DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

High-quality drinkers for factory-made rabbits are quite affordable and, like feeders, are presented in a large assortment today. However, to make a convenient drinker for rabbits from completely accessible materials with your own hands will not be difficult even in the absence of experience, and the funds saved on the purchase of accessories for the cage of animals can be spent more rationally.

Characteristics of drinking bowls for rabbits and general requirements for devices

For proper development and rapid growth, rabbits need to have good access to food and water. A prerequisite for proper maintenance is a competent selection of equipment in a cage. Each cage should have a drinking bowl, but the design of such an accessory must be selected not only based on your own preferences, but also design features. The general requirements for rabbit drinkers are as follows:

  • convenience for regular filling with water;
  • capacity for filling once a day, based on the average daily intake of water for animals of 800-1200 ml;
  • sufficient protection against liquid contamination with debris, feed and feces of animals;
  • the cup material should be durable and safe;
  • the presence of the most reliable and durable fasteners that prevent tipping of the tank and spillage of water;
  • convenience for use by animals.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

A significant number of requirements are due to the rather high activity and mobility of rabbits., therefore, even in a large space, it is not recommended to use bowls, jars and bottles as containers for water. Another problem that can be the use of conventional tanks is the frequent contamination of water with animal feces, which often becomes the main cause of mass diseases in rabbitry and animal death.

The main types of drinking bowls for rabbits

Currently, several types of drinking bowls are actively used by breeders, which differ in functionality, capacity, ease of use, design features, durability, and most importantly. cost. Not always purchasing an expensive product guarantees a long and trouble-free use., therefore, the question of choosing such a cellular accessory must be approached very carefully.

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How to make a do-it-yourself nipple drinker for rabbits

Nipple automatic

The most common and popular categories include modern nipple designs. Such car drinkers are perfect for home keeping as well as for raising animals in outdoor enclosures. When choosing a nipple, it is recommended to give advantages to products whose capacity exceeds half a liter. The main advantages of using nipple drinkers are:

  • the constancy of the availability of clean water;
  • the possibility of dosed administration of drugs and vitamins if necessary;
  • lack of spillage of liquid;
  • ease of fixation and ease of operation.

The nipples are also not without some drawbacks, among which there is a risk of liquid freezing in winter in severe frosts, as well as relative fragility and leakage.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits


No less popular vacuum devices. When choosing this type of drinkers, you need to remember that the device requires the neck to be located inside the bowl, as a result of which a pressure difference occurs, and the water tank is emptied gradually, as necessary. The advantages of such a device include:

  • simplicity and ease of both production and use;
  • preservation of liquid inside a closed container in a clean form;
  • affordable cost of the factory model and low costs for homemade devices.

Cons can be considered the risk of liquid leakage from the bowl and the likelihood of icing in the winter months.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits


A high-quality product must be made of galvanized iron, which is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. This design is easily fixed on the walls of the cage and is well suited even for decorative breeds. Ergonomic and compact, and also does not cause difficulties with animal addiction.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits


If the automatic drinker is most often used for watering animals on large farms, then semi-automatic structures have been successfully used in household plots. Their filling is also carried out using an additional container, which can be used as an ordinary plastic bottle.

The drinking bowl is fixed to the cage, and reliable and durable clamps are made to fix the bottle. Using the lower clamp, fluid is regulated in the tank. It is required to fix the structure at a height of three meters. To prevent rabbit feces from entering the drinking tank, the cell protrusion should be approximately three centimeters.

Criteria for choosing purchased drinkers for rabbits

The choice of the most optimal version of the drinking bowl for rabbits directly depends on both the conditions of the animals and their quantity. In small farms, small-sized, simple-type constructions have proven their worth best.

It is allowed to use home-made options made of sheet stainless steel. To keep a small number of individuals, drip or vacuum devices are ideally suited that allow the economical use of water and reduce the time and effort spent on caring for animals.

How to set rabbit drinkers

What should be the winter drinkers

In preparation for winter frosts, it is recommended to purchase electric drinkers or make such a design yourself. A feature of a homemade device is the connection of several boilers, having small power indicators.

A simple drinker device represented by a bowl or a container of water should be provided with an additional insulating layer that prevents too rapid cooling. A heating element is attached to the tank, preventing the water from freezing.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

How to make DIY drinkers for rabbits

Insert a bottleneck into a small ring. The lower part of the bottle is installed in the larger ring, which helps keep the drinking structure from turning over or falling. In order to save liquid, it is allowed to make the lower bowl on the device smaller, but deeper, which will make the evaporation of water less intense. With a large livestock, home-made vacuum drinking bowls are combined into a design of interconnected vessels.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Well-made homemade appliances from asbestos-cement pipes of any length have also proven themselves. The end parts of such pipes must be sealed and small recesses are made on one side. The drinker is mounted on the door or side wall with a strong wire.

In rabbit farms, self-made automatic drinking systems are often used, in which water is poured into a large sealed container made of sheet stainless steel. From such a tank, liquid flows through a hose to a distribution tank, supplemented by a standard float system. Under the rabbit cages, a water main is securely fixed, with access to all aviaries. The liquid from the distribution tank through the 16 mm thick main pipes enters the cells.

DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Plastic or brass trunk pipes must be fastened together using threaded couplings. Holes are drilled in the main pipeline, to which it is necessary to weld brass tubing-pipes with a diameter of 12 mm. At the other end of the nozzles, an M-12 thread is cut for fastening a pair of nuts under aluminum drinking glasses or factory drinkers.

Such a drinking system operates on the principle of communicating vessels. With a gradual decrease in the water level in drinking glasses, accordingly, a gradual decrease in the liquid level in the distribution tank occurs, after which the float system opens the valve for water supply.