Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

Types of drinking bowls for rabbits

There are three main types of drinking bowls for rabbits:

– drinkers for a bottle

Nipple drinkers for rabbits are usually bought, but you can also make them yourself. They are made in the same way as nipple drinkers for chickens.

We will talk in more detail about how to make the other two options.

Cup drinkers for rabbits

This is the fastest and easiest way to organize a drink for animals. For this, it is only necessary to fix a special cup for water in the cage. Such a cup can be purchased or made by yourself. If you decide to make such a drinker yourself, ordinary tin cans (such as canned ones) or ceramic bowls are best.

This type of drinkers is popular because they are convenient for the owner. But cup drinkers have not only positive, but also negative sides.

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

The benefits of cup drinkers

Cup drinkers have several advantages: rabbits quickly adapt to this type of drinkers, they are convenient to use, because animals have free access to water. It is also worth noting that cup drinkers do not require any assembly and adjustment; these drinkers are easy to wash and disinfect. An important role is played by the fact that they do not require almost any investment.

Disadvantages of Cup Drinkers

This type of drinkers is bad in that the water in them is often polluted, and this can harm animals. It is also worth noting that rabbits often flip cup drinkers and water spills onto the bottom of the cage.

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Drinking bowls for rabbits under a bottle

Drinking bowls of this kind have many advantages: they have a simple design, the drinker protects against overturning, and there is also a very small probability of contamination, since the cup is small in size.

Let’s look at how to make a drinker for rabbits at home. For this we need: sheet metal, a plastic bottle with a lid, screws.

First, make a round hole in the lid. This is done so that the screw passes with a small gap. a reserve of 2-4 mm. After that, we screw the rubber valve onto the bolt through the hole. The valve is best done round with a diameter much smaller than the diameter of the cap. Then, in the center of the valve, drill a hole of such a diameter so that a bolt can be tightly screwed into it.

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

The drinker is almost ready. It remains only to make a holder for it. For these purposes, you can use tin or similar material.

In that we learned how to create drinkers for rabbits with their own hands from improvised means.

Nipple drinkers for rabbits

To date, nipple drinkers for rabbits are the most practical and modern. Such drinkers are good in that the water does not spill in them, always remains clean. The liquid pours only when the rabbit presses the ball. Their plus is that they do not roll over and the water does not spill.

Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

However, rabbit nipple drinkers have a number of disadvantages. The main one is that the water in the drinkers freezes at low temperatures. It is also worth noting that the drinker has a small volume, the drinker fills up for a long time, and the lids begin to leak when they wear out.

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But these troubles can be fought. In order for the nipple drinkers for rabbits to not freeze, they should be wrapped with a thick layer of fabric, and the filling of the drinker should be no more than two-thirds.

Insofar as nipple drinkers for rabbits made of stainless steel, they are safe for animals. Considering that drinking bowls are produced in different countries, they will also have different qualities.

When buying drinking bowls for rabbits, be aware that they may have defects, so be careful. And better read how to make a drinker for rabbits, and, if possible, do it yourself. In any case, rabbits in any case should have constant access to water. this is necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach of rabbits and the removal of toxins. Rabbits need water in both winter and summer.

By the way, with your own hands you can make not only drinkers, but also feeders for rabbits. How? A separate article on our site is devoted to this topic.

Tatyana Kuzmenko, member of the editorial board of the correspondent of the online publication "AtmAgro. Agro-Industrial Herald"

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