DIY drinking bowls for rabbits

Rabbits vitally need clean water. Even in the summer, when animals receive the moisture contained in succulent green foods, they need drinking utensils. Just putting a container of water in a cage will not work, as rabbits easily clog up, knock over dishes and are left without water. Therefore, drawings of cages for rabbits necessarily contain designations of the locations of drinking bowls.

Varieties of drinking bowls for rabbits

On large farms, as a rule, automatic drinkers that are complex in design are used. Impressive stainless steel tanks are filled with water, which flows through a hose into a distribution tank equipped with a flush system and floats. The pipes of the water main are extended from the tank to each cell. And at the end of the tubes are cups, of which the animals drink.

Rabbit farmers most appreciated nipple drinkers for rabbits, because they do not turn over, and the drinking water in them remains clean. They are most often used in the private sector. This design consists of a closed water tank and a nipple. a ball, when pressed, water oozes. Such a drinking bowl is also called “nipple”, because to extract water the rabbit needs to press the ball with the tongue.

However, it is important for the rabbit breeder to know that the nipple drinker has a rather significant minus. As the temperature in the rabbitry drops, the liquid in the drinker begins to freeze. In addition, it has a small volume. Therefore, to replenish fresh water supplies during the day, you will have to tinker with it, opening and closing the lid, which, by the way, will begin to pass water over time.

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Do-it-yourself drinkers for rabbits

The easiest and fastest way. the manufacture of devices for drinking animals from plastic containers. A 1.5 liter bottle is ideal for this purpose. A hole equal to the rabbit’s head is cut out in the middle of the container. A homemade drinker from a plastic bottle is attached with a rigid wire inside the cage horizontally with the hole up. The design should be arranged so that the animals can easily reach the water. As you can see, this option of do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits is very economical and presents no difficulties.

Keep in mind that young individuals are likely to chew on plastic, and a plastic bottle will become unusable in one to two weeks. And adult rabbits are unlikely to touch the new drinker, so it can last even for several months. Such a drinking bowl is easy to wash, but if algae appears in it in the summer, a new one needs to be built.

Making a vacuum drinker from a bottle also does not amount to a lot of labor. A plastic bottle filled with water is attached to the wall with the neck upside down. It is desirable that the bottle itself was not inside, but outside the rabbit cage. The neck of the bottle is placed as tightly as possible to the bottom of the bowl, but does not come into contact with it. It remains to carefully unscrew the bottle cap. So you will ensure a continuous flow of clean water as it decreases.

As a drinking bowl for rabbits, you can also craft a metal bottle from stainless steel sheets. To do this, you will have to solder the seams, and the sharp edges should be filed. Then, a plastic container filled with water is carefully fixed in a manufactured metal bottle. Such home-made drinkers will not only provide rabbits with much-needed fresh water, but will also last much longer than plastic ones.

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Since one rabbit can drink a liter of water during the day, not every drinking device can quench the thirst of several adult pets. In this case, you can also make a drinker yourself. The description of the principles of manufacturing a drinking bowl for several rabbits is similar to the description of manufacturing a vacuum. The main thing is to find a wide can of fish, such as herring, or something similar.

Two small cubicles are placed in the can, occupying approximately two-thirds of the can’s height. A three-liter plastic bottle of liquid turns upside down and mounted on the bars. The liquid will immediately fill the tin can to the level of the height of the bars, and as it is drunk, the can will be continuously replenished with water.

A drinking bowl made in good faith will make your life easier and will delight your pets. With a caring owner, rabbits will always be drunk and healthy!