easy to wash and their installation does not require material costs.
The disadvantage of cup drinking bowls is its instability and constant water pollution.

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Drinking bowl designs for rabbits quite simple and do not require special investments, so they can easily be done using improvised tools on their own.