About rabbit drinkers

About rabbit drinkers

Economical breeders prefer to make do-it-yourself drinking bowls for rabbits. This solution can significantly reduce the cost of arranging cages for animals with valuable fur and very tasty meat. But home-made water containers must meet certain requirements and standards. In the article we will talk about the types of devices, features and advantages of each of them. And also consider how to make a convenient and functional design for drinking without any special costs.

General requirements

There is a misconception that for rabbits, drinking bowls are not necessary, as these animals do not like water. And they get the required amount of moisture from succulent feed. This is fundamentally wrong. an adult drinks about 600-1000 ml of fluid per day.

The water in the drinker must be fresh and clean, otherwise a naturally clean eared eared dog simply will not drink it. And the liquid for the rabbit is vital. without it, the normal digestion process is impossible.

About rabbit drinkers

Drinking bowls for rabbits must meet the following requirements:

  • be convenient to use;
  • have a sufficient volume (at least accommodate half the daily volume of water);
  • rabbits should just have access to water;
  • safety. a drinker for rabbits with or without heating should not have sharp edges or carry other threats to the health of the pet;
  • have good fasteners that securely fix it in its place.

Self-made or purchased drinkers should be protected from debris, dust and animal excrement. Rabbits simply will not drink dirty water.

Next, let’s talk about what types of drinking bowls are, as well as how to make a drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands.

About rabbit drinkers

Automation Amenities

Car drinkers for rabbits are mainly used on large and medium-sized livestock farms. The principle of operation of such a device is simple. There is a large reservoir with water, from which liquid is supplied to the cups installed in the enclosures.

The water level control system in drinking bowls is based on the use of floats. As soon as the beacon falls below the set level, fluid is supplied.

An auto-drinking bowl for rabbits has a significant advantage. it is possible to simultaneously supply water to all cages, regardless of their number. Plus, rabbits are always provided with fresh water in the right amount, which is especially true in the summer.

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About rabbit drinkers

Making a do-it-yourself car-drinker for rabbits is quite possible, but this venture will cost time and money.

About cups and plastic bottles

In the household, it is much more often they use cup drinkers for rabbits. In fact, any container of suitable size and volume can act as a reservoir installed in the cell.

It is the availability of this type of drinking bowl that is its main advantage. The disadvantages include the fact that a rabbit can easily overturn a container or clog water with hay or waste products.

About rabbit drinkers

If the use of automatic drinking bowls for rabbits ensures that the ears are provided with water around the clock, then the state of the water in the bowl must be constantly monitored. In addition, watering rabbits in winter is complicated by the fact that the water in the tank freezes even with little frost.

When keeping rabbits, drip drinkers are also used, sometimes they are also called semi-automatic or vacuum. This design consists of a removable water tank and directly the drinker.

Most often, a drip drinker is made of a plastic bottle, which acts as a storage tank. The bottle is placed with the neck on a container from which the ears can drink. As necessary, water flows by gravity.

About rabbit drinkers

The advantage of drinking bowls for rabbits from plastic bottles is the simplicity of their manufacture and use. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the possibility of accidentally overturning the storage tank and the constant clogging of the drinking tank.

Innovative solutions

The most modern version of drinkers used on large rabbit farms is nipple or nipple. A small tank is attached to the cage, equipped with a special papilla, touching which the tongue allows the animal to drink water. This design has many advantages:

  • the ability to add mineral fertilizers and vitamins to the water, without fear that the concentrated liquid will be spilled;
  • rational use of water;
  • the eared can always drink fresh and clean water;
  • a transparent reservoir makes it easy to control the liquid level and to top up in a timely manner.
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About rabbit drinkers

The nipple reacts to all touches, so even a little rabbit can easily drink some water from such a drinker.

Only such drinkers for rabbits in winter can not be used. the nipple can freeze, and the design will lose its function.

Buying constructions is justified only with production volumes of rabbit rearing. But each owner is quite capable of constructing it with his own hands. The exact instructions can be found in the article "How to make a nipple drinker for rabbits."

Next, let’s talk about how to water rabbits in the winter.

In winter, heating will help

Winter drinking of rabbits requires special attention. Especially in the case of street keeping animals, regardless of the season. The minimum knowledge in physics is enough to understand that freezing liquids in drinking bowls at a negative temperature cannot be avoided if heating is not applied.

The intensity of heating depends on the climatic characteristics of the region. Growing rabbits in the winter on the street in areas where the air temperature does not drop below 10 ° C, you can simply warm the tanks with improvised means. sawdust, hay, straw or polystyrene.

Of course, water will have to be changed more often than usual, but such a winter drinker for rabbits is the most affordable and the most affordable option.

About rabbit drinkers

The first is drinking bowls for rabbits with heated lamps. Advantage. minimum power consumption, disadvantage. constant monitoring is needed.

The second. drinking bowls with built-in thermostat. The heating process automatically starts when the temperature of the liquid drops below the established norm. These devices are the simplest and most convenient to use.

Less often, to provide rabbits with drink in winter, special warm supports are used, on which containers with water are installed. Such platforms, working similarly to the “warm floor” system, are recommended for rabbits with offspring to install, since they help maintain normal air temperature in the cage. In other cases, they are not particularly effective, since we are talking about the consumption of a large amount of electricity.

About rabbit drinkers

The use of snow and ice

In the event that it is not possible to equip the cages with special devices with heating, rabbits will be given some water according to the schedule. 2-4 times a day. After some time, the containers are empty to avoid ice formation. It is better that the liquid is a little warm 2224 degrees, and it is poured necessarily 15-20 minutes before feeding.

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Some rabbit breeders replace water with snow in winter. This is not quite the right decision, because rabbits are prone to colds. However, if there is no alternative, then you can give snow. The main thing is that it is clean.

Another winter option is ice. It is prepared as follows. Several crystals of potassium permanganate dissolve in slightly salted water, after which the solution is poured into forms and sent to the freezer.

About rabbit drinkers

For convenience, a loop of wire is inserted into each form, behind which the ice is then suspended in a cage.

The looped version allows you to avoid staining of ice with food and waste products.

Do it yourself

It’s time to talk about how to make rabbit drinkers with your own hands.

The first option that we will consider is a vacuum drinking bowl. For its manufacture, a plastic bottle, wire or plastic fasteners and a bowl or bowl, from which the ears will drink water, are useful.

About rabbit drinkers

The manufacturing principle is extremely simple. The bottle is attached to the cell wall at such a height that the distance between its neck and the bottom of the bowl is literally 2-3 mm. Previously, you can cut off the bottom of the bottle, replacing it with a lid of a suitable size. Then, to add water to the drinker, you do not have to remove the fasteners every time.

You can install a lamp under the bowl for heating, thereby making a winter drinker for rabbits.

About rabbit drinkers

The easiest way to make cup drinkers. You can use cut plastic bottles, cans, bowls, and the like in their quality. The main condition is that the container should not have nicks and sharp edges.

Like if the article helped you decide on a drinker for rabbits.

Share in the comments which type of drinkers is the most convenient for you.