DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

In order for the rabbits to grow, gain weight, it is necessary to monitor their nutrition, the use of the required amount of water. Naturally, you can purchase ready-made drinking bowls, animal feeders. But you can make drinkers for rabbits with your own hands, which, if properly manufactured, will be no worse than purchased ones.

Making a nipple drinker for rabbits

Given the fact that nipple drinkers are in great demand today, this model can be made at home. Its advantages are that rabbits receive the necessary amount of water, which does not spill onto the floor. This device is also convenient if it is necessary to solder rabbits with vitamins and medicines.

In order to make a nipple design for water, you must take care of the presence of the following materials:

  • Nipples.
  • Square pipe.
  • Drip catcher.
  • Stubs.
  • Adapter for tubes.
  • Hose.
  • Capacity provided for water.

Having prepared the material, you must have at hand a tool with which the work will go quickly, and during it there will be no hitch. In the arsenal there must be a drill, a drill, the diameter of which is 9 millimeters, a tap for carving a conical shape.

The initial stage of making a drinker is that on a nipple tube having internal grooves, marks are applied that indicate the places in which you want to make holes with a drill. After that, we make holes in the marked places and create a thread with a tap. This is necessary in order to screw and lock the nipples. The free end of the tube will need to be closed with a plug.

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After the completed manipulations, work begins with a water tank, which can be taken as a small tank. In the prepared container, it is necessary to make a hole of the appropriate size, in which it is prudent to make a thread and thread the hose. Further work lies in the fact that such elements of a home-made design, such as a hose, a nipple tube and a water tank, are connected. In order to prevent leakage of water in places where it is most likely to occur, you can use a telephone tape. Tape wrapping should be done carefully.

Nipple designs for supplying water to rabbits are generally designed for use indoors, especially when it comes to winter time. If it is not possible to install the cells in the room, care must be taken so that the water in the tank does not freeze. This can be done using an aquarium heater placed in a water tank.

Homemade nipple drinkers can be made in a short time, spending a little on materials. But before embarking on their manufacture, it is important to understand that they are intended for use indoors, in which it is possible to adjust the temperature. As for the duration of their use, after some time some elements will need to be replaced, but proper care of such structures will nevertheless provide the animals with the necessary amount of clean water for a long time.

Home-made car drinker for rabbits

In addition to the nipple drinkers at home, car drinkers can also be made. After making this model, you will be convinced that this task is within the power of even the person who does not have experience in the manufacture of such crafts. Material is used little, as well as the manipulations carried out with it.

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To make an automatic design for feeding rabbits water, you will need a regular plastic bottle of any volume. It must have a cover. Prepare also require a small piece of rubber, having a good density, and a screw.

Having prepared everything you need for work, you can proceed to it. The initial step is to work with the lid of the prepared bottle. In the middle of the cover, you need to make a hole in which the screw will be placed. This hole should be made with a gap. After that, a piece of dense rubber must be adjusted to the dimensions corresponding to the parameters of the cover. The rubber will be fixed in the bottom of the cover.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

In rubber, just like in the cover itself, a hole will need to be made, but without a gap, while the screw placed in it must have a good fixation. A screw is inserted into the structure, consisting of a cover and rubber placed in it, the head of which should go out. After that, a valve made of rubber is put on the head of the screw.

In this model, the screw acts as a regulator. Having fixed the auto-drinker in a vertical position, having collected the necessary amount of water into it, you can check it in work, the principle of which is very simple. After the rabbit approaches the design and touches the regulator, he will get access to the required amount of clean water.

Homemade designs for water for rabbits are simple models of drinking bowls that can be built in a short time at home using improvised material.