Do-it-yourself automatic drinker for rabbits

Do-it-yourself automatic drinking bowl for rabbits, we offer one of the solution options.

What are the advantages of this design:
automatic water supply, as it is spent
transparent back allows you to monitor the operation of the system
insignificant human participation in this process

Do-it-yourself automatic drinker for rabbits

And what does it consist of:
transparent back wall (Plexiglas GOST 17622-72)
plastic five liter bottle

We will make its parts from plywood and wooden slats, a list of which we bring to your attention:
1. Side walls of the housing
2. Rail mounting
3. Front wall
4. Stand for a plastic bottle
5. The bottom of the drinking bowl

To protect the corner surfaces of the structure from the teeth of rabbits, we protect them with a metal corner measuring 10x10x10.8 (mm), which is made of galvanized iron.

Weld from stainless steel sheet GOST 5582-75 with a thickness of two millimeters. On the inside of the cage, the edges of the bathtub are bent to protect their pets during watering. If between the side walls of the body, the bath will be easy to move, you need to fix it, in any way convenient for you.

1. Work surface
2. Locking bar

1. Ribs
2. Plexiglas GOST 17622-72

With all the details, we proceed to the assembly of an automatic drinking bowl for rabbits with our own hands.
This is how it will look:

If we want to bring the watering technology to a full machine, if there is a water supply network, you can use the following scheme

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1. Water pipe inlet
2. The float mechanism assembly with a crane
3. Expansion tank
4. Plastic pipe or hose
5. Distribution line
6. Plastic bottle
7. Drain plug

The only drawback is that it is necessary to place plastic bottles and an expansion tank on the same level.

We proceed to the next section.

To replenish the offspring, we need a mother liquor for rabbits, see below for a detailed description of the design.